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Food and Consumer Education

The Nutrition Food Science (NFC) unit comprises Food and Consumer Education (FCE) for all lower secondary classes and Food &Nutrition for upper sec students. The unit syllabus aims to equip students with basic nutritional knowledge for healthy living and provide opportunities for them to acquire life skills for effective personal management such as resource management.

The pedagogy adopted for NFS is Inquire-based learning for lower secondary and Problem based learning for upper secondary.


Coursework/ Project
The objective of our coursework/ project develops the students’ skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity and awareness in making informed decisions in food, nutrition and consumer-related issues. Our coursework/project is based on current issues on consumerism, health and nutrition.


  • Learning Journeys
      • Sushi Tei, Pastamania, Supermarket & wet market tours, food factory tours, culinary workshops conducted by external chefs, PLMGS(S) heritage tour.
  • Competitions
      • In-house Sandwich making competition, iChef Competition by Republic Polytechnic, Lam Soo CC Salad/Sandwich Making competition, Hougang Mall 20th Anniversary Cooking competition
  • Sharing Platforms
      • Maker Faire Singapore