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Our Cheer

School Prayer

Our heavenly Father, we thank you that you are our Father
and that you have guided and protected us and provided
for us all these years.

We thank you for your love which sent Jesus to die for us.
We pray Father, this day that you will come bless your school,
Paya Lebar MGS, that will be a sanctuary to all who come
to study, work and serve within these walls.

Enbue our teachers with wisdom and love,
with patience and the right judgement.
Enbue our pupils with knowledge and virtue that our girls
may grow in grace, in wisdom and in favour with God and man.

Make each of us, Father, a channel of blessing
to the homes and communities from which we come.

Above all, grant us, Father, a spirit of cheerful obedience and
faithful service, as we dedicate ourselves anew to learn and to do 
Thy Holy Will to bring glory to Thy Holy Name,
through Jesus Christ out Lord.

Our Cheer

PL girls will do their best
With honour, vigour hold the crest
PL girls with one accord,
Win or lose, we'll praise the Lord.

1. We've got the spirit you can't beat,
There's not a single team that can compete
We'll all be singing, praise Him
Cos' we've got the spirit you can't beat.

2. We're on our way to claim their victory,
We'll do our best, so wait and see
We gonna fly our flag and build our dream
And sing our battle cry with vigour.

3. In blue and gold we'll be standing proud
And doing cheers together shouting loud
PL forever more
Will march on the fore.