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Our 4 Strategic Thrusts

Strategic Thrusts

We have adopted the following thrusts as our focus to help us attain our mission and vision:

Strategic Thrust 1: HOLISTIC EDUCATION

  • To provide our pupils with holistic education (moral and spiritual, cognitive, physical, social and emotional, aesthetic)
  • To produce women of fine character who will be a blessing to others

Strategic Thrust 2: STAFF DEVELOPMENT

  • To recruit and retain dedicated and competent staff
  • To develop competent staff so that they can contribute to qualify teaching and learning
  • To inspire commitment and love for PL

Strategic Thrust 3: PARTNERSHIP

  • To leverage and tap on the resources, expertise and goodwill of our partners (national and international) that will enhance the quality of education the school provides
  • To be a choice school for our partners and community


  • To provide a conducive work and study environment with effective and efficient support (staff, systems and infrastructure) that will enhance teaching and learning
  • To become an organization that is known for its efficiency.