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Guitar Ensemble

The PLGE Guitar Ensemble strives to develop students to acquire strong foundations in Music and performance (guitar). Through their experience in the CCA, students will cultivate the appreciation of the Arts and Aesthetics. With guidance by our experienced and talented instructors, students will continue to appreciate and love the nuances of creating music. The collaborative nature of the CCA encourages students to work with and listen attentively to each other to create harmonious and wonderful music. The CCA has and will continue to strive to make PLMGS proud with its diligent students!

An acclaimed and established ensemble producing performers of grace.

To nurture every member into graceful guitarists of stature and passion.

Certificate of Distinction Singapore Youth Festival 2019

Miss Alicia Loh (i/c)
Ms Ambika Nair
Ms Natasha Nadia Razman

Mr Nicholas Chan (Senior Ensemble)
Mr Tomo Timothy Goh Eng Kiong (Junior Ensemble)

Training Schedule
Every Monday and Tuesday 3.30pm to 6pm