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Sports Development Club


Sports Development Club(SDC) was set up in 2005 to provide students with the opportunity to explore, learn and master a new sport outside the curriculum. This year, SDC has taken a full swing for providing the entire Secondary Two Level to engage themselves in a sport enrichment course of their choice. Survey has been conducted with the students for the selection of sports of their interest. In this way, every PLite will have an opportunity to learn a new sports of their choice outside their PE programme.

CCA vision/Mission/Targets

  • To enriched every Plites through sporting activities.
  • To have a balanced and healthy lifestyle in a hectic school life.

Short Term Goals:

  1. To facilitate the achievement of bronze in NYAA by providing the opportunity for the NYAA members to participate in the sports component.
  2. To provide opportunity for the non-sports cca members to participate in a Sports Course (20 hours) in a year.
  3. To expose the pupils to mastery learning of a specific sport.
  4. To increase the number of pupils participating in modular sports for self development.

Long Term Goals:

  1. Students from non-sports cca can develop sporting talents.
  2. To have a healthy and a more balanced lifestyle despite a hectic school life.
  3. To provide pupils the opportunity to be enriched the through participating in a variety of sporting activities.


  • Ms Quek Grace (Overall IC)
  • Mrs Tan Puay Teng
  • Mrs Teo Cindy
  • Mr Teo Alan
  • Ms Gayathri
  • Mdm Su Rong Mei
  • Mdm Zhu Li Li

Training Time

Wednesday from 3.00-5.30pm for 8 sessions
SDC's Photo Gallery