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March 2018

Make-Up Parent Volunteers

Throughout the year, a group of PSSG parents help to do make-up for our Performing Arts students for their performances. On 24 March 2018, our PSSG parents helped to do make-up for the Guzheng and Guitar students in preparation for the Musical Montage performance.

Fathers@School 7th Anniversary

Fathers@School was started 7 years ago by a team of fathers who were passionate about active fathering. On 21 March, 17 fathers, school leaders and PL staff celebrated the 7th Anniversary of the Fathers’ movement in PL. The fathers were encouraged by the inspirational quotes on fathering as well as the refreshments, lovingly prepared by the mothers for them. The highlight was the signing of the pledge, a commitment to grow in their journey as a father and to be an active father, engaged in their child’s life.

Sports Fiesta

On the morning of 9 March 2018, parents and PL-Lites donned their house colours (Archer, Chew, Dodsworth and Lee) for an action packed Sports Fiesta at the Bishan Stadium and Swimming Complex. Parents served as road marshals as well as crowd control, ensuring the safety of the PL-Lites, as they travelled from place to place for the various activities. Parents also served as judges for the highly anticipated and exciting Cheer Competition. It was a fun family event for everyone and a great way to end the school term.

Parents’ Learning Festival

Over a hundred parents turned up early on the Saturday morning of 3 March 2018 for the Parents’ Learning Festival. Through the workshops, the parents understood the current O-/N-level subjects’ requirement and learnt skills to support their daughters in their character and academic development. The parents were also empowered with techniques on emotional coaching to build their daughter’s confidence and cultivate in their daughter a positive and healthy attitude for learning and living through the talk on Raising Resilient Kids by Ms Cheryl Ng from Focus on the Family.

Chinese New Year Lunch for the Elderly

On 2 Mar 2018 (Friday), the PSSG parents jointly hosted the elderly invited by the school to a CNY lunch as part of the Secondary 4 & 5 Values-in-Action programme. The parents interacted with the elderly, making them feel loved and appreciated. It has a joyous occasion, celebrating Yuan Xiao, the last day of CNY together with the elderly and the PL family!

PL Musical Montage

On 25 March, PL Concert Band, Guitar Ensemble, Handbell Ensemble, Guzheng Ensemble on Saturday came together to perform a Musical Montage. We were all in awe of the musical talents displayed by our girls. May God's name be glorified!

IDE Competition 2018

During the March holidays, our Robotics girls participated in the IDE (Innovation, Design and Engineering) Series 2018, where students take part in competitions held at the national level in technology and engineering. Students were challenged on their problem solving skills across domains such as electronics, programming, and mechanical design.

We are proud to present these awards achieved by our girls:
  • IDE Challenge - Innovation Award
  • IDE Challenge - Design Award
  • IDE Maker - 2nd Place
  • IDE Maker - 3rd Place
  • IDE Sprint - 8th Position

Well done! To God Be The Glory!

Overseas Faithful-in-Service Trip to Brunei 2018

1. Group photo before taking off! The team is in high spirit!.jpg
The purpose of this trip is to develop our PL-Lites into:
  1. Confident PL-Lites who are leaders as well as team players
  2. Compassionate PL-Lites with a heart for others
  3. Committed citizens who could appreciate the place of Singapore in the world 

Service Project:
  1. To execute projects in raising environmental awareness.
  2. To conduct activities with children with special needs at a local school.
  3. To be involved in painting an educational wall mural for a local school.

Period of Trip: Saturday to Tuesday, 10 March - 13 March 2018
Group Size: 30 students, 4 teachers, 1 Trainer
Departure: Report at 9.40am at Changi Airport Terminal 2
Arrival: Pick-up at 8.35pm at Changi Airport Terminal 2

Day One (10 March 2018)
We arrived in Brunei safely at 2.30pm. After which, we had a tour around Kampung Ayer, before heading to the Kampung Ayer Cultural Centre to see the artefacts highlighting the history of immigrants to Brunei as early as the 14th century. We also had the opportunity to visit a traditional Bruneian house and were served with some homemade local delicacies. Thank God for our safe arrival and a meaningful day one!
Day Two (11 March 2018)The weather today was bright and sunny. We went to Ecoponies, a farm dedicated to educating people on farming techniques and plants preservation.

The girls participated in three activities: composting, making planter boxes and direct farming. They were also served with local organic produce harvested from the farm itself. After lunch, they paired up to create colourful signages to decorate the farm.

From the experiences, the girls shared about their amazement over the process of farming, as some had only seen the final farm produce in the supermarkets. They were also inspired by the beauty of nature and the dedication of the farmers in creating optimum conditions for the plants to grow.

Following which, we went to the Ukong Sago Factory, where sago flour, a Bruneian staple food, is manufactured. Everyone saw the whole process of creating sago flour: from the cutting of wood, stripping bark, to grinding the tree trunk into mill, and drying it to flour. The girls also saw how the workers collected sago worms, from decaying wood. Some brave girls even held the worms and cooked them eventually.

What an adventurous day two in Brunei!
Day Three (12 March 2018)We spent day 3 at Tutong School, where the girls performed their Sec 1 iDiscover camp mass dance for the Tutong students, who were invited to join in the dance. Various station games designed to strengthen and increase physical movement were prepared for the Primary 1 to 3 Tutong students and everyone had great fun. The Tutong School teachers commented that their students rarely had the opportunity to be engaged in such physically beneficial programmes. From the process of planning to executing the activities, PL-Lites realised that teaching is no mean feat and became appreciative of their teachers.  In the afternoon, the girls painted a colourful educational wall mural for the special needs students. We completed the project early and ended our day visiting the Royal Palace and the beautiful 28th Sultan’s mosque.
Day Four (13 March 2018)We started the day early and went to the Diakyo Environmental Recycling Factory where the girls saw how the workers recycle various types of materials to export or resell. The materials include paper, aluminium cans, metal wires and even computer parts. Curious about the entire recycling process, the girls asked several interesting questions. Following that, we went to the Tamu Kianggeh Wet Market to see the local produce and traditional snacks. We had a delicious lunch at Cheezbox, next to Gadong Mall, the only shopping mall in Brunei. Before heading to the airport, the girls bought souvenirs to express their gratitude towards their family and friends for supporting them in this trip to Brunei.

All of them could not wait to be back home soon to see their families! Thank God for His protection and provision in this trip.

Photos from Day One (10 March 2018)

Photos from Day Two (11 March 2018)

Photos from Day Three (12 March 2018)

Photos from Day Four (13 March 2018)

PLMGSS Chinese New Year Luncheon Outreach 2018

Since 2007, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary) has chosen to share the festive spirit and spread the joy by holding a Chinese New Year lunch banquet for the elderly. On 2 March 2018, the school welcomed 80 elderly and staff from the National Kidney Foundation (Hougang), Society for the Aged Sick and St Luke's Eldercare (Hougang and Serangoon) for this luncheon.

A student planning committee was set up to plan and organize the event under the guidance of teacher mentors and their form teachers. The students put up a series of performances and served an 8-course luncheon to the elderly and staff. The elderly and staff were also blessed with a goodie bag that contained items packed and sponsored by the students. It is more blessed to give than to receive. Indeed, it was a heartwarming experience for the students as they see the smiles on the elderly blessed by the fruit of their heart and hard work.  

The school would like to thank Paya Lebar Methodist Church for their kind and generous sponsorship of the luncheon. We would also like to extend our gratitude to our Parents-School Support Group and many members of the staff for joining to interact with the elderly.

Students' Reflections

For this year's Chinese New Year Luncheon, my class, along with 4B1, was assigned to be the befrienders of the elderly visiting our school. As befrienders, we played a vital role in providing our beneficiaries with an unforgettable and meaningful experience because we are in close contact with them. In the beginning, we were uncertain of how to approach them and several misunderstandings arose during the course of our planning. One of the challenges was the communication barrier between us and the elderly. A considerable number of us were unable to speak dialects or speak fluently in Mandarin, which would adversely affect our role in befriending the elderly. To mitigate this problem, a dialect kit was prepared to assist us with communicating with them. The befrienders had a clear goal of giving the elderly a memorable experience during the luncheon. With this in mind, everybody was determined to do their best to make the elderly's day despite the initial challenges we faced. Even though we were not comfortable with taking on the role of befrienders at the start, I am happy that my class was open-minded and took this as an opportunity to serve and not see it as an obligation.
Isabel Ang 4B2

As the Vice-Chairperson of the Chinese New Year Luncheon Student Planning Committee, I was faced with the responsibility with planning an event that I have not had any prior experience before. We encountered several challenges initially and there were times I thought of giving up. However, the thought of our beneficiaries having an enjoyable time really kept me going. Being put in a situation where I had to lead the other members of the planning committee and had to make quick decisions has also helped me grow as a student leader.  Despite the many obstacles along the way, I was glad my team and I persisted and made our last faithful in service a rewarding one.
Chloe Sau 4A2

At the beginning, the planning of the games was difficult as the class could not be focused and work together. However, as time passes, we managed to work together to organize and plan the games and prepare the materials we needed for the games. When we saw the smiles on the elderly's faces, we felt a sense of accomplishment for bringing joy to the elderly. The Chinese New Year Luncheon for the elderly is an unforgettable experience for me as we have been blessed to be given the opportunity to serve the elderly and bring joy to them.
Class Monitors of 4C1a