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July 2016

SYF Art Exhibition 2016

SYF AE 2016 Submission - Behind the Lens
Behind the Lens by Magdalene Tan
(4B1, Class of 2015)

The school congratulates Magdalene Tan (4B1, Class of 2015) for achieving the Certificate of Recognition in the Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition 2016.

PL ‘C’ Division Volleyball Team Makes History

C Div Volleyball Team Captain Megan Lim receiving the team trophy from the Guest of Honour, Mr Khoo Tse Horng PL C Div Volleyball Team together with Guest of Honour, Mr Khoo Tse Horng
C Div Volleyball Team Captain Megan Lim receiving the team trophy from the Guest of Honour, Mr Khoo Tse Horng
PL C Div Volleyball Team together with Guest of Honour,
Mr Khoo Tse Horng

8 years after PL first established the Volleyball team, the PL ‘C’ Division Volleyball Team finally made history by clinching 3 rd position in the East Zone ‘C’ Division Volleyball Championships and qualified for the nationals. The Volleyball girls trained 3 times a week and took part in a number of competitions to prepare themselves. During the East Zone ‘C’ Division Volleyball Championships 2016, the girls displayed great resilience to overcome injuries and illnesses and managed to beat some traditionally strong teams. The Volleyball girls will continue to put in their best effort during the nationals to bring honour to the school. 

Students' Reflections: 
"To achieve something no one had ever achieved before in this school during our school’s 100 th anniversary is definitely unforgettable. I have learnt to push myself beyond my boundaries and always to persevere. Also, I have learnt the importance of teamwork and team spirit. I am looking forward to more of these experiences to come!" 
Yap Jing Yi, Nadia, Vice-Captain of the PL C Division Volleyball Team 

"On the first day of the competition, we were surprised that we managed to beat our strong opponent despite playing the match immediately after our Sec 2 Camp. What was even more unimaginable was that we actually reached the nationals. This was beyond my expectations and it will be an experience I can never forget." 
Faith Andreali M. Bunoan, team member of the PL C Division Volleyball Team

PL celebrates Racial Harmony Day 2016

Racial Harmony Day 2016 Celebrations - 01 Racial Harmony Day 2016 Celebrations - 02
Racial Harmony Day 2016 Celebrations - 03 Racial Harmony Day 2016 Celebrations - 04

On 22 July, PLMGS (Sec) commemorated Racial Harmony Day. This year, the theme for Racial Harmony Day is ‘Our Cultural Heritage’. Many staff and students came to school dressed in traditional ethnic costumes. To start off the day, the staff were invited to the front of the parade square to take a group photo. After which, the ELDDS (Drama) put up a skit to bring across the message that the different races in Singapore live harmoniously together and display great teamwork. 

Later in the day, a whole lot of activities took place in the canteen. Exhibits were displayed to allow students to have a better understanding of the costumes and marriage customs of the different races. Passionate parent volunteers were there to introduce traditional games to the students. A photo booth was set up for students to show their support for racial harmony. Traditional snacks such as ding ding candy, dragon beard candy, muah chee and honeycomb popiah were also sold, drawing lots of PL-lites to queue up for them. 

During LiVE lesson, members of the Photography Club went around the school to take class photos for every class. The classes with the highest percentage of students donning traditional ethnic costumes would win prizes. Students who had PE lesson on that day also got to try their hands on traditional games. 

We truly hope that all PL-lites had learnt more about racial harmony in a fun and enjoyable way!

Strengthening positive Teacher-Student Relationships

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Sec) has continued to place a premium on enabling positive teacher-student relationships (TSR) to grow in a culture of care. The school’s journey, together with six others which have utilised either Transactional Analysis, Positive Education or Restorative Practices, has been captured and compiled into a book: Strengthening Positive TSR: Learning from the journeys of seven schools. Please click here to access the book. 

Zoey Ho in ASEAN Schools Games 2016

Asean Schools Games 2016 - Singapore Representatives
Zoey Ho (4A1) represented Singapore schools in the 5th ASIAN Schools Swimming Championships 2016 will be held in Palembang, Indonesia from 24 to 31 May 2016 and the 8th ASEAN Schools Games in Chiang Mai, Thailand from 21 to 29 July 2016.

Sec 2 IAspire Camp 2016

Rock Climbing Low Elements Teambuilding Activities
Rock Climbing
Low Elements
Teambuilding Activities
Challenge Rope Course Friends for Life Participants of IAspire Camp 2016
Challenge Rope Course
Friends for Life Participants of IAspire Camp 2016

At the beginning of the new school term, the Secondary Two students participated in their first outdoor camp out of school as a cohort, the Secondary Two iAspire Camp. The camp was held at the MOE Jalan Bahtera Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre from 27 to 29 June 2016. 

The students embarked on a series of challenges such as the challenge rope course, Hike ‘n Hunt, outdoor cooking, teambuilding and problem-solving activities which aimed to develop teamwork, leadership skills, social competencies and moral character in them. Most of all, as the name suggests, the camp challenges each PL-Lite to aspire to be responsible leader and be a light for the community. 

The students had a memorable time at the campfire on the second evening of the camp. They were very delighted and encouraged to have the presence of the school leaders at the campfire, and each group presented a special item. 

During the camp, the students spent meaningful time reflecting and sharing their experiences and learning. The camp allowed the Sec 2 PL-Lites to forge new friendships with one another and helped them to go beyond their comfort zones to build resilience, confidence and valuable life skills. 

Students' Reflections: 
“Camp 2016 was fun. I learned life lessons such as resilience towards temptation and fatigue. Firstly, as a Muslim, it was my fasting month and I must refrain from food and drink despite the hot weather and activity. Even though I was tired, I still tried everything as I did not want to miss out on the opportunity to push my limits. For me, the camp fire was the most memorable of all camp activities as it was really fun and we had ice-cream afterwards. We then had a time with the instructor and reflected on the camp which was awesome. I would like to have it again.” 
Siti Zulaiha 2.6a 

The iAspire camp made us more independent and it also helped us to overcome our fears. We also exhibited the HEART values during the camp. The high element challenged us to overcome our fear of heights and to persevere despite its difficulty. Overall, the camp was impactful and it allowed us to have bond better with our schoolmates. 
Faith and Gladys 2.6a 

During this 3-day-2-night camp, I gained valuable lessons and I also learnt new things about myself. At the problem solving activity, I learned that I should always stop, think and plan before acting. It was hard completing tasks at first as we were from different classes and were unfamiliar to each other. However, after spending time with each other, we soon learnt how to work with each other. At the Low Elements Obstacle course, I learned to trust my team members to support me should I fall. Our instructor used the highest wall and motivated us to strategise a way to move everyone over the wall. Everyone got over the wall based on teamwork and trust. On the challenge rope course, we were once again thrown to the highest and most challenging course. I was afraid of heights and it took me a long time to complete course but I managed to overcome my fear and completed it. I was afraid but I learnt that if I could stay calm and focus on the task, I can go against all odds. All in all, the camp helped me to rediscover myself and inspired me to be my better self. 
Alethea Chua 2.5

PL Shines at National Schools Literature Festival

National Schools Literature Festival - 01 National Schools Literature Festival - 02
National Schools Literature Festival - 03 National Schools Literature Festival - 04

PL Shines! PL's strength in Literature has been proven yet again! About 40 students and 10 teachers attended the National Schools Literature Festival on 16 July 2016. We took part in 6 competitions and are blessed with amazing results as follows: 
(1) Unseen Debate against Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Sec - PL won!
(2) Drama competition against 12 schools - PL clinched 1st Prize!
(3) Book Parade competition against 15 schools - PL achieved 2nd prize!

To God be the glory!

PL Musical - Created For His Glory

Mrs Quek giving her opening speech Scene 7: 'For our school is a church where we pray' Scene 1: 'Call from above; we’re a testimony of his love.'
Mrs Quek giving her opening speech.
Scene 7: “For our school is a church where we pray”
Scene 1: “Call from above; we’re a testimony of his love.”
Scene 12: 'May our school be the light that will glorify His name.' Scene 7: 'For our love makes something special, out of our school every day.' Our VIPs conversing before the start of the musical
Scene 12: “ May our school be the light that will glorify His name.”
Scene 7: “For our love makes something special, out of our school every day.”
Our VIPs conversing before the start of the musical
Our teachers of all trades

Our teachers of all trades

To mark the 100 years of PL’s legacy, teachers and students in the school put in gruelling hours during the June holidays to put up a musical titled “Created For His Glory”. Showcased on 1st and 2 nd July in the school’s Agape Concert Hall, the performance demonstrated the students’ faithfulness and gratitude to God for blessing all the generations of students throughout the century. 

The year is 1916, when two English representatives – Rachel and Ellie – are sent on a missionary call to Singapore, to help the principal in teaching the students. When the principal first meets Rachel and Ellie, she shares “The Parable of the Sower” (Matthew Chapter 13: v.1-9), beautifully animated with sand art during the show. This overarching parable brought to the musical, as did musicals before, a reminder of the importance of the principles PL always inculcates in her students: always remember to go back to God and keep Him close throughout your life journey. 

The musical epitomises the kind of holistic education PL imbibes in her students through the life story of a pair of siblings, Ah Ling and Ah Long. Set in Singapore in the 1900s, Ah Ling and Ah Long lost their mother at a young age and are left to fend for themselves haplessly as children. 

Ah Long (ironically as named) is a loanshark turned servant to the gang leader, but Ah Ling is taken in and guided by the school’s principal. Under her wonderful tutelage, she grows up to become a God-loving woman of accomplishment, earning an esteemed scholarship in England. Ah Ling returns during the World War to reunite with her brother, but ends up in a quandary to save her brother from his troubled path. 

The beauty of the musical is the fact that every single person in the audience will relate to something on stage. The songs are beautifully and artistically written, as always, paying homage to God for guiding the school leaders and teachers who have nurtured many generations of students into what the students are today: women of character and with a passion for lifelong learning. The musical exemplifies the abundant blessings PL has received from God and how we will continue to glorify His Name through our words and actions. 

Students' Reflections: 
Seeing the entire team up on stage during the curtain call brought back a deep feeling of nostalgia for me. As tears of joy overwhelmed the cast when they hugged one another, I knew that we shared what they were feeling at that moment: the feeling of ‘this is the last show, where we get to share the stage and busk in this moment of greatness, together’. I’m extremely proud of those who have carried on the tradition of putting up a lovely show, for God and in the memory of the late Ms Adeline Loh. Kudos to the amazingly talented production and artistic teams, who have outdone themselves once again in successfully presenting the PL Musical, To God be the Glory! ” 
~ audience Merissa Tang, graduate of 2012 batch 

The PL musical was 100% worth watching. It was like watching a renowned musical. The cast were really involved in their characters and the singing was sensational! Even the sound system and the lighting were spot-on! I could see how hard everyone had practised for this. I really enjoyed the musical and I am really proud of my fellow PL-lites as they performed very well throughout the musical. ” 
~ audience Tiffany Hu, class of 3A4, 2016 

I liked how we were constantly reminded about performing for the audience of one and how I had gained a family in Christ through this musical. Initially, I hesitated whether I should join the musical as I had to sacrifice my June holidays for the long hours of rehearsals, but now, I certainly have no regrets. The lyrics of the theme song ‘Created for His Glory’ touched me the most, especially the phrase ‘return us to the cross as we live out our faith’. Many times, we drift away from God and this song serves as a reminder of how God will draw us back to Him. ” 
~ dancer Joy Kellie Tay, class of 3A3, 2016 

Even though I was backstage and just moving props here and there, one thing that really touched me were the constant reminders that we are created for His Glory. Despite seeing the same scenes over and over, it made me feel immensely proud of all the actors as they put in so much effort into wanting to perfect that scene and the emotions. The first show was extremely successful and it felt really heart-warming to see all the performers shining so brightly under those stage lights. All in all, I think that this experience is by far the best experience of being part of a musical. All the teamwork and unity shown truly glorify God’s love! ” 
~ backstage crew Ashley Lee of 3B2, 2016 

There is only one word to describe the PL musical – spectacular! I was deeply touched when I saw the amount of effort and determination put in to make this concert come true. The performance to commemorate 100 years of PL was truly a success. I am thankful to have the honour of watching this amazing musical and I would do it again in a heartbeat! I want to thank everyone who contributed to this musical because without a doubt, I enjoyed every moment of the performance! Well done! ” 
~ audience member Tessa Wong, class of 3A3, 2016

SAF Rededication Ceremony 2016

SAF Rededication Ceremony 2016
On 1 July 2016 , our school commemorated Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) Day by inviting active National Service men and teachers in uniformed groups to commit themselves to protecting our nation. The day stated with Mr Poh Chee Jian sharing on the importance of National Service, followed by the taking of the SAF pledge. The ceremony was a timely reminder that national defence is paramount amidst these turbulent times of nations being easy targets of terrorist attacks.