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Design and Technology

Our Vision

A Culture of Designing for Life

Our Mission

To imbue in our students designerly dispositions that prepares them to embrace uncertainties and complexities in the 21st century

The Design and Technology Department seeks to enrich students with life skills that will enable them to think out of the box and be creative problem solver. Students will get to interact with materials that are commonly used in their daily life and be able to appreciate how things around them are designed and created.

Design and Technology employs mainly the design thinking approach through design situations. Students will also be put through a journey of self-discovery and experiential learning. At Secondary 1, students are introduced to skills required to manage materials. They will embark on projects using recycled materials to help them understand the importance of green movement and its sustainability. At Secondary 2, they will put on their critical thinking hats to create prototypes that will help them solve real-world problems and fulfill needs which they have identified.

The areas of study include the following:
  • Sec 1 - Theory: Sketching Skills (Orthographic Drawing), Understanding Materials (Plastic and Wood)
  • Sec 1 - Practical: Basic Techniques of Designing (Doodling, Sketching, Research Work), Realisation of Designed Project (Parting, Bending and Joining of Materials)
  • Sec 2 - Theory:  Sketching Skills (3-D drawing, Isometric Projection, Presentation Drawings), Understanding Materials (Metal)
  • Sec 2 - Practical: Problem Solving with focus on discovering needs of people around them

Towards the end of the lower secondary Design & Technology program, students will be given the opportunity to submit their prototypes in the annually organised Tan Kah Kee Young Inventors Award.

At upper secondary Design & Technology program, student are heavily involved in design process, learning how to do research, making sense of their research work and develop a prototype based on the findings to solve the identified problem.

Aside from the Design & Technology curriculum, the department promotes robotics program to our students who are interested and have an apt for robotics programming. This will provide the opportunity for them to be exposed to the world of engineering. They will be sent to robot building and programming courses. Students shall then be selected to represent PLMGSS in various robotics competitions.   
  • D&T Award – Creative Adaptation Award 2015
  • Innovation Design & Engineering Challenge 2015
  • Asia Math & Engineering Competition (International Round) 2015
  • iDigix 3D-Tronix Challenge @ LABS 2015
  • D&T Award – Adaptation Award 2016
  • Innovation Design & Engineering Challenge 2016