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School Rhythmic Gymnastics Team

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that incorporates elements of classical ballet, dance, gymnastics, and apparatus manipulation. High degrees of athletic skill and ability such as flexibility, agility, dexterity strength, coordination and endurance, are required in Rhythmic Gymnastics movements.

The PLMGS(S) Rhythmic Gymnastics Team was inaugurated in 2017 with enthusiasm and our gymnasts took part in the National Inter-School Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship in both the Individual and Group categories.

We look forward to striving hard to grow and build a strong team together.

Our Vision
To be an outstanding Rhythmic Gymnastics team, developing athletes with high standards in character and sportsmanship.

Our Mission
To develop Rhythmic gymnasts with a deep passion for learning and possess values of integrity, teamwork, resilience and an excellence mindset.

Achievements in 2019
Event: National School Games Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships 2019
Division C
Level 4  Individual Events :
Kaelyn Hannah Lee Kai Yen (Sec2.3)
Individual All Around – 4th position
Ribbon - 4th
Rope - 6th
Kate Ong (Sec 2.1)
Rope - 4th
Ball - 2nd
Division C Individual Team Overall - 3rd Position
Kate Ong  (Sec2.1)
Kaelyn Hannah Lee Kai Yen (Sec2.3)
Jawyn Pek (Sec2.3)
Chong Jing Wei Ally (Sec 1.4)
Alecia Tirta Ching Hsia Gooi (Sec 1.2)

Division B
Level 5  Individual Events:
Germaine Chua (Sec 3.3)
Individual All Around – 2nd position
Ribbon - 1st
Clubs - 1st
Hoops - 5th

Jorja Poon (Sec 3.1)
Individual All Around –5th position
Ribbon - 3rd
Hoops - 6th

Individual Team Overall – 4th Position
Germaine Chua (Sec 3.3)
Jorja Poon (Sec 3.1)
Glynnis Chee Zhi Xin (Sec 3.4)

Division B
Level 5  Group Event (3 Hoops & 2 Balls) – 2nd Position
Jorja Poon (Sec 3.1)
Ng Xin Ping, Hannah (Sec 3.1)
Tay Yeok Lin (Sec 3.1)
Germaine Chua (Sec 3.3)
Glynnis Chee Zhi Xin (Sec 3.4)
Lim Xuan Niamh  (3.4)

Mdm Shi Fu Di (i/c)
Miss Ch'ng Lee Yoong
Mdm Gita Nair
Ms Veena Lee

D'Gymnastique Academy
Coach Cecilia Chia
Coach Shannon Tan

Training Schedule
Every Monday & Tuesday, 3.30pm to 6.30pm @ PLMGS(Primary) ISH