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February 2017

NUS Geography Challenge

NUS Geo Challenge.jpg
On 25 February, PL Lites from 4A2 participated in the NUS Geography Challenge. Along with students from other schools, our girls went through both the individual and team round. The girls were awarded in the following categories:

Certificate of participation:
1.    Koh Wen Xuan Jaycie
2.    Tan Le-En Deborah
3.    Joscelin Goh Huay Yee

Individual Silver Award 2018 Geography Talent Development Programme:
1.    Tan Le-En Deborah

Make up Training for Parents

On the morning of 25 February 2017, a group of enthusiastic parents gathered to learn make-up skills from Ms Connie Ang, founder of Defining My Style, a alumni PL-Lite. Parents learnt basic skin care tips for youth as well as stage makeup. Armed with these makeup skills, the parents were all ready and excited to do make-up for our students during the Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation.

PL Homecoming 2017

On 24 February 2017, the Class of 2016 ended their Homecoming on a high note with a record number of girls turning up to the event. It was a wonderful time where the girls enjoyed each other’s fellowship as they reunited as PL-Lites once again.

"Go On, Glow On" wherever the Lord leads you. Jeremiah 29:11

International Biomedical Quiz 2017

International Bio Quiz.jpg
On 22 February, PL Lites from 4A1 participated in the International Biomedical Quiz 2017, organised by the Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) Science and Mathematics Council. It was aimed for students to develop their aptitude and potential in the biomedical disciplines through independent work and applying critical thinking to solve authentic medical challenges.

Our girls won in the following categories:
Individual Gold – Hong Ai Ling
Individual Bronze – Fong Chuyi, Raeanne
Honourable Mention – Deborah Victoria Poon, Pearl Koswara
Individual Merit – Janice Chen
Certificate of Participation – Yam Hui Jing

Connecting with our International friends

On 10 Feb 2017 evening (Friday), parents from our PSSG Alumni maximised the remaining days of the CNY festive occasion, and organised a CNY celebration event for our International students. These parents are of girls who have long graduated from PL but choose to bless the current girls by serving the school in every way they can.

We have a small international community of PL-Lites hailing from Indonesia, USA, Korea, Malaysia, China, Philippines and even as far flung as Nepal! And, we would like to give thanks for a good fellowship with our international girls.

Students' Reflections

"The CNY dinner organised by PSSG for International Students (IS) was a very heartwarming experience. The international students, including myself, felt welcomed by the school for organizing this dinner for us. The parents, international students and their buddies got closer through the sharing session. Laughter could be heard from all tables and the environment was full of joy. We had a good time chatting and getting to know each other better. The students talked about life in Singapore and PL whereas the parents shared the experience of their daughter who studied or is studying in PL. The teachers also shared about how to keep the balance of our life and stay connected with our family despite the busy schedule at school. Inevitably, some of us international students are away from our families who are living out of Singapore. Yet that evening, with the parents and teachers who were so warm and friendly to us, we felt as if we were attending a reunion dinner with our family instead. I am truly thankful for the effort of everyone who contributed in organising this dinner. We are deeply touched that the school staff and parents gave up their precious time simply to be involved in ours. From this event, we know that we can call the school 'home away from home' because we can rely on it when we are in need of a helping hand, or even a shoulder to cry on. All of us are eagerly looking forward to more IS activities in the future!"
Loke York Lum (3A1), International Student from Malaysia

"I am really thankful to be able to join this dinner organised by the PSSG as it was definitely a good opportunity for me to bond with my new friends and welcome them into the PL family. Not only did I get to know my international friends better, but I also managed to bond with parents in the PSSG and teachers during the dinner. I feel that through events like these, we are able to create an inclusive environment in PL, making everyone feel included and a part of the PL family!"
Krystabelle Lim Wenqi (3A1), local buddy

CNY Dinner for International Students

On 10 Feb 2017 evening (Friday), parents from our PSSG Alumni organised a CNY celebration event for our International students and their local buddies. These parents whose daughters who have long graduated from PL. The parents chose to bless the current girls by serving the school. The students had a sumptuous dinner followed by a time of playing with sparklers. It was a “homely” time for our international students, bonding with their local buddies and PSSG parents.

In PL, we have a small international community of PL-Lites hailing from Indonesia, USA, Korea, Malaysia, China, Philippines and even as far flung as Nepal.

CNY Class Bonding 2017

On the 27 January 2017, PL was filled with much laughter and in festive spirits as the school celebrated Chinese New Year. Besides the entertaining Chinese New Year concert, every class had an opportunity to celebrate Chinese New Year as a class during an hour of class bonding. This time was set aside with the objective of building class spirit and for students to foster better relationships with their peers and form teachers. With a budget of $2 per student and the liberty to organise any activity during that hour, most classes decided to spend the hour having breakfast together and getting to know one another better through class activities and games.

For Angelica and May Ann (3A1), it was a time to ‘know both our classmates and form teachers better’ as they celebrated Chinese New Year with potluck – a sumptuous fare of food ranging from traditional snacks to sandwiches and cookies – before being blessed with an ‘angpao’. Several classes also enjoyed a time of Yu Sheng, tossing New Year blessings and wishes to the rest of the class.

Other than enjoying the spread of food, classes also played games in order to familiarise themselves with one another better. Class monitors like Odelia Chan (3B2) led her class to play games such as ‘Double Wacko’, ‘Splat’ and ‘Husband and Wife’, while other classes like 2.5b opted for a game of Captain’s Ball at the parade square. Students like Abigail Lim (2.4) shared that they enjoyed getting to know their teachers and peers in a relaxed and casual environment.

For the Secondary 1s, the class bonding session was a time where the ice between students from different primary schools could be broken, and a class identity could be forged. This was how students like Victoria Heng (1.2) felt after the class bonding, where students designed their own class cake before celebrating the birthdays of all her classmates. Ng Shi Han (1.6a) also pointed out that ‘it is especially interesting for non-Chinese classmates to toss and taste the Yu Sheng and Chinese New Year goodies’.

Students are definitely looking forward to the next class bonding opportunity.

PL’s Annual CNY Lunch Outreach

In line with the school’s theme for this month, Created in His Glory To Bless Others, the Secondary 4s and 5s were involved in two Faithful in Service projects, which focused on blessing the elderly in our community. After several sessions of preparation, the Secondary 4 Express and Secondary 5 Normal (Academic) students put up a series of performances and served an 8-course luncheon to 80 elderly from 4 organisations, namely the National Kidney foundation, St Luke’s Eldercare (Hougang and Serangoon) and Society for the Aged Sick on 10 February 2017. We would like to thank Paya Lebar Methodist Church for their kind and generous sponsorship of the luncheon. We would also like to extend our gratitude to our Parents-School Support Group, and our Secondary 4 and 5 teachers for coming down to interact and serve the elderly. In addition, the Secondary 4 and 5 girls also sponsored several items placed in goodie bags to bless the elderly. From the smiles on their faces, it was not difficult to conclude that the elderly who attended the lunch enjoyed the company and it really warmed our hearts as well.

The Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) students also did their part as they blessed the homes in the Lorong Ah Soo precinct by visiting the residents and giving them oranges and handmade cards. These two projects were successful because the students were dedicated in their service and wanted to be a light in the community.

PL-Lites experience the making of love letters

On 8 February 2017, our girls were given the opportunity to learn the traditional method (using coals) of making love letters at PL Secondary. We would like to thank all parents who laboured over the coals while guiding our girls in the love letters making process. We love the smell, the taste, the feel and the joy of celebrating CNY as a family.

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River Hongbao

On 3 February 2017, our PL Sec Guzheng girls were privileged to have been given the opportunity to perform at the River Hongbao. It was indeed a great honour and experience for our girls.