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In PLMGS, the Humanities department develops students through Inquiry-Based Learning. In History, students are exposed to Singapore’s past and the forces that shaped international History and helps students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be critical thinkers and responsible citizens by learning how to evaluate the information they encounter and question its source and reliability. In Geography students, are exposed to issues affecting environment and people’s lives now and in the future. In Social Studies, we seek to ignite student’s curiosity to inquire about the real world issues that impact their lives. Through inquiry and authentic learning experiences, Social Studies helps students to attain relevant knowledge and understanding about these issues, develop critical and reflective thinking skills, and appreciate multiple perspectives.

Our Mission 

To nurture students to appreciate the beautiful world that God has created in the physical forms, human history, language and ideas, and igniting the passion for independent, meaningful and lifelong learning of the Humanities.

Our Vision

An outstanding department developing PL-Lites into well-informed individuals, analytical, creative and critical thinkers, responsible and global citizens.

Lower Secondary
Geographical & Historical Investigations
  • Geographical and Historical Investigations provide students with opportunities to conduct studies on their communities.
  • Issues covered in the Investigations may include water supply as a resource or life in Singapore during colonial times Lower Secondary Investigation and are structured and guided by teachers.

Upper Secondary Enrichment
NUS Geog Challenge
History Challenge
Model Cabinet

Subjects Offered