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Photo Gallery


a) Within Classroom (IMs-Enhanced activities)

Secondary 1
Chinese Language
Microfilm on their school life

Malay Language
Vlog on places of interest

Tamil Language

Secondary 2
Chinese Language
Interview Task; Create your Own Newspaper Competition

Malay Language
Created and presented health themed newsletters using the Canva app

Lower Secondary
World Book Day Reading

Secondary 3

Conducted a MT Oral Presentation on their FIS project; Presentation on proverbs

Secondary 1-3
Co-created MT Reading Tips Videos

Secondary 4

Chinese Street Dance Competition 2020 before Circuit Breaker; A virtual forum on zoom

Fortnight Activities

Appreciation of Microfilm; Appreciation of local Chinese Cultural through Virtual Tour;
Learning and Sharing of local Culture using the Canvas poster; Jawi Caligraphy ; Vlog; Wayang Kulit Puppet;
Garland Making & Flower Tying; Thoranam Making; Pot Painting; Traditional Games

b) Beyond Classroom - CNY Carnival

b)    Beyond Classroom- Competitions/ Achievements

GoodTalk (Global Village) International Children & Youth Bilingual Speech Conference

1.jpg 2.jpg
Preliminary Round
(Left to Right)
Silver - Yap Hui Xin (3.1, 2020)
Advancement to the Finals - Gan Wen Jia Jolene (3.1, 2020)
Bronze - Neo Meng Yao (2.2, 2020)
Final Round
Bronze - Gan Wen Jia Jolene
(3.1, 2020)

3rd Text Recital Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools

1. Recital_Zhang Peng Si Qi, Tan Sin Wei Eunice, Loh Ee Hui.jpg 2. Recital_Chan Chek Ying Janice, Renae Lim Ying Shuian.jpg 3. Recital_Koh Yong Qi Annie, Yan Haolan.jpg 4. Recital_gan wen jia, teoh zhen yu.jpg
Bronze Award (Group)

(Left to Right)
Zhang Peng Si Qi (1.3, 2020)
Tan Sin Wei Eunice (1.1, 2020)
Loh Ee Hui (1.1, 2020)

Silver Award (Individual)

(Left to Right)
Chan Chek Ying Janice (1.3, 2020)  
Renae Lim Ying Shuian (1.1, 2020)

Bronze Award (Group)

(Left to Right)
Koh Yong Qi Annie (2.6a, 2020)
Yan Haolan (1.1, 2020)

Silver Award (Group)

(Left to Right)
Gan Wen Jia (3.1, 2020)
Teoh Zhen Yu (3.1, 2020)

18th National Secondary School Chinese Creative Writing Competition(“新蕾奖XIN LEI JIANG”)

1. Xin Lei_Zhang Peng Si Qi Lower sec.jpg 2. Xin Lei_Lee Wen Shan, Tan SinWei Eunice.jpg 3. Xin Lei_Soong Zi Yu (3.1), Teoh Zhen Yu (3.1).jpg 4. Xin Lei_Tan Yi Xuan 3.4.jpg
Certificate of participation
Zhang Peng Si Qi (1.3, 2020)

Katelyn Lee (1.1, 2020)
Tan Sin Wei Eunice (1.1, 2020)
Soong Zi Yu (3.1, 2020)
Teoh Zhen Yu (3.1, 2020)
Jovy Tan Yi Xuan (3.4, 2020)

2020 Create your own Newspaper Competition

Second Prize in the Lower Secondary Category
Amatatus Shoko (2.1, 2020), Ng Jia Xin (2.1, 2020), Toh Mei Qi Maggie (2.1, 2020), Tay Di’Dier (2.3, 2020), Lim Rui Qi (2.3, 2020)

Third Prize in the Upper Secondary Category
Yap Hui Xin (3.1, 2020) , Theophila Tan (3.1, 2020), Sophia Rae Teo  (3.2, 2020), Jawyn Pek (3.2, 2020), Yap Qian Tong (3.5, 2020)

“2020, Our Story of Battling the Pandemic" National Writing Competition for Primary and Secondary Schools

Prize for Excellence
Wong Zi Qi (3.1, 2020)

Association of Singapore Tamil Writer’s WORD FOR WORD (TRANSLATION) Competition

1.jpg 2.jpg
Certificate of Participation
Arivudainambi Nithila (1.2, 2020)
Ramamoorthy Harinisri (1.3, 2020)

National Creative Writing Competition – Peraduan Pena Emas 2020

Gold Award
Silver Award
Norfalisha Amelia Binte Faizan (1.1, 2020)
Azelya Nadya Binte Muhammad Nur (1.1, 2020)
Marsya Binte Mohammad Ashraff (1.1, 2020)