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ACE Music

The ACE Music Programme is a special two-year programme for the lower secondary pupils who are talented in music.  The objective of the ACE Music Programme is to better prepare pupils who may be interested to offer Music or Higher Music at the GCE ‘O’ Level Examination.
The two main components in the ACE Music Instructional Programme are as follows:

Music Studies 

The lessons will cover the following areas:
  • Music Theory and History
  • Aural and Composition Skills

Instrumental Studies

Pupils will also learn a 2nd instrument for 2 years as an optional extension of the ACE Music Instructional Programme.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Qualifications for pupils on ACE Music
  • Express and Normal (Academic) pupils who are talented in Music with Grade 3 Theory and Practical
  • A pass in the Aptitude Test (written and listening paper)
  • An interview at the final short-listing

Performance Opportunities

  • To attend and participate in the PL Recital Public Concert at the end of the year
  • To perform in the ‘Classics in the Canteen’ Performance (using 1st instrument) at the Primary school and PL Secondary lunchtime performances (2nd instrument)