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June 2016

iDigix 3D-Tronics Challenge @ Labs 2016

Winners of iDigix 3D-Tronics Challenge @ Labs 2016
Champion Arena Battle Open Category - Andrea Seng, Lee Wen and Christina Tan
2nd Runner-Up Maze Explorer Senior Category - Charissa Wee, Angel Yip and Woo Jie Lyn
The Little Princess
Little Princess II
Jie Lyn working on Little Princess II

Lee Wen explaining the functions of The Little Princess to the judges

The iDigix 3D-Tronics Challenge @ Labs 2016 is a competition that encourages students to think out of the box, develop problem solving and applied learning skills. It also allows team spirit among participation and learning through meaningful experiences. 

The challenge is designed to enable students to hone their skills in robotics programming, as well as to 3D-printing technology can come into place to solve or enhance the design of the robot and performance function. In addition, the theme of "Upcycling" is introduced for 2016's competition. Teams can also put their creativity to test by making use of recyclables to build their robots, transforming the recycled or unused materials at home into other useful applications. 

We are proud to announce that one team comprising of Woo Jie Lyn of 3A2, Charissa Wee of Sec 2.2 and Angel Yip of Sec 1.1 won the 2 nd Runner Up position in the Maze Explorer Senior Category. In the Arena Battle Open Category, our robotic girls Lee Wen of Sec 3A4, Andrea Seng of 3B1 and Christina Tan of Sec 2.4 were the champions defeating other competitors from institute of higher learning. Congratulation to the Robotic Teams of PLMGSS! 

Students' Reflections: 
“Going for the 3D-tronics Challenge was a wonderful experience for me. In the competition, there were many people of different ages taking part in different categories with different styles. The competition made us step out of our comfort zones to learn from others and improve from there. I would like to thank our Principal Mrs Quek and our teacher Mr Indra for giving us the chance to broaden our knowledge about robotics by attending such competitions. I hope I will be able to attend more of such competitions in the future.” 
Charissa Wee, 2.2 

“I feel that participating in this year’s 3D-Tronics Challenge was definitely an enriching opportunity as I felt that it trained me mentally and physically to adapt to different challenges during the Arena Battle games as well as having to think independently to solve new problems. I have learnt a lot from this experience and I am very thankful for this great learning opportunity.” 
Lee Wen, 3A4 

“This competition was once again a challenge with the new category and tough program coding. We were all afraid that our robot may not work and we will not be able to make the school proud. We worked together to figure out all the problems with whatever tools available. This competition once again provided me with very enjoyable times that I can spend working together with my teammates.” 
Woo Jie Lyn, 3A2 

“Taking part in the 2016 3D-tronics Challenge was very interesting especially when the challenges were different from last year. This year, my team and I entered the battle robot category and clinched champion position. I am proud of my team as we competed against institutes of higher learning such as the ITE. Through this competition, I managed to have more patience and strategise the movement for my robots depending on the situations. I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to take part in this year's 3D-tronics Challenge. I would like to thank our teacher-in-charge, Mr Indra, for guiding us through this competition and for giving us opportunities to take part in competitions and do the school proud.” 
Andrea Seng, 3B1 

“This competition gave me a great opportunity to train up my focus. We needed to be focused and not get distracted by the people around us. We persevered to prepare the robot for the competition through Arduino Programming. I am happy that we were the 2nd runner up for the competition and hope to win more prizes for the school.” 
Angel Yip, 1.1 

“I felt honoured as it is a rare opportunity and not everyone would have the chance to do what I did. I learnt a lot in the competition as we participated in the open category which allowed me to compete with older competitors and also learn from them. Given the opportunity, I would love to represent our school again.” 
Christina Tan, 2.4 

World Robot Games 2016 Singapore

Winners of World Robot Games 2016 Singapore
Gold Award Search & Rescue Category - Tan Jia Min & Julia Chacko
Silver Award Search & Rescue - Ling Yin and Wee Chun Hui
Bronze Award Line Tracing Category - Woo Jie Lyn and Esther Chan
Champion Trophy - Search & Rescue Category
Ling Yin and Jie Lyn working on their robots
PLMGSS Line Tracing robot in action
Jia Min, Julia and Ling Yin strategising before start of game
PLMGSS robotics students taking a break

The World Robot Games 2016 Singapore being the first of its kind in Singapore, promotes Science, Technology, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering and the Arts. This event provides the platform where participants pit their wits against one another, design and test their robotic creations in 3 different games, SUMOROBOT, LINE TRACING, and SEARCH & RESCUE. WRG 2016 theme focuses on "DISASTER RECOVERY". Teams will be challenged to design robots to search and rescue victims in a disaster situation. Winning Teams of WRG Singapore 2016 will also get to represent Singapore to compete in the WRG 2016 International, Indonesia (Bandung) in August. 

We are proud to announce that one team comprising of Woo Jie Lyn of Sec 3A2 and Esther Chan of Sec 2.3 clinched the Bronze Award in Line Tracing Secondary School Category. For Search and Rescue Secondary School Category, Ling Yin and Wee Chun Hui of 3A1 achieved the Silver Award while Tan Jia Min of 3A1 and Julia Chacko of 3A3 attained the Gold Award. Congratulations to all the robotic teams of PLMGSS! 


Students' Reflections: 
“In this competition, our robot had quite a few breakdowns. During the competition itself, the unit faced tough competitions from other competitors. Through teamwork, communication and tolerance, we all managed to pull through, and that is really worth all the effort.” 
Wee Chun Hui, 3A1 

“I feel that participating in this year’s World Robotics Games was definitely an enriching opportunity as I felt that it trained myself mentally and physically into adapting to different changes as well as new challenges to solve. I have learnt a lot from this experience and it has been a great learning opportunity.” 
Lee Wen, 3A4 

“During the two days of the competition we met with many setbacks such as the wheels of the robot falling off or the screws coming lose on various parts of the robot. However, this competition has allowed me to be closer with my team mate, Chun Hui and exposed us to different forms of robotic technologies. When we first walked in for practice, many people from other schools, including parents and teachers looked at us, probably in disbelief. However, as we practiced and got the hang of things together with teamwork and communication, we eventually managed to emerge victorious and made our mark. The sense of satisfaction and euphoria that we felt when we finished the task was truly amazing. The experience has also taught me that nothing is impossible if you set your heart and mind to accomplishing it.” 
Ling Yin, 3A1 

“This competition was a thrilling one compared to previous competitions our robotics unit had participated in. We entered this competition fully prepared but not knowing what the main challenges are. Though some problems came up on the competition day itself, we were able to fix them. Can't wait for our next competition to show other schools that our school can do robotics.” 
Woo Jie Lyn, 3A2 

“As this is my first competition in robotics, I feel very honoured to be selected for participation. The competition gave me a lot of experience and I felt very happy having contributed my best. There were also challenges we faced. We struggled with the speed and tuning of the line tracer. Through this competition, I learnt that teamwork and sportsmanship is very important. Thank you PLMGSS for this experience!” 
Angel Yip, 1.2 

“I really enjoyed participating in WRG Singapore as it was a new experience for me. During the competition itself I learnt a lot about teamwork as my partner, Jia Min, and I had to work closely together to ensure that our robot could complete all challenges. I’m really glad I had the chance to take part in this competition along with the rest of the PL Robotics Unit!”  
Julia, 3A3

iChef Competition

The NFS unit participated in this year’s ichef competition which was organised by Republic Polytechnic. A total of 3 teams from our PLMGSS participated in the above competition. The teams had to undergo 2 challenges, the first challenge was to create a fusion bento box lunch presentation and the other was to do a menu design for a Café in the qualifying round. A total of 108 teams from various schools participated in the qualifying round. One of our 3 teams, “PL Angels” qualified for the finals. In the finals the teams were to prepare 5 different types of Butler Passed Canapes featuring ingredients from the East to the West ends of the globe. The team practiced hard for the finals and worked diligently to present the canapes attractively. “PL Angels” came in 4 th place in this competition. 

Students' Reflections: 
“ The subject, Food and Nutrition, motivated us to cook different types of food. We are inspired and challenged to cook different type of interesting food. The creation of the menu, the process of brainstorming for the bento box and the workshops that we attended during the first round of competition had given us an eye opening experience. We never knew food can be infused and created in such a way. Through this competition we learned that teamwork and communication skills are important life skills in the working life. We have to learn how to communicate and work in a group to get things done. We sat down as a team to talk about the problems. As we talked and brainstormed, we found solutions to our problems and sometimes we can be very creative in our solutions. ” 
By Charmaine, Cloris, Rachel (Sec 3NA)

Twinning Trip to Korea 2016


From 31 May to 3 June 2016, 14 students and 2 teachers will be going to Kyung Hee Girls' High School for the Twinning Programme. 

This is part of PL's Global Classroom Programme which aims to provide our students with the opportunity to interact with people from different parts of the world so that they will be more culturally savvy and attuned to the fast-changing global environment. This trip will also allow the students to immerse in the classroom environment and culture of the host country. 

Highlights of the trip include Wall of Hope, Changdeokgung Palace, Presidential Blue House, Bukchon Hanok Village, Kimichi Making, Nanta Show, DMZ Panmunjeom. 

Day 1 (31 May 2016)
16:36pm - We have safely reached Korea. 21.13pm - After having Ginseng Chicken for dinner, we took a stroll along Cheongyecheon Stream that runs 5.9 km through Seoul, with 22 bridges. Along the stream is the Wall of Hope with 20,000 tiles put up, drawn by residents expressing love for family, best wishes for growth of country and of course the hope of unification. We ended the night with reflection. Girls shared that they want to be more thankful towards their parents and loved ones in light of the understanding of family members being separated due to the Korean war.
Day 2 (1June 2016)
04.51am - Good morning. We are one hour ahead of Singapore time. Now is 5.50am (local time). We will be setting out to DMZ and Punmunjeon today.
21.32pm - Today, the girls went through a very historical learning journey - they saw for themselves the Military Demarkation Line (MDL) that divides the North and South Korea, went through the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel that was evidently designed for a surprise attack on Seoul and crossed the DML into North Korea during the Punmunjeom Tour. The girls have learnt much, realising that they cannot take for granted peace in Singapore. Because of selfish ambitions of people, a country was torn apart, countless lives were lost and families separated.

The night ended on a light-hearted noted with Nanta Show which uses non-verbal humour to cut across all ages and language barriers. The show transformed cooking utensils into musical instruments.

The girls will be checking out from hotel tomorrow morning and will be with their buddies till Saturday morning. They have been briefed on social etiquette and respect for host families. They will also be informing us on the activities that they will be having with their buddies.

We ended the day with reflections and sharing. Devotion was served by Beatrice who reminded us of God's faithfulness thus far in the trip. Geralynn closed the day with prayer before our tired little ones hit the bed for a good night of rest.

All is rest. Thanks for keeping the team in your prayers.
Day 3 (2 June 2016)
21:39pm - The girls finally got to see their Korean buddies and enjoyed a good time learning what it means to study in Korea. They were treated to warm hospitality by their buddies and enjoyed two beautifully choreographed traditional dances by the year 2 and 3 students. The school campus tour was enriching and the girls had the chance to eat at the school canteen. They were master-chefs in their own right, creating their very own kimbaps which is very similar to sushi seaweed rolls. The girls also surprised Nathania with a birthday cake to celebrate her birthday. The highly anticipated home stay begins tonight.

Here is a reflection by Yuki, Sec 2.4

I felt really happy and delighted today. I really appreciate the welcome ceremony by the school's principal and students. By attending lessons with them although most the time we do not understand what their teachers are saying but both my buddy and their teachers tried to use English to interact with us which I felt really touched because it is not a must for them to do that. Lastly, I am really thankful to have such a kind buddy who really takes good care of me and ensuring my safety and well-being despite having difficulties communicating with me and thankful for her family members as they make sure I had fun.
Day 4 (3 June 2016) 19:46pm - 2nd day of Twinning at Kyung Hee Girls' School. Students sat in lessons with their Korean buddies and forged stronger bonds after a night's stay at their hosts' homes. The girls were able to experience public transport (bus or metro) as they travelled places with their buddies. The girls sat in a music lesson and learnt a traditional Korean song, Arirang. They had a chance to play with the traditional Korean drum during the Music lesson. The girls were a given a tour of the study spaces allocated for use from 7pm to 10pm and understood the stress behind the cramping Korean do for their national exams. The school day ended with the highly anticipated UN Conference where 17 delegates (Korean students) represented their selected countries to pitch for UN to support their cause. Our students, Evangeline and Yuki, had the privilege to share about Singapore and PL to a 500 strong audience. They delivered the sharing with confidence and pride and have done well. The girls then proceeded for their home stay segment with their buddies.
Day 5 (4 June 2016) 22:05pm - The last day in Korea was spent saying sweet goodbyes to the Korean buddies. After departing from Kyung Hee Girls' School, we soaked in more history and culture about Korea. We visited the Gyeongbokgung Palace where we received an in depth lesson on the history of the country from being part of the Kingdom to the modernity it enjoys today. Next we visited the Bukchon Hanok Village and got to see first hand how Koreans sued to live. A visit to a Hanok Village would not be complete without the opportunity to try on a Hanbok and participate in a traditional tea ceremony. We also had the privilege of trying our hands at making our very own kimchi. We ended the day with a delicious meal of Koran grilled pork belly. We will be taking the flight back tomorrow and the girls will bring back stories to tell of their trip to Korea. Through the debrief and reflections, the girls have learnt much about receiving and giving and they will leave with thankfulness in their hearts.
Day 6 (5 June 2016)
14:23pm - We have touched down safely.


Departing from Changi International Airport At the Arrival Hall in Incheon Airport A stream
Listening to the explanation by the tour guide At the Wall of Hope Our PL-Lite quartet
Dinner - ginseng chicken soup


At the freedom bridge where
exchange of hostages once took place
Backdrop of the hopes of reconciliation penned by families separated by the Korean war
Into the 3rd secret tunnel we go!
Inside the Peace Talk Room and taking a picture with the ROK soldiers
Standing in 2 lines at the confrontation line, facing North Korea
Enjoying a taste of Korea before the much awaited Nanta show!
Beautiful architecture at theatre at Kyung Hee
Celebrating Nathania's special day Out Master-chefs in action! Kimbap making Enjoying the fruit of their labour
Inside the theatre Welcome to Kyung Hee Girls' School Traditional dance to welcome us
School tour while chilling with ice-cream

Lunching with newly appointed Mrs Hwang (Principal) and Mr Baek (VP) in Staff Canteen
Lunch time! Girls enjoying hearty laughters and hearty meals with new found friends

Lunch time! Girls enjoying hearty laughters and hearty meals with new found friends
Girls attending an introductory talk about Kyung Hee University
At the study rooms that Korean students use for additional self-study
Studying like the Koreans Listening to sing the song Music lesson - song Ariang
Playing the traditional drum Groupshot after the UN Conference
Cultural walk at the Hanok Village
Soaking in the sights at the Gyeongbokgong Palance
Bulgolgi lunch
Dinner let the grilling begin! Satisfying dinner Kimchi making

Wearing the hanbok with grace