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Faithful in Service

The Values in Action programme in our school is also known as Faithful-in-Service (FIS). Based on the Service-Learning model, FIS aims to equip students with the relevant knowledge and skills to serve a local or overseas community, and through serving, students will learn to be a confident PL-Lite, an active citizen and an inspiring leader (PL DOEs).  Therefore, the programme is named Faithful-in-Service in the hope that all PL-Lites will be motivated to continue serving the community even after they have graduated from the school.


Cohort-specific programme are designed to meet the socio-emotional and developmental needs of students at each level using a spiral progression approach.

PL adopts an integrated approach to the design and implementation of the FIS programme so that there is alignment to the school’s HEART values and PL DOEs, greater integration with other school programmes and sustained partnership with external organisations. The FIS programme in PL uses the Design Thinking methodology, which has already been adopted by the D&T Department in their teaching curriculum as a user-centric approach to identify and serve real needs as well as to develop empathy in students.