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PL Bilingualism Framework

Bilingualism Framework.PNG

Two prongs
  1. Within Classroom (i. IMs-Enhanced activities; ii. Learning Environment)
  2. Beyond Classroom (Learning Journeys)
Four Domains
- Self (Sec 1), Peers (Sec 2), School (Sec 3), Community (Sec 4)

The PL Bilingualism Programme in PL is a two-pronged-four-domains school wide programme that is anchored on the MTL Curriculum.
It seeks to:

  • provide bilingual environment for PL-Lites, so that they become active bilingual users and develop an appreciation of their Mother Tongue’s culture
  • achieve the three broad objectives of the MTL education, incorporates the 5 aspects of PL Holistic Education, to bring about the Desired outcomes of PL education- nurturing Confident, Passionate, Inspiring Leader and Active Citizen