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The Art Programme at PLMGS (Sec) is an artistic journey for explorations, art appreciation, discoveries and sharing. The variety of learning activities is to ensure that students acquire the ability to produce and articulate about original and creative artworks. Through hands-on sessions, one-to-one consultation, group sharing and museum visits, Art students develop their individual artistic and creative inclinations as well as styles and techniques to make effective and innovative artworks.

Our pedagogical approach focuses on Inquiry-based learning that emphasizes the student’s role in the learning process. This approach includes small group discussion and guided learning which allows students to build knowledge through experience, exploration and discussion. Students are developed holistically and equipped as critical thinkers who are future ready. Our students are exposed to the investigation of artistic conventions and concepts through the study of artists, art history and artworks. Students will be guided through the process of art making involving the use of a variety of media and technologies and develop critical thinking skills. These aptitudes are essential in the face of the challenges of the knowledge-based and innovation driven economy.
Annually, the Art Unit provides several platforms for students to showcase their work.

The Roving Art Exhibition is a collaboration with eight other schools, Australian International School, St. Hilda's Secondary School, Cedar Girls’ School, Temasek Junior College, Meridian Secondary School, Zhenghua Secondary School, Greenridge School and Chung Cheng High School(Main). Students’ works are roved and exhibited within the school compounds to allow other school’s student to learn from each other. It is also an opportunity for students to learn about the various artforms. The artworks are also exhibited at the National Library to showcase to the public.

The PL Art Trail is a collaboration with our PLMGS (Primary) to showcase integration of artworks and celebrate a strong PL Heritage within the school. Students are encouraged to interact with the works on the trail and generate responses through discussions based on their works exhibited. Students’ works are also sent for competitions whenever the opportunity. Our students have achieved good accreditation in the bi-annual SYF Arts and Craft exhibition. Our students have been attained an SYF (Special Mention) in 2017 to date.

We also conduct an ACE Art programme to the Lower Secondary students who are keen to enrich their art experience. The program features multiple projects targeted at collaborations with local museums. Students are provided with opportunities to present their work to a wider audience. The projects are designed to stretch students beyond the general art curriculum. 

We also the GCE O-Level Art programme. More details of the syllabus can be found here:

Students are further exposed to different genres of Art at the Secondary 2 Aesthetics Extension Class. They can opt for further enrichment in one of the three courses offered – Ceramics, Embroidery and Drama.