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July 2017

PL lunch time concert

PL's Lunch Time concert is a termly arts education platform for our girls to showcase their talents. This concert boasts a wide range of performance from classical piano and dance to pop bands and modern dances. It is a good platform to nurture confident PL-Lites.

Names of those who have performed:
Term 1:
Kara, 1.1
Rena, Grace Leong, Kelyn, Grace Toh, 1.4
Putri, Rouen, Jeevitha, 1.6a
Kyleigh, Zoey, Joann, Hazelyn, Ariane, Kirthana, Chew En, 2.4
Charmyne Cho, 2.5b
Hannis, Charmaine, 2.7

Term 2:
 Imanina Syasya Bte Muhammad Tani, 2.5a
 Kimberly Neoh Xue Ying, 2.5a
 Farahtul Athirah, 2.7
 Puteri Nur Hannis, 2.7
 Ashlynn Taye, 2.7
 Jovine Liang, 2.1
 Shannon Joy Yee, 2.1
 Foong Yue Qian, 2.1
 Belinda Lim, 2.1
 Ang Yien Ning, 2.2
 Germaine Heng, 2.2

Term 3:
Harshini, 1.1
Isabelle Pak, 1.2
Fiona, 3A2
Claudia, Jazmine, Adele Lim, 4A2

Speed Netball Carnival Under 17 2017

On 15 July 2017, the PL B Division Netball Team participated in the Speed Netball Carnival Under 17 2017. We are proud to announce that the team emerged second in the competition.

The team members included:


Ng Ru Ye Geri



Joy Choo Xiao En



G Keerthana



Ariane Lisa Wong Kai Ern



Gladys Chia Xin Yi



Kwek Jia Xuan Tammie



Charisse Lim Xuan Min



Goh Jia En



Natassia Chriselle Dizon Ngo


Students’ reflections

“This carnival reminded us that despite the odds seemingly against our favour, it is imperative that we constantly encourage one another to keep each other’s spirit up. We understood how our inattention could lead to our greatest downfall, how our motivation could lead to our greatest glory and how the nuances in our mind-sets and attitude made all the difference.”
Kwek Jia Xuan Tammie, Member of PL B Division Netball Team

“This was the first carnival where the Sec 2s and 3s played as a team and I felt that this carnival really showed me a lot. Although some of us felt demoralised when we first saw the fixtures as we were in a tough grouping, we made a goal for ourselves and worked towards that goal. Before every single game, everyone made sure they were warmed up well and this showed me that everyone was determined to fight. On the court, for all the opponents we faced, everyone stood strong against them and fought hard. Eventually, we topped the table, winning against the team we at first thought might lose to. There were tears and pressure. The games got tighter but no one backed down, we finally clinched 2nd placing. I was honestly surprised because I never thought we would go this far. This carnival really showed me every teammate’s fighting spirit and how a common goal could bring us so far. We constantly reminded ourselves that we wanted the medal. With our fighting spirit, we worked well together and supported each other. It felt good as I knew that not only me but everyone in my team wanted to win and that was my motivation to put in all my shots. This is a carnival that I would never forget, for all the emotions I felt and what I saw in all of my teammates.”
Gladys Chia Xin Yi, Vice-Captain of the PL B Division Netball team

“Since it was my last time playing in speed carnival with my team of Sec 2s and 3s, I wanted our team to do their best and land themselves in the finals. With the team’s goal in mind and the motivation from my teammates, I set my mind on the challenge ahead and to always be focused on what I truly want to achieve at the end. The teams that we were going against were really strong and I was initially worried that my team would be afraid but our team came in strong and had what it takes to win. We maintained our winning streak until that very last match against St Hilda’s Secondary where we fell short by one goal and clinched the silver medal instead. I am still very proud of my team because we worked very hard as a team together and took every game as an opportunity to improve our skills and prove ourselves that we are one PL team. I felt touched to see my teammates working hard and I was very motivated as I knew that I was not working hard for that medal alone. I had my teammates’ assurance and determination as well to push me forward.”
Charisse Lim Xuan Min, Captain of the PL B Division Netball Team

East Zone A*STAR Science Fair

East Zone Science Fair 2017.jpg
On 21 July, a team of 4 students from our Secondary 2 ACE (Science) were awarded the Silver Award at the East Zone A*STAR Science Fair. Their research focused on investigating “the effect of heavy metal ions on catalase in liver on the breaking down of hydrogen peroxide”.

The students are :

Revamp of our canteen

As we unveil the new look of our canteen, we are constantly reminded of the countless blessings PL has received over the years. We would like to thank our alumni, Methodist church partners, parents of current and alumni PL Lites, and our staff for their generous contributions. It is truly amazing how our dream turned into reality with the help of our fantastic operations and administration team. Thank you everyone for your contribution towards our beautiful canteen, in one way or another.

Always Looking Up and Lifting Up!

Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships 2017

SSSDC2017.JPG(From left): Joanne Lim Xin Yi (7th best speaker), Tessa Wong Su Feng (13th best speaker), Kelia Lim Li Xuan (14th best speaker), Calista Teo Jun Hui, Sim Shan Rong

Our school's Debate Club was one of the quarter-finalists in the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championships 2017 (Division I). The girls fought hard but did not qualify for the semi-finals. Nevertheless, we are proud that Joanne, Tessa and Kelia clinched the Best Speaker individual awards.

iDigix 3D-Tronics Robotics Challenge 2017

The iDigix 3D-Tronics Robotics Challenge 2017 is a competition that encourages students to think out of the box, develop problem solving and applied learning skills. It also inculcates team spirit among participants and learning through meaningful experiences.

The challenge is designed to enable students to hone their skills in robotics programming as well as prototyping robots to performance certain functions. Teams can also put their creativity to test by making use of recyclable materials to build their robots, transforming the recycle materials into useful applications.

We are proud to announce that following winners: 





Tertiary: App-Controlled Vehicles


Janice Khoo


Faith Ng


Breann Ong


Senior: Maze Explorers

2nd Runner up

Gladys Cheng


Teo Shin Ro


Adelaine Ruth

Hanako Suhendro


Best Robot Design Award

Natasha Wee


Alethea Chua


Sherlynn Yeo


Students’ Reflections

“This competitions was truly an inspiring and enriching one. It allowed me to test out my knowledge of robotics coding and programming and I have gained so much knowledge from the workshop and the competitions provided. The road ahead was a tough one. We encounter many obstacles that put my team under lots of pressure and not everything went smooth as we expected, even on the competition day itself. With determination and perseverance, we overcame each obstacle one by one until we emerged victorious. This competition has been a great learning opportunity.”
Adelaine Ruth Hanako Suhendro,  2.2

“As this was my first time taking part in this competition. Our team had lots of issues in programming our robot as it did not turn out the way we wanted it to be.. However, we did not give up and tried our best to reprogram the codes so that our robot was able to complete the maze. Although our team did not get into the top 3, we were awarded with the best robot design. Through the process of preparation for the competition, I have learnt that no matter what circumstances we encounter, we should never give up and continue to press on till the very end. I also learnt that teamwork is a very important factor for a team as everyone have to work together and do their part in order to achieve the desired goal. Lastly, I realised that winning is not the only important thing to achieve in a competition but exposure and experienced we gained from the competition as well as the friendships forged are the ones that count.”
Sherlynn Yeo, 2.3

"This competition has definitely widened my knowledge on technology and robotics and it was a good experience for me and my teammates as we had to get our robot to complete its mission, not giving up even when we faced several challenges."
Natasha Wee, 3A3

“Through this competition, I have gained a lot of experience. Having to use the   Arduino software for the first time, I had to start right from the basic to learn to program the robot. There were many setbacks in preparation for this competition but all our work had paid off. This is definitely largely due to the great teamwork and resilience in my team and the never ending will to push on to the last second. I'm thankful to the teachers who has made this possible for us students to participate in this competition. This was a great experience for me and one that I'll treasure and learn from in future activities.”
Gladys Cheng, 3A1

“The iDigix 3D-tronics competition was a very good experience for me. Through it, I have learnt more about remote controlled robots, made new friends and gained exposure on robotics competitions in Singapore. .”
Janice Khoo, 3A1

“Through this competition, I learn about team work and time management. I learnt that we need teamwork to go through this competition because without teamwork things cannot be done. I had fun during the competition and I look forward to future competitions.”
Faith Ng, 2.3

“From this competition, I have learnt many things such as teamwork as well as thinking on my two feet. To do well in the competition, I had to work and communicate with my teammates. I also learnt how to control a robot with as well as how metal cannot be in contact a circuit board. We faced a few problems in this competition. However, we learnt how to solve those problems quickly and with the amount of resources we have. I made many friends from the competition and I am very thankful to be given this opportunity.”
Breann Ong, 1.1

“Through this competition, I have learnt the importance of teamwork and communication. Through this competition, I have learnt that in order for a group to be successful, everyone MUST play a part in contributing to the team, be it for the presentation or showing up for meetings and adding ideas to better improve the robot.”
Timea Bay, 3B1

PL supports local music

On 24 July, PL secondary girls were privileged to meet our local singer-songwriter, Inch Chua. Inch gave our girls a wonderful performance and also, a very inspiring talk to remind the girls about the need to pursue artistry, seek mentorship, nurture good friendships and build community. God bless you, Inch!

PL celebrates with our alumni

PL Alumni congratulates Siti Nuraini Bte Adenan, the Silver Medal Award recipient of Course Medal for Pastry & Baking (Nitec). Siti attended ITE West after PL and is currently studying for her Diploma in Restaurant and Culinary Operations at Republic Polytechnic.

We also rejoice with Siti Safrin Farah (class of 2016) for being awarded the Integrated Nursing Scholarship!

Keep shining girls. To God be the Glory!

Racial Harmony Day

On 21 July, PL secondary celebrated Racial Harmony day. The entire school was peppered with students and teachers dressed in their beautiful traditional costumes. It was joyful day of learning and understanding the significance of Racial Harmony day, and about the different races in our society today.

East Zone Science Fair

On 21 July, our secondary 2 ACE girls won a silver award at the East Zone Science Fair. Their project was on Liver Catalyase. Well done girls. To God be the Glory!

PSSG Family Day @ Kelong

It was a beautiful sunny day for a trip to a kelong off Pulau Ubin. Forty one people, including families and relatives of our PSSG and school staff gathered in PL, all geared up for a fun filled day at the kelong. From Changi Ferry Terminal Point, we boarded four bumboats which brought us to a modern day floating kelong. The children and adults were all eager to catch their fish from the pond to be cooked for their lunch. Everyone who had a hand at the fishing rod had a big catch for the day!

A series of games were organised for team and family bonding. To start the day with healthy eating, all groups had to finish eating the fruits and vegetables tied from a line. What a good laugh we had! From “cooking” up a story to singing national day songs in three different languages, everyone participated enthusiastically. The finale was the scrumptious seafood lunch, including the fresh fish we caught earlier in the day! Indeed, we were blessed with good weather and fun memories with family and new friends made!

Girls’ Brigade Day

Pioneer Brigadier Brooch2.jpg
On 19 July 2017, PL commemorated Girls’ Brigade Day to acknowledge the contributions and achievements of our girls.

Leow Jingya (4A2) and Joan Sim (4A3) were Pioneer Brigadier Brooch (PBB) candidates who represented 4th company this year. PBB is the highest local award a GB girl can achieve. Besides completing the Pioneer syllabus, they were assessed based on exemplary character, leadership qualities and participation. Joan Sim was one of the 14 girls who was awarded with the PBB in 2017 at the Promotion and Dedication Service held on 8 July 2017.

Our brigadiers also brought glory to PL in the following categories:

1. Low Guat Tin Challenge Awards – 4 teams won the gold and 1 team attained the silver award
2. Company Award - Silver

Well done girls!

9th Asean School Games (Table Tennis)

PL is the proud organiser of the 9th Asean School Games (Table Tennis). The table tennis competitions amongst the ASEAN countries will be held at Toa Payoh Sports Hall. Attendance is complimentary. Do come down and support our Singapore Team!

Here is the link for the detailed schedule: https://www.moe.gov.sg/microsites/asg2017/desktop/

PL Achieves Once Again at the National Literature Festival 2017

PL's strength in Literature has been demonstrated once again! On 15 July, 35 girls and 6 teachers took part in the National Literature Festival at Saint Anthony’s Canossian Secondary School and won in several competitions:

1. Unseen debate against Yishun Secondary School - Champion
2. Set text debate on Joy Luck Club against Pei Hwa Secondary School - Champion
3. Book Parade against 19 schools - 2nd place
4. Book Trailer against 8 schools - 3rd place      

We are so proud of our girls! Indeed, we are created for his glory!

Secondary Two Historical Investigation Learning Journey to National Museum of Singapore

From 4 to 6 July 2017, our Secondary Two girls visited the National Museum of Singapore (NMS) as part of their Historical Investigation assignment. They spent the afternoon roaming the museum in search of relevant artefacts. Using their preloaded worksheet on Google Doc, the girls captured images directly onto their assignments. It was indeed an enriching time as the girls took in several hundred years of Singaporean history while wandering the halls of the NMS.

SYF Festival @ The Malls

On 2 July, our PL Secondary dance girls wowed the audience with their splendid performance at the 2017 SYF Celebrations @ The Malls (Causeway Point).

Thank God for the opportunity!

SYF Celebrations 2017

On 1 July, PL participated in the Youth Station Singer-Songwriter Showcase at Library@Esplanade. The girls who were involved are:
1.    Shannon Joy Yee (2.1)
2.    Foong Yue Qian (2.1)
3.    Lim Qi Qin (2.1)
4.    Ang Yien Ning (2.2)
5.    Charmyne Cho (2.5)
6.    Germaine Heng (2.2)

St John's Cadet Corps - Gold

On 1 July, PL Secondary St John's Cadet Corps was awarded GOLD in the 2016 Corps Achievement Award in recognition of our training, operations, and administrative efficiency.

To God be the Glory!

Celebrating the achievement of our alumni

PL celebrated Youth Day by rejoicing the achievements of our alumni.

We are proud of Ong Jia Lyn Jacyline (5A1, PL Class of 2014) for being awarded the 2017 Singapore Polytechnic Scholarship. The award recognizes students with excellent academic achievements, outstanding leadership qualities and significant accomplishments in co-curricular activities.

Also, Tan Siew Tang (Class of 1998) from Nanyang Polytechnic, was awarded the Robinson & Co Gold Medal (highest GPA of her entire cohort in the Diploma in Visual Communication in NYP).

Here are other PL-Lites who flew our flag high as they graduated from their post-sec institutions. We wish all alumni a glowing consciousness of shining as youths for the Lord.

Well done girls! Thank you for Shining.