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ACE Aesthetics


The ACE Aesthetics Programme is specially tailored to meet the needs of students who are talented in either visual arts or music. With the aim of developing students’ conceptual and analytical thinking and creativity, the ACE Aesthetics Programme provides ample opportunities for students to maximise their potential with an enriched arts curriculum.

Selected Secondary 1 and 2 students opt to specialise in either visual arts or music with the aim of developing their conceptual and analytical thinking and creativity. This talent development programme provides ample opportunities for students to create art pieces or make music. The lessons take place on Wednesday afternoon from 2.35pm to 3.45pm.


The ACE Art lessons cover historical and theoretical studies in Art, place emphasis on creative processes and expose students to a wide range of media and art forms. The students’ learning experiences are further enhanced by learning journeys to galleries and museums and participation in competitions. The students will also showcase their hard work at 
  • the Roving Art Exhibition, a collaborative with Australian International School and St Hilda’s Secondary School
  • the PL Art Trail in partnership with Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)

The objectives of the ACE Art Programme are to
  • nurture an informed awareness and appreciation of the visual arts
  • enhance ability to identify, analyse and solve problems in visual arts creatively
  • develop competency in the use of art and design principles, materials and processes
  • foster self-confidence and a sense of achievement through the practice of the visual arts
  • cultivate an inquiring mind, a spirit of experimentation and a passion for the visual arts.

ACE Music

The ACE Music students will learn about music history and literature so as to develop a greater appreciation for music through critical listening. In addition, they will be trained aurally and study music theory leading to developing the ability to compose music. The students’ learning is extended through concert attendance, workshops and performance opportunities such as
  • PL Recital, a year-end concert showcasing the performing talents of the ACE Music students
  • Classics in the Canteen where the students perform in the canteen of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)
  • the biennial East Zone Music Competition organised by the Music Satellite under the auspices of the East Zone Centre of Excellence for the Creative Arts

The objectives of the ACE Music Programme are to
  • develop critical thinking and musical creativity
  • develop communication and interpretative skills in music
  • develop perception and awareness of musical cultures and traditions, both local and global
  • provide the basis for an informed and life-long appreciation of music