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Handbell Ensemble

The Handbell Ensemble is a unique performing art group where each member is responsible for ringing her assigned bells for some particular notes in a piece of music. The harmonious chimes of handbells are the result of an intimate collaboration and concerted effort among all members.  Each ringer is an integral part of the Handbell Ensemble and significantly contributes to the enjoyment and success of a music making.

The PL Handbell Ensemble was formed in 1987. It was named Daisybells - in honour and remembrance of the late Mrs Daisy Pang who donated the bells. From a humble set of 3 octaves of bells, we have since grown and now boost a set of 6 octaves of bells and 4 octaves of chimes.

To develop in each member an excellent mind set and team spirit through the learning of music.

We Ring to the Glory of His Name.

Achievements in 2019
Distinction for the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2019

Ms Wang Wei Ling (i/c)
Ms Justina Yee
Ms Ho Lian Ya

Ms Angela Tsugane Ikumi

Training Schedule
Every Monday 3.30pm to 6.30 pm
Every Tuesday 3.30pm to 6.30 pm