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June 2017

World Robot Games Singapore 2017

The World Robot Games 2017 Singapore was held on 2nd and 3rd of June 2017. This event provides the platform where participants pit their wits against one another, design and test their robotic creations in in 4 different games, SUMOROBOT, LINE TRACING, SEARCH & RESCUE, & BATTLE-BALLZ, to promote Science, Technology, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and the Arts. The theme for this year is Robots in Defence

We are proud to announce the PL-Lites that won the following awards:





Search and Rescue


Yuki Puah


Adelaine Ruth

Hanako Suhendro



Quek Jing Yao


Cheryl Ong


Line Tracing


Rachel Ng


Coleen Cheng



Esther Chan


Krystal Tan



Tham Chu En




Sumo 1kg Autonomous


Chokka Swetha


Lim Min


Sumo 5kg RC


Sharlotte Chan


Edena Goh


Best Team Award

Cheryl Ong


Quek Jing Yao


Students’ Reflections

“World Robot Games Singapore 2017 was a great exposure to many of us. We gain knowledge such as maintaining and operating our robots, simultaneously picking up values like perseverance and teamwork. Through this competition, we grow as an individual as well as a team as we learn to support each other along the way.”
- Yuki Puah, 3A2

“World Robot Games Singapore 2017 was a good learning experience for me, Through robotics, it allowed me to experience many new things from mechanical work to understanding my level of perseverance.”
- Cheryl Ong 2.3

“I had a great experience through this World Robot Games Singapore 2017. It was really competitive as there were people from other countries as well. I have learnt a lot about teamwork and communication. We would continue to stay humble and strive to achieve a better results.”
- Tham Chu En, 2.4

“World robot Games Singapore 2017 was a thrilling experience for me as it was my first time participating in a robotics competition. Through this competition, I have learnt to persevere despite the many setbacks that I faced.”
- Edena Goh, 1.2

“World Robot Games Singapore 2017 is a platform where we compete against other schools. It was a really great opportunity for me to learn from my competitors. Preparing for the competition day was not an easy as we had to constantly maintain our robots and ensure that we were able to fulfil the tasks ahead. The competition had given opportunity for us to shine in different categories and bring glory to the PLMGSS. With the guidance of our robotics teachers, we were able to come this far.”
- Christina Tan, 3B1

“My experience at World Robot Games Singapore 2017 was indeed an enriching one. Throughout the process of preparation, I had learnt that I should never give up and allow failures stop me from doing my best. The experience I obtained from this robotics competition is very enriching and valuable.”
Louisa Chen, 3A3

Mobile Music-Making Competition

Mobile Music.jpg
On 22 June, PL participated in the mobile music making competition organized by Republic Polytechnic’s School of Technology for the Arts. PL is proud of our girls for achieving the consolation award. Well done girls!

Group 1:
1.    Shannon Joy Yee (2.1)
2.    Foong Yue Qian (2.1)
3.    Lim Qi Qin (2.1)

Group 2:
1. Ang Yien Ning (2.2)
2. Charmyne Cho (2.5)
3. Germaine Heng (2.2)


On 30 June, PL celebrated SAF Day 2017 and NS50! Our teachers shared with the girls what they are called to do to defend our beloved Singapore during their NS duty.

Thank you for keeping our nation safe!

St John's Day

PL celebrated St John's Day on 30 June to honour the contributions of the cadets in our society. In PL, our St John's girls play an active role in attending to the medical needs of the school during various events.

3rd placing in ‘Tourism Innovation 2017'

On 21 June, PL shone at the 'Tourism Innovation 2017' organised by Temasek Polytechnic. Our team of 5 students from 3D1 - Farah Amirah, Raine Qiu, Sherrie Chew, Sarah Mae Azhar and Faith Bunoan, won the 3rd placing.

Congratulations girls!