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February 2018

Theme of the Month: LOVE

The Confusing Dilemma of Love

What is love
Can it be felt, can it be touched
Abstract thoughts,
Words forming in my head but my mouth cannot speak the words
What is ‘I love you?’
Is it more than words, feelings and actions
Is love between two people only
Is love shared
Among friends, among family
Is love for everyone? Do criminals deserve to be loved
I am searching for love,
Where can it be found?
In the cupboard? In you? In me?
We have the capacity to love
which makes us human
Love is a human characteristic or is it not?
Love can be among animals too
Love is unconditional, selfless
It is a feeling
Love can be expressed through actions too
Love makes the world go round
Love does not discriminate, it is for everyone
Love is simple
yet complex
Now do I understand love

Chua Yan Ning Seraphina, 3.3


Love, what is love exactly?
Some think of it to be romantic, while others do not.
The dictionary says love is an experience, emotion, that somehow makes the heart feel full.
I know some who would scoff or make a face at the word.
"Love makes you weak! Haven't you heard!" they yell, making their point clear.
Well, without love, wouldn't this world be a terrible and cold place?
No acts of kindness anywhere!
Somehow, love is connected to everything.
Passion for work, life, hobbies. Care for family, friends.
Love is tied to everything in this world.
Say what you want, love is necessary in this world.

Joie Tan Xinyi, 1.2

Enlighten me

Smooth complexion, pearly white skin,
Hourglass figures and gentleness,
these are all the things many want ,
the things many strive for, this is the
beauty that has  always been.
However In the shadows hides
Hate,  as many  develop a  hate for themselves
as that  is  what they aspire to be because society says so.
They were shattered and torn from the inside out.
Thus the self- love for themselves had dissipated.
The ‘self-misogyny’ bloomed.
The only thing present was the resentment towards
the double ‘X’. Over time, this self- hate grew and deepened
and thus became depression.
Depression caused them to spend
their many days in a hospital bed,
Wasting their teen hood away.
Their brains are burned with the image
Of the women they depicted to be.
So instead, love yourself, no matter what
Colour, race, religion, shape and size you
may be. Less people will fade into this
Abyss of perfection to please others who do not matter.
Until  then, with  societies clouded image of perfection,
thousands suffer with agony and pain.
Causing destruction to little girls brains.
When will this ever change?

Imanina Syasya, 3.7

An Unexpected Valentino

I looked up at his warm green eyes and snuggled closer, breathing in his refreshing mint cologne. I could feel his coarse fingers, calloused from plucking the strings of his guitar, as it wandered, tracing the lines of my palms. As I sank back into his tender loving embrace, my mind wandered back to the day we first met.

Tears streamed down my face mixing with the rain that trickled from my hair. I walked slowly without purpose or destination, letting my feet wander the cobbled streets of New York aimlessly. I had nowhere to go.

Being recently fired from my job due to recession, all hopes of being able to pay my rent and bills had disappeared right before my eyes. I knew that the landlord would have probably thrown out my belongings and changed the lock of the worn out wooden door. The knock and shouts he had thrown at my door just two days ago had been conveniently ignored. I had not paid rent for the last two months as my salary had always come in late. It was never enough. The meager amount I received had been used to pay the minimum amount of my bills and my meals every day; that mainly consisted of plain rice and steamed vegetables. I could not afford the luxuries of even the lower class.

As I settled onto the wet bench amidst the pouring rain, I went over my financial situation. I was in debt. I had no one to go to. I had nowhere to go. As the endless exhaustions of the day enveloped me, darkness closed in and I drifted into a deep sleep to the rhythm of the pouring rain against the cobbled street.

I woke unexpectedly to an unfamiliar environment. Here I was, in someone’s house, on a stranger’s couch, a blanket wrapped tightly around me. I immediately jerked up from the sofa and looked around wildly.

“How could I have been so foolish to fall asleep alone on a bench?’’ I whispered to myself in utter disbelief. Thoughts of no one knowing where I was and newspaper articles of illegal trading of slaves for organ harvesting flashed through my mind.

‘’You’re awake.’’ I whipped my head in the direction from which the voice, that had mentioned the obvious, had come from. Standing a mere three metres in front of me leaning against the door was a guy clad in a black hoodie and dark blue ripped jeans. His tousled hair was a brownish blonde and his greenish-grey eyes were full of cheer and mischief. A wave of familiarity washed over me as I recalled seeing him before. Then I remembered. He was my neighbour from across the street. We had never really had a proper conversation except the occasional ‘hello’. I was embarrassed to admit that I never knew his name. He was the type of guy I would have eye-candied once in a while but I was far too occupied in my work too busy myself with such fancies.

As he haphazardly sat down next to me I could feel the heat from his thighs as it grazed mine. I blushed immediately but I didn't want to move away from his touch. The more I turned away, the more I was attracted to him.

“I found you asleep on the bench last night, all drenched and I knew I couldn't leave you alone there. So I did what I thought right and brought you to my house. I remembered where you lived but the door was locked and I didn’t want to wake you. Are you feeling alright?’’ he asked me with a look of concern. Whatever he had just said slipped past my mind and I just stared at him in total adoration.

“Hey, are you okay?” he asked waving his hand in front of my face. I nodded, unable to speak. He reached out his hand and said warmly “My name’s Ivan Valentino.” He looked at me, waiting for a response as I slipped my hand through his, taking in its warmth and coarse fingers.

“I’m Ashley and you’re gorgeous…oops I meant you’re nice..oh forget what I said. I’m so sorry.” I blushed deeply at my awkwardness and turned away hurriedly before I said anything else. He laughed and gave me a wide smile.

“You’re gorgeous” he leaned in and whispered tenderly. I blushed further and could not hold back a smile. My smile quickly turned to a frown as the frustrations and problems I faced the day before creeped into my head.

“Oh dear, what am I going to do? How am I going to figure this out?” I thought to myself.

“Figure what out? Everything okay?” Ivan questioned worriedly. It was too late before I realised I had said it out loud. I bit my lip and shook my head. My throat suddenly felt full; full of the emotions I was keeping to myself. Hot tears started to pour from my eyes uncontrollably. Before I knew it, Ivan slowly put his arm around me as I buried my face into his hoodie, warm and comforting. Slowly, bit by bit I relayed my story to him as he sat down, listening hard as if absorbing every detail. Once I finished, he leaned back on the sofa, deep in thought.

“Okay, so let’s get some things straight here. You have no place to stay, no source of income and no one to go to.” I nodded my head as my tears threatened to spill again.

“Well, you’ve got me,” I looked up surprised at this turn of events. He grinned at me and I was forced to return a smile.

“I haven't got much to offer, just this house and my assistance in finding you another job. I can offer to pay your landlord for now whatever you owe him,” he said as my problems dissipated from my very eyes. Tears of joy sprang to my eyes as I barely could whisper the words ‘Thank you”. A sense of relief washed over me as I finally had a place to stay and a chance of finding work again.

I glanced to my side at Ivan who had settled on the sofa searching his phone already for job opportunities for me. A wave of love and tenderness swept over me and a shy smile crept over my face. I could never have imagined in my life that he was the one for me, that we would brave troubles together, that Ivan Valentino would be my true love, my one and only valentine.

Ahrielle Mathews, 3.3

Rainy Days

Rainy Day 2.jpg