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February 2018

Chinese New Year Love-Letter Making

To provide students with an authentic experience of Chinese New Year, on 28 February, a group of highly enthusiastic parents engaged themselves in teaching PL-Lites the traditional way of making love-letters over charcoal stoves throughout the respective recesses and lunch periods. Though it was a tiring and hot activity, the smiles on the students’ faces brought much joy and fun for the parents! The parents also bonded with their daughters and their friends over making traditional love-letters together.

Chinese New Year Dinner for International Students

On 23 Feb 2018 evening (Friday), parents from our PSSG Alumni organised a CNY dinner for our International students and their local buddies. The students had a sumptuous dinner at the NE corner followed by a time of playing with sparklers. It was a homely time for our international students, bonding with their local buddies and PSSG parents. The students showed their appreciation by presenting a rendition of CNY songs, to the delight of the parents!

Fathers@ School Programme

Every third Wednesday of the month, fathers meet for a time of sharing to encourage one another and to learn from the speakers to improve their parenting skills. On 14 February 2018, Mrs Quek conducted a sharing with the parents – The Minds of Girls: What do they think about? The fathers had a great insight into the minds of their daughters!

Global Scholars Program - Learning Journey to Comcrop

In the Global Scholars Program 2018 Curriculum: Feeding Our Cities, students in the program explored the global food system and the complex systems needed to grow and distribute food to the world. Students explored the different sustainable technologies employed in urban farming, which is relevant in a highly dense and urban city like Singapore. The 27 Secondary 1 students visited Comcrop, an urban farm situated on the rooftop of *scape.

During the visit, the students attended a lecture by Mr Darren Tan, an urban farmer. Mr Tan shared about the science behind urban farming as well as the common farming techniques used across different systems. Students also visited rooftop farming systems such as vertical farms and aquaponics and even got to taste some freshly grown basil and mint!

Feedback from students was very positive:
"I learned a lot about food wastage, what the food goes through before arriving on our plates and about urban farming."
- Chang Zi Xuan (1.2)

"The visit to Comcrop was an interesting experience. We found out how aquaponics, hydroponics and vertical farming work and their effectiveness." - Mikayla Khoo (1.2)

"I learnt that combining hydroponics and aquaponics to grow rooftop plants is very effective. Moreover, the food grown is fresh and delicious!" - Sophia Teo (1.1)

Sec 5 Blessing the Community 2018

As part of the Blessing the Community Project this year, PLMGSS has partnered with Paya Lebar Zone 2 Residents’ Committee to reach out to the residents living in the Hougang vicinity.  

On 20 February, the Secondary 5 students together with their teacher, carried out spring cleaning for 2 families living in their rental flats at Hougang Avenue 1. The families were also presented with a goodie bag of essential groceries and household items.

In the spirit of service learning, our students have learnt what it means to be a blessing to others and in turn they have gained a very rich learning experience and opened up their eyes to the world beyond the sheltering walls of PL.

Students' Reflections

“The highlight of this FIS was having to work closely with my friends and being able to bless the community by taking some time to help them with this gesture.  I have learnt that by stepping out of my comfort zone, I will be able to do things that I never thought I’d be able to accomplish, and by doing so, I was able to do my part in serving the community around me. In future, I want to continue to serve the community by being friendly to my neighbours, so that, we can help each other in the community.” – Kimberly Tan Hui

“I came out of the house a totally-changed person.  Now, nothing really fazes me as I felt like I have seen a lot through this experience.  The community in our neighbourhood needs a lot of help and we really need to help them.  I will try to join some organization which helps the less fortunate in Singapore.” – Michelle Leung

“After we spent those few hours cleaning the houses, the highlight was seeing the faces of the residents light up after seeing the house and acknowledging our hardwork. I learnt that I should not judge people in the community based on stereotypes. I will keep in touch and communicate with the community and start by listening to the residents.”
– Dharmashanthi

“We received a big smile when the resident saw how clean their flat had become.  My classmates and I bonded more through this project.  I realized that we are all the same, we have a home and we have the ability to keep it clean and if I can do something to help others with their house, I will do it.  I want to continue to serve by being a blessing, I can help those who are in need, for example, the old lady that needs help up and down the bus and picking up litter.” – Rachel Ho

IMDA Lab-on-Wheels in PLMGS (Sec)

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Internet-of-Things, Social Robots and Drones. Wonder how these technologies will play a part in the way we live, work and play in a Smart Nation?

As part of PL’s efforts to promote STEM, the Infocomm Media Authority of Singapore (IMDA) was invited to showcase their Lab-on-Wheels Programme. Two IMDA buses, retrofitted with the latest technology and cool gadgets, were parked within the school compound on 13 and 14 February 2018. The Lab-on-Wheels programme is a government led initiative which houses emerging technology to prepare and equip students with technological knowledge to be future-ready digital citizens in Singapore’s Smart Nation. The experiential and engaging tech showcase exposed students to the possibilities of technology beyond the classrooms and ignited their interest. Staff and parents were not left behind and also had the opportunity to learn about these emerging trends.

Teacher’s Learning Journey

PLMGSS teachers believe in leading by example, and took on the student’s role by signing up for various Learning Journeys and learnt what it took to keep Singapore safe. On 31 January and 1 February, 59 teachers visited three organisations to learn more about counter-terrorism, anti-corruption and strategies to combat drug issues in Singapore as part of the school’s National Education programme. The organisations involved were the Religious Rehabilitation Group, Corruption Reporting & Heritage Centre and the Central Narcotics Board Heritage Gallery. These visits were in line with this year’s Total Defence theme of Together, We Keep Singapore Safe.