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Created for His Glory
(Theme Song of PL Musical 2016)
Written by Suzanne Choo and Amy Tham

Sung by Claudia Lai, Samantha Ho and Cheryl Hoe

Lord we look to You this day
We trust in Your love
You have been faithful to us
Through the seasons of life
As we run in this race
You have provided Your grace

So we put our hope in You
And we praise and worship You

Let us set our eyes on You
As we trust in Your Word
You are our refuge and hope
Return us to the cross
As we live out our faith
Remind us that we
Are created for Your glory

Lord we thank You for this school
And the people You have raised
We rest in Your promise to us
In Your faithfulness we know
You will see us through the storms
You are our tower of strength



May our school be a light
That will glorify His name


Remind us that we
Remind us that we
Remind us that we
Are created for His glory


Our thanks go to the following groups and individuals:

Ticket (design and planning)
Mr Ng Eng Kee
Mrs Brenda Colleemallay
Ms Justina Yee
Tickets / Seating Arrangement and sales
Ms Vivien Chee
Mr Wong Khai Yu
Mrs Leo Sim Ping
Mr Richard Quek
Mdm Cecilia Tan
Mrs Choo Vee Vee
Ms Azzalinda Bte Ariffin
Ms Gloria Lim
Programme Booklet
Mrs Koh Ee Lin
Mrs Neeraja Vijayakumar
Ms Justina Yee
Mrs Brenda Colleemallay
Refreshments for students
Mrs Irene Angullia
Mrs Diana Ho
Mrs Christina Ramesh
Ms Fang Yu
Ms Clare Ong
Mrs Tan Puay Teng
Ms Bai Zhao Zhi
Ms Junisa Bte Jamel
Ms Phoebe Toh
Ms Adinursuryani B M Rashid
Ms Zahirah Bte Zainal
‘Making of’ Musical Video
Mdm Zalena Bte Aman
Ms Wendy Khoo
Mrs Koh Ee Lin (Advisor)
Event Manager
Mr Tan Tiah Hui
Mrs Maggie Lim
Ushering & Crowd Control
Ms Heng Ci Pei
Ms Kok Lai Fong
Ms Veena Lee
Middle Managers
Mr Lee Wei Te
Mr Liew Koi Chin
Security Guards
NPCC girls
Cleanliness of school and Auditorium
Mr Johnny Tng
Cleaning crew
Support staff
Reception of VVIPs
· Conference Rm (receiving)
· Staff Lounge (interval)
Ms Quek Li Gek
Mrs Selina Lum
Ms Cheong May Lan
Mr Alfred Tan
Mrs Wong Yu Ting
Ms Lim Lin Lin
VVIP / Guests Refreshments
Mrs Ambika Nair
Mdm May Ng
Ms Heng Ci Pei
Ms Melissa Choo
Hospitality Team
Mrs Koh Shi Hua
Mr Joel Chen
Mrs Irene Phua
Student Emcees
Singspiration Leader
Flowers / Gift
Mrs Ding Siew Ting
Booth & Sale of items
Mr Alex Chiam
Ms Leong Yin Pheng
Mdm Heryani Bte Hamid
Ms Noor Intan Bte Ghamaruddin
Ms Tan Ying
Ms Woo Yan Lin
Mr Chai Wee Jie (CD I/C)
Ms Wang Wei Ling (CD)
Ms Divyalayka D/O Balakrishnan (CD)
Ms Gloria Lim
Refreshments (audience)
Mrs Leo SP
Reception Booth
Ms Angelina Tan
Mrs Leo Sim Ping (Tickets)
Mrs Low Hwee Hwee
Ms Jeanette Ong
Ms Azzalinda Bte Ariffin
Ms Natasha Toh
Mdm Poon Woon Han
Photography and video

Mdm Nur Zahira Bte Mohamed Ali
Mr Indra Bin Ahmad
Mdm Zalena Bte Aman
Photography Club
Medical Help
Mdm Durka Kuppa Balakrishnan
St John Brigade members
Producer / Director
Ms Reena Kaur
Assistant Director
Ms Chong See Hwei
Ms Reena Kaur
Ms Chong See Hwei
Ms Cheryl Hoe
Ms Amy Tham
Dr Suzanne Choo
Mrs Koh Ee Lin
Ms Audrey Chia
Ms Cheryl Hoe
Mrs Arista Pang
Ms Rophi Lee
Ms Nurul Ashikin Bte Abdul Rahman
Music Coordinator
Mr Ng Eng Kee
Dr Suzanne Choo
Ms Amy Tham
Ms Cheryl Hoe
The late Ms Adeline Loh
Natalie Tang and Stephanie Lim (both from the class of 2005), who helped write some of the lyrics in the song ‘Testimony of His love’
Ms Amy Tham
Ms Shee En Xin
Stage Manager & Logistics
Ms Chong See Hwei
Mr Justin Lin
Mrs Brenda Colleemallay
Mrs Shirley Sim
Mr Lim Zhong Juinn
Ms Ng Yu Fang
Ms Joanne Tay
Ms Isa Tan
Ms Abigail Sim
ELDDS members
Artistic Coordinator
Mrs Brenda Colleemallay
Mr Justin Lin
Ms Justina Yee
Wardrobe Manager & make-up
Ms Michelle Loke
Mrs Goh Hui Cheng (Advisor)
Mdm Wang Xue Ping
Ms Grace Quek
Volunteers from the PSSG
Ms Ho Shiao Hwee
Ms Aileen Lui
Ms Doreen Lau
Ms Fahariah Yeo Bte Noorhisham
Ms Angeline Tan
Ms Wendy Khoo
AVA Crew from the MIT Club
Publicity Team
Ms Reena Kaur
Mr Ng Eng Kee
Ms Chong See Hwei
Ms Justina Yee
Lighting & Sound Effects
Mr Lee Yen Chai
Ms Valerie Tan
Mr Francis Ho
Mr Tony Yang
AVA Crew from the MIT Club
The soundbites used in the musical were downloaded from http://soundbible.com/

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