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October 2017

Farewell for Mr. Alfred Tan

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On 27 October, PL (Secondary) said our farewell to our dear VP (Admin), Mr. Alfred Tan. Mr Tan will be posted to NJC to continue to make a difference to lives from 2018. We thank him for blessing us with his wisdom, joy and friendship the past 6 years since he joined PL. Let us pray for him and wish him well as he embarks on a new chapter of his career.

PL Alumni wishes Mr Tan every blessing upon his new endeavour! May the Lord continue to use him mightily!

Christmas Service

On 24 October, PL Secondary celebrated Christmas with a time of joy and cheer with friends, aunties and uncles from St Lukes Eldercare, Gospel Mission to the Blind, Pertapis Children's home and Ramakrisna Mission. Spirits were lifted as distinguishable smiles appeared on the faces of our guests as they worshiped and sang Christmas carols with our PL family. The interactions also served as a platform for our girls to develop in character and cultivate empathy for others.

The school year ended on a happy note, as the entire school rejoiced in the Christmas spirit and passed on our blessings beyond the walls of PL.

STEM Day Camp in PLMGS(Sec)

PLMGS (Sec) was privileged to partner with UN Women Committee to conduct the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activity on 23 October 2017.

The event started with an assembly talk by two female engineers from Intel. They shared their working experiences in Intel and competencies required for their jobs as validation engineers.

The subsequent break-out sessions encouraged our students to create innovative and sustainable solutions using recyclable materials given a social context. The activities allowed our students to develop and express their 21st Century Competencies such as creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, communication and courage. They had to build on their individual unique strengths when they worked with their peers. These sessions were manned by volunteers from UN Women Committee and Wood Mackenzie who took time off from their work in STEM organisations to spend a day interacting with our students.

The hands-on creative activities also introduced to our girls to real-life STEM careers in a fun and challenging way. Through the activities, our students could explore and choose to pursue STEM-related career which is largely dominated by males. We would like to inspire them to be the next generation of female pioneers and innovators.

Students' Reflections:

Some students commented that the programme enabled them to know that girls can be in STEM careers too. The activities were engaging and allow them to find out more about what STEM is.

One class commented that they liked the activity that focused on the issue of the elderly and they get to use the recycled materials to create a model.

PSSG Learning Journey to NUS College of Alice and Peter Tan

On the morning of 21 October 2017, Dr Tan Lai Yong hosted a group of PSSG families at NUS College of Alice and Peter Tan (CAPT). The parents toured the campus and had a better understanding of the programme at NUS- CAPT. Dr Tan’s sharing was inspirational to the parents. The children were treated to some games organised by the NUS- CAPT undergraduates. Besides the games, the children caught a glimpse of the hostel and heard personal experiences of NUS- CAPT undergraduates.

PL Primary Parents and Girls attend ‘Understanding the Secondary & Post-Secondary Education Landscape’ Talk

On 21 Oct 2017, PL Primary parents and girls gathered at the PL Book-tique for a time of sharing by Mrs Quek on "Understanding the Secondary & Post-Secondary Education Landscape". This session provided parents with an understanding of the latest changes in the secondary and post-secondary school landscape and how they can choose a school that caters to their child’s strengths and interests.

Please click here to view the presentation slides.

Parents’ Appreciation Breakfast

PL has been blessed with a strong Parent-School Support Group (PSSG). The amazing team of PSSG EXCO partners the school to organise events to promote parent-child bonding and also rally parents to support the school in the following ways:

• as partners in school events
• as chaperones for learning journeys
• as judges for school events
• as resource personnel for school events

On 16 October, PL and the Paya Lebar Methodist Church co-organised the Parents’ Appreciation Breakfast event to show appreciation for the invaluable contributions of our PSSG parent volunteers. They have given time, energy and effort to support the students and the teachers in programmes and events in 2017 such as:

  1. Praying parents
  2. CNY love letter making
  3. CNY Lunch for the Elderly
  4. CNY Dinner for International Students
  5. SYF Presentations and Symphony of Praise Concert 
  6. Judges for various competitions (eg Sports Day, Sandwich Making, Chinese Song Singing Competition)
  7. Chaperons for Learning Journeys
  8. Education and Career Guidance Conference
  9. Night Study Programme 
10. Brunch with Principal
11. Fathers @ School
12. Teachers' Day Celebrations

Thank you PSSG parent volunteers for turning out in full force to attend the breakfast event. Your presence, truly encourages our heart. We look forward to partnering you once again in 2018.

101st Founder’s Day celebrations

On 13 October, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary and Secondary) started our 101st Founder’s Day celebration with the Thanksgiving Service. The service was hosted by PL Primary and Ms Chua Soh Leng opened the service via video-conferencing. She exalted the Lord for His many blessings that He has given to the PL family over the years. The Guest-of-Honour, Bishop Dr Chong Chin Chung from Methodist Church of Singapore, shared how we are all created for His Glory as the theme suggests. He encouraged all students to cherish their special time in school under the faithful guidance of the teachers. He reminded all of us that we are special and uniquely crated like our Creator and hence, our lives should reflect that of our Creator. After his uplifting sermon, the two principals reported on our accomplishments via a video montage. Through the video, we witnessed the students’ exemplification of the HEART values in their achievements over the year. Following that, Professor Hum Sin Hoon presented the achievement and service awards to the students and staff. In her valedictory speech, Miss Ong Lee-Ann (Primary) encouraged her primary schoolmates to persevere in their challenges while Miss Hannah Quek Sihui (Secondary) shared how thankful she was for the memories, friends and teachers in PL via a video-recording. The ceremony closed with the beautiful hymn, ‘Created for His Glory’, by the combined PL Primary and Secondary choirs.

On the following day, PL Alumni, staff and students joined together for Thanksgiving. The event was graced by our former Nominated Member of Parliament Ms Chia Yong Yong, who was also a PL Lite herself. It was a night of worship where everyone reminisced their fond memories of PL. The 101st Founder’s day celebration ended off with everyone leaving the ballroom with their hearts full of joy.

To God be the Glory!