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Photo Gallery

2015_art01sm.jpgGetting ready for our assembly skit to promote the PL Art Beat Showcase
2015_art02sm.jpgInk Illustration on doors (Roving)
2015_art03sm.jpgIntricate woodcuts from our Aesthetics Extension class
2015_art04sm.jpgLearning from the masters, the Sec 3's developed skills such as brush handling, color mixing, and proportions
2015_art05sm.jpgLearning from the masters
2015_art06sm.jpgOur Sec 3 Art students learnt about the skills and techniques of working with clay through a sculpture workshop
2015_art07sm.jpgPL Art Beat was a collaboration between the primary and secondary schools, featuring artworks made by all our age groups of students.
2015_art08sm.jpgRoving Opening by Cluster Sup
2015_art09sm.jpgSec 3 Art girls proudly pose with their masterful copy-paintings.
2015_art10sm.jpgStill life