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March 2017

National Inter-School East Zone Netball Championships 2017

On 9 March 2017, the PL B’ Division Netball team played against St Hilda’s Secondary School in the Finals of the National Inter-School East Zone Netball Championships 2017. We are proud to announce that the team came in fourth.

The team members include:


Gladys Chia Xin Yi



Joelle Tan



Leo Ching Ling



Goh Jia En



Charisse Lim Xuan Min



Charlotte Rebecca Chang



Phoebe Eyo Zhi Qing



Karen Siew Ching Yi



Natassia Chriselle Dizon Ngo



Tan Jia Xuan, Janicessa


Students’ Reflection

“Overall for this East Zone Competition, I felt happy and grateful that I was given the chance to compete and experience something academic lessons would not be able to give me. I also enjoyed the process of learning, fighting hard, defeat, victory with my teammates and I really treasure each and every one of them even though we don’t see eye to eye sometimes. I learnt many values like sportsmanship, determination, perseverance, and resilience to continue pressing on even if my team is losing. What’s important is that we are safe and have tried our very best, didn’t give up and were there for each other. I also feel that the bonds I have formed with my team will never be broken and we have gotten closer and can open up to each other better. I also think we did well overall and I am thankful that we clinched the top 4 position. This top 4 is for my team, my coaches, my teachers and those who were supporting us and I think we accomplished our goal.”
Karen Siew Ching Yi, Member of PL B Division Netball Team

“I was privileged to get the opportunity to play many games. We experienced winning and losing games and we did learn a lot more by losing, giving us more and learning how to overcome our problems. As the going gets tough, I really want the team to become more united as one, having the team spirit to fight all the way and go far together.
Charisse Lim Xuan Min, Vice- Captain of the PL B Division Netball Team

Singapore Youth Festival 2017

PL Band Ensemble
After months of intense rehearsals, the PL Band Ensemble kicked off our season of SYF 2017 presentations on 31 March, with a rousing performance at the NUS University Cultural Centre. We are proud of our girls and teachers! Go PL!

Methodist Walk 2017

Our Secondary One students, together with 15 Methodist schools in Singapore, participated in the biennial fundraising walk organised by the Methodist Schools’ Foundation (MSF) held at the Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) on 25 March 2017. The theme for this year’s Methodist Walk was “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken” from Ecclesiastes 4:12

The Secondary One PL-Lites and PL Parents Support Group enjoyed walking the 4 km route around the One-North area. It was a meaningful Saturday morning spent singing cheers and songs during the journey and relishing the cakes, pies and ice-cream that were provided after the walk.

Students' Reflections

"I feel that through the Methodist Walk, the class got even closer. Even though it was very hot and it was a long walk, everybody had fun. I learnt to share with others as I noticed my classmates sharing their portable fans with others and it felt very nice that my friends were willing to share theirs with me. The Methodist Walk also gave us the opportunity to give back to the school after being in PL for six and a half years."
Tan Chun Yan, Sec 1.2

"I felt that the Methodist Walk was a great platform for my classmates and I to bond. The Methodist Walk gave us the opportunity to give back to our school. I am proud that despite the weather and the distance, we managed to persevere through the whole walk as a class."
Shermaine Tan, Sec 1.2

SmartGen Conference for Youth

A group of our robotics students were invited by MediaCorp to be presenters at the 'SmartGen Conference for Youth' on Sat, 25 March 2017. It is a conference for parents and teachers.

The students involved are:
  1. Ling Yin, 4A1
  2. Wee Chun Hui, 4A1
  3. Joan Sim, 4A3
  4. Julia Chakko, 4A3
  5. Woo Jie Lun, 4A2
  6. Yuki Puah, 3A2
  7. Louisa Chen, 3A3
  8. Angel Yip, 2.1
There were activities such as workshops and competitions for the whole family. More details can be found through their website: https://smartgen.smartparents.sg/

Fathers@School 6th Anniversary

Fathers@School was started 6 years ago by a team of fathers who were passionate about active fathering. On 22 March morning, 15 fathers, school leaders and PL staff celebrated the 6th Anniversary of the Fathers’ movement in PL. Mr Jason Wong, Board Chairman of Focus on the Family was invited to share. He mobilised the fathers to ACT which is an acronym for the following:
  • Be Aware of importance of father’s role
  • Commit to be a good father
  • T-Spend Time, acquire Tools to bring Transformation to lives
The fathers listened attentively and learnt useful fathering tips. The fathers had a meaningful morning, engaging in networking and sharing with one another their fatherhood journey.

Singapore Gymnastics National Championships

Singapore Gymnastics National Championshipsb.jpg
PL Secondary attained its first medals today in Rhythmic Gymnastics at the Singapore Gymnastics National Championships. Gold in Individual All Around for Level 4A! To God be the Glory. We are so proud of our pioneer batch of gymnasts.

Innovation, Design and Engineering Championships 2017

On 16 March, PL shone once again at the Innovation, Design and Engineering Championships 2017 (read more at http://nullspacegroup.com/ide-championships/)

IDE 2017 Results:
IDE Maker: 2nd and 3rd placings
IDE Challenge: Judges' Special Mention Award
IDE Robotics: 4th placing

We are very proud of our girls!

Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge 2017

Our heartiest congratulations to our team from PL who excelled in the Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge 2017 from 10th to 13th of March.

Joint winners for Fastest Task Completion Award:
1) Northwestern Technological University, China.
2) Far Eastern Federal University, Russia.
3) Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering, Pakistan.

Maximum Task Accomplished Award:
1) Northwestern Technological University, China.

Youngest Finalist Award:
1) Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary), Singapore.

Most Liked Photography Award:
1) Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering, Pakistan.

PL made it into the finals of Singapore AUV Challenge 2017 together with these other teams (not in any order):

1. Northwestern Technological University, China
2. Far Eastern Federal University, Russia
3. Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Secondary), Singapore
4. Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia
5. Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, Malaysia
6. Universiti Teknology Malaysia.
7. Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering, Pakistan.
8. Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore.
9. National University of Singapore, Singapore.
10. Prairie View A&M University, USA.

Even though we did not come in top three, the PL team are winners and champions to us. The girls constantly challenged their boundaries and excelled against all odds. They truly made us all proud.

Amazing gRace

On 10 March, PLMGS celebrated the Lord's goodness to us by ending Term 1 on a strong note of thanksgiving. The PL family, comprising of staff and girls from Primary 5 to Secondary 5 gathered under God's wonderful weather for our Annual Sports meet at Hougang Stadium.

The theme 'Amazing gRace' reminds us of God's faithfulness. The 'g' represents the 'grace' that we are thankful for. It also represents the 'grit' that the girls seek to cultivate as they rise up to meet various challenges in life.

Sports Day (PSSG)

On the sunny morning of 10 March 2017, parents and PL-Lites donned on their house colours (Archer, Chew, Dodsworth and Lee) for an action packed Sports Day at the Hougang Stadium. Parents served as judges for the Novelty Race as well as the highly anticipated and exciting Cheer Competition. Our sporty parents put on their best foot and ran with all their might at the PL Family Race. It was a sweet and sweaty family event to end the school term.

Overseas Faithful In Service to Brunei

In this upcoming March holidays from 12-15 March 2017, a team of 30 Sec 1-3 NANT girls and 4 teachers will be embarking on their overseas Faithful-in-Service trip to Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei.

This BEST team aims to be found faithful in their service as they learn to work together and plan various programmes for the community living in Kampong Ayer, a water village. Some of the key service programmes are to organize a Banquet to celebrate friendships, an Educational Math and Science Fair, Service to paint and repair homes in the water village, together as a Team.

Day One (12 March 2017)
10:30am - The Team is checking in. All excited and ready to be found faithful in our service.
Day Two (13 March 2017)
11am - Good morning. Greetings from Brunei.

After a good night rest, we are off to Sekolah Rendah Bendahara Lama, a primary school at the water village.

We had a classroom immersion session with the little children, learning with them units of measurement,  parts of a plant and how to use the calculator.

Next is the math and science fair. We are excited to see how a balloon get inflated when we added baking soda to vinegar, to use potato as a conductor to light up a light bulb and to use litmus papers to test for acidity and alkalinity of different solutions.

2pm - We are off to our repair n repaint project of 2 houses.
Day Three (14 March 2017)
9.15am - GOOD morning. Greetings from Brunei. We had a good night rest as all of us were tired after a day of activities.

Now that we are refreshed, we are at the school preparing for the Banquet. We are practising hard for the dance item - Tomorrow is here TODAY! !

10am - the Banquet

It's a great time of interacting with the children from kindergarten to level 6, a time of cultural exchanges and it ended with a high when both the Bruneians and Singaporeans did the dance - Tomorrow is here today!!

Watch the video and savour the spirit of joy that cut across the borders.
Day Four (15 March 2017)
12.30pm -
Daddies, Mummies & all, We are having a celebration lunch at Cheezbox. Enjoying each other and making fond (food) memories over braised beef short ribs, boneless chicken with mushroom sauce and parmesan chicken. Food glorious food.

Dear Parents, We will be leaving for the airport after our lunch and a short shopping spree. See you at Changi International Airport Terminal 2.

Photos Taken on Day One

Photos Taken on Day Two

Photos Taken on Day Three

Photos Taken on Day Four

Photo taken while the girls are preparing for the trip

Pre-Trip Reflections

Here are reflections from members of Team Brunei in preparation for the overseas trip.

“I learnt to overcome my fear of balloons – I was always scared of them!”
Celine Chong, 2.7

I learned balloon sculpturing which was surprisingly difficult but I'm glad I had to overcome my fear with balloons and I actually find them really friendly once you handle it properly. I have learned patience and teamwork upon doing as such as when we see someone with difficulty, we will rush to the person to help her out.”
Nooraishah, 2.5a

We also had our parents come to school to have a short briefing about the trip. During that period of time, I really wanted to show my parents how responsible I was and that they did not make a mistake signing me up for this trip. I hope that when I go Brunei, I can become more mature and will be more grateful for my parents.”
Ruth Loh, 2.5a

PL Celebrates International Women’s Day

This week, PL Sec commemorated International Women's Day. The theme for March was "Created for His Glory to be An Outstanding Woman". In addition to inviting the Singapore Everest Women's team to speak to the PL-Lites during Morning Assembly on 6 March 2017, there was also an exhibition by the Singapore Ladies Hall of Fame honouring some of Singapore’s pioneering women activists, educators and philanthropists.

Singapore Women’s Everest Team (SWET)

On 6 March 2017, in conjunction with our events for International Women's Day, we were privileged to have our pioneering Singapore Women's Everest Team (SWET) to share their empowering stories with our girls.

Peh Gee from SWET gave the girls a very inspiring talk drawing on the team's 5-year Everest journey. She described the actual climb up to the Everest summit in great detail, including interesting snippets like how the girls worked on speed for ladder crossing at base camp (nobody else did so). She shared on how the team worked together, building on each other’s strengths to fulfil their goal of reaching Everest. She challenged the PL-Lites to dream big and not to give up on their goals despite setback. She ended off by challenging the girls to find their own Everest and to climb it.

An interactive and engaging Q&A session followed. Our girls had the opportunity to ask the team their burning questions, on their training schedule and the technical aspects of mountaineering.

Students' Reflections

"I found the talk very inspiring. It was a dangerous trip and yet they managed to fulfill their dreams. I am inspired to be as courageous as them and overcome my own personal fears and fulfill my dreams. This talk also helped me realize that there are such outstanding women around."
Elizabeth Tan Jia Yi 1.2

"The programme was very enriching and uplifting. It reminds us women that even though there are stereotypes about women being unable to challenge themselves, unable to reach for their maximum, we can and are able to break away from the stereotype, living life to the fullest, not being held back by the societal view of women. The programme encourages us to be an empowering woman, to live to  the best of our abilities. The women who climbed Mount Everest showed us a brilliant example on how they worked hard and managed to live their dreams, managed to create a new legacy, empowering other women to do the same for themselves. More of these talks should be presented to schools as they share the testimonies of empowerment and hard work."

Natalie Siah Qi Yun 4A2

"Yesterday's assembly was very inspirational and interesting, as I listened to how women managed to do something that not only seemed impossible to many women but men as well. Their experience also taught me to never give up no matter how hard the task may seem to be. It also inspired me to do things out of my comfort zone and do more in life. I also feel motivated to try my best in everything I do no matter how hard and tiring it is."
Chia Rena 2.2

"I found the assembly programme very informative, interesting and empowering. It taught me a lesson on how women are no less than men and that we are capable of much more. It shows how no matter what the struggles and difficulties we face, there is always have a way to succeed."
Anoushka Rachel Sam (3c1b)

Annual Humanities Competition

Annual Humanities Competition.jpg
On 5 March 2017, our girls took part in the annual KC Humanities Challenge held at CHIJ Katong Convent. The girls overcame the various challenges and achieved 3rd placing. Our heartiest congratulations to the girls who represented our school.

To God be the Glory!

East Zone Badminton Competition

East Zone Badminton Competition.jpg
The PL Badminton girls have been battling various schools in the East Zone, the gruelling past couple of weeks. And, we are proud to announce that our 'B' division girls came in 4th and were awarded their medals during the prize giving ceremony held on 3 March 2017.  

To God be the Glory!

Parents’ Learning Festival 2017

On 4 March 2017, Saturday, over hundred parents attended the Parents’ Learning Festival to equip themselves with skills to support their child in their character and academic development. They gained a deeper understanding of the Five Practices of the Exemplar Leadership® model by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner as well as subject-specific skills to guide their child in their work. It was indeed an enriching time of learning for the parents.

Please click on the following links for the notes and handouts given out during the respective workshop sessions.
Session 1 - 5 Leadership Practices.pdf
Session 2 - Upper Secondary Chinese Oral Skills.pdf
Session 2 - Upper Secondary English Oral Skills.pdf
Session 2 - Upper Secondary HCL Oral Skills.pdf
Session 3 - Upper Secondary Humanities.pdf
Session 3 - Upper Secondary Pure Sciences.pdf

Secondary 2 Cyber Wellness Talk

On 2 March 2017, the Secondary 2 girls received a talk by the KingMaker on "Online Agression and Cyber Citizenship". The talk gave relevant and up-to-date examples like live-streaming from various social media platforms and apps, and gathered really realistic consequences for those who abuse their freedom in the cyberspace. One valuable take-away would be the simple 3-step filter for students' thinking process (True, Good, Useful) should they hear rumors about others in the cyberspace.

Fathers@ School Programme

On every third Wednesday of each month, fathers meet for a time of sharing to encourage one another and to learn from the speakers to improve their fathering skill.