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School Badminton Team

The PL Badminton Team aims to develop the girls physically, mentally and socially. Through their weekly practices with their coach, the girls put in tremendous effort and time to prepare themselves for tournaments and friendly matches. At the same time, these practices instil in the girls friendship, responsibility, discipline and most of all, team spirit. Each player is taught to recognise her potential and is encouraged to stretch beyond her comfort zone to bring out her best. The girls are taught to have good sportsmanship, and win or lose, they will praise the Lord! Care and consideration for others is also inculcated in them, to develop them into gracious and useful citizens. The PL Badminton Team believes that every member is a champion and the aim is to make that a reality for each and every player.

Our Vision
For God, for PL, for us.

Our Mission
Smashing through the boundaries

Achievements in 2016
Inter-School Zonal Competitions 2016
‘B’ Division 2nd

Sportsmanship Award 2016 (Zonal)
Meideline Santika, 4A1
Gracie Lee Ka Min, Sec 3B1
Kim Toh Chia Lin, Sec 1.2

Methodist Schools’ Sports Cup 2016

Mr Liew Koi Chin (i/c)
Mrs Ong En Chee
Ms Divyalayka


Mr Paulus Irwanto Hidajat

Training Schedule





3.30 – 6.00 pm

Shaw Hall