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Our Mission 

To develop independent learners and critical thinkers who can contribute to society

Our Vision

To nurture in students a passion for Science

Our Objectives:

  1. To develop critical thinking & process skills in students through the use of inquiry 
  2. To ignite the passion for independent, meaningful and lifelong learning.
  3. To inculcate good values and attitudes in students by modelling so that they can make discerning choices and be responsible toward society and the environment
  4. To value the world that God has created for us

Science Enrichment:

1.    East Zone Science Research Fair by VJC (2021)
2.    CB Paul Quiz (ACJC) (2021)
3.    NKF enrichment (2021)
4.    Learning Journey to NUS Science Demo Lab (2021)
5.    International SCI-Teens Challenge by ACJC (2021)
6.    Learning Journey to LKC Natural History Museum (2021)
7.    Learning Journey to Jurong Frog Farm (2021)
8.    International Biomedical Quiz (ACJC) (2021)
9.    Singapore International Science Challenge (SISC) by NJC (2021)
10.    Temasek Polytechnic Engineering Olympiad (2021)