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Student Leadership

PL Lead is a key management system of PLMGS (Sec)’s Character Development (CD) focus. Our approach to student leadership is to equip students with the necessary values, knowledge and skills through leadership workshops and camps and thereafter to empower them for their roles or to make a positive and impactful difference to those around them. 

PL Lead, has established a comprehensive system to explore, develop and maximise the leadership potential of all PL-Lites. This stems from our belief that
-    Every student can be developed as a leader
-    Every student should be developed as a leader
-    Development must be intentional

Student Leadership Framework
The PL student Leadership Framework is represented in the form of a lighthouse to remind PL-Lites that they are to be a light to the community. They are to be examples in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity (I Tim 4:12). 

PL Lead Framework

The school adopts the 5 practices of Exemplary Leadership from the Leadership Challenge Model (LCM) developed by James Kouzes and Barry Posner (K&P) in our leadership curriculum.  The students seek to exhibit the 5 practices as they go through the developmental stages of leadership:
1.    Model the way
2.    Inspire a shared vision
3.    Challenge the Process
4.    Enable Others to Act
5.    Encourage the Heart

Activities at each student leadership developmental stage, (starting with Personal, followed by Peer and ending with People) is age appropriate, with a focus on the themes of “I Discover” (Sec 1), “I Aspire” (Sec 2), “I Influence” (Sec 3) and “I Inspire” (Sec 4/5) as a leadership focus. 

Leadership Training
Every PL-Lite will be equipped with basic leadership skills through the leadership modules conducted yearly from Secondary 1 (Leadership 101), Secondary 2 (Leadership 201) and Secondary 3 (Leadership 301).  In addition, every student will have the opportunity to apply the values, knowledge and skills learnt through their leadership roles at class, CCA or school level. 
Leadership Training

Student leaders also receive training for their specific roles.  In addition, they are given opportunities to attend conferences, camps as well as the Student Leadership Conferences, Mega Camp and Outward Bound Singapore camp. 

Our Key Programmes
1.    Leaders’ Training
2.    Leaders’ Installation
3.    Leadership Day
4.    Mega Camp

Prefectorial Board
As the apex of the PL Student Leadership body, the PL Prefectorial Board spearheads the following:
  • Management discipline issues of students (analogics and decorum)
  • Enhancement of student welfare (gathering student feedback and conducting focus group discussions to hear student voices on key issues)
  • Organization of school-wide events
  • Spearheading the “Go Light Your World” Initiative

Peer Lites
The role of Peer Lites is to help Secondary 1 students assimilate into the PL family by:
  • Mentoring and befriending Secondary 1 students
  • Inculcating school values through conducting the Sec 1 Peer Support Programme.

Peer Lites are also involved in organising the Sec 1 orientation programme for students.

Sports Leaders
Sports Leaders serve the student population by
  • Creating a culture that promotes participation in sports.
  • Organising sports events e.g. Sports Day, Cross Country, ACES Day
  • Sharing Health Messages with the school

Hospitality Team Leaders

Hospitality team leaders serve as ambassadors of the school at special school receptions, covering the duties of receiving guests to serving them at the reception.

House Leaders
House leaders serve by
  • Working with teachers to organise house practices and meetings
  • Encouraging participation in activities that are house related (e.g sports day or inter-house competitions)
  • Building a strong house spirit so that members feel a sense of belonging to the House

CCA Leaders
CCA leaders works closely with the teachers-in-charge/coach in leading and motivating CCA members and student committee to work towards CCA goals.