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January 2016

History Learning Journey

On 20 and 27 January, the Secondary 2 cohort embarked on a learning journey to the National Museum of Singapore. The trip allowed the girls to study and understand Singapore’s history through the analysis of sources and artefacts at the museum. They touched, saw and felt Singapore’s history independently, as they were allowed to roam around and explore the museum. 

No longer confined to the four walls of the classroom, the girls were very excited to go to the museum to learn. The girls were very engaged and were asking good questions that stimulated learning for both the teachers and students. From the trip, the girls managed to take plenty of photos of the museum’s articles and artefacts, through which, they were able to form their own perspective and inference of people’s lives before and after the Japanese Occupation.

PSSG Brunch with Principal held on 30 January 2016

Participants checking in at the event
A light moment
Principal’s address to our
new members of PSSG
Summarising the points shared at the table
A parent sharing his experiences and feedback for the school
All smiles
Pleased to network with other parents
Light refreshment served
A perfect fit
Accounting for the sales of PSSG members-only polo tee
Around 50 parents and school staff attended the event to welcome new members of the PSSG providing a platform to know each other better and enjoy the fellowship.

PL Praise-a-thon – a rousing start to the centennial celebrations

On 15 January 2016, the PL Praise-a-thon marked the 1st event in PL’s 100th celebrations and the whole school was revved up by the sights and sounds of sound engineers building the set and testing of strobe lights. Despite the heavy overcast skies, the event kicked off at officially at 4.30pm where the whole school filed in neatly in their rows, awaiting the arrival of guests.  

PL Praise-a-thon was memorable for many reasons:  
  • Despite the heavy downpour and the breakdown of sound system, the girls sang loudly, clapped and encouraged each other and the performers 
  • Presence and participation of many ex-students and friends as worship leaders 
  • Rousing and heart-warming end of the event as the girls sang the school anthem with all their hearts 
  • The impossible was accomplished of 100 songs in 5 hours 
  • The whole school was dismissed before 9pm and the track was spotless! Living up to the motto that PL girls leave the place better than when they arrive 

The PL Prasie-a-thon videos are now available for your viewing at  this link .

PL-Lites giving back to our alma mater


Ms Sarojini Devi and Ms Indra Devi, daughters of the late Mr S Thiagarajan, an old boy of our school, then known as Paya Lebar English School, donated an award in his memory. The Thiagarajan Award will be awarded to Top 2 performing PL (Pri) Primary 6 girls who have moved on to PL (Sec) in the Normal (Academic) Stream.  

Both Ms Sarojini Devi and Ms Indra Devi were old girls of the school. Ms Indra Devi taught in PL as an Art teacher in the 1990s. The Thiagarajan Award will be given at the PL100 Founder's Day. PL Primary, PL Secondary and Alumni would like to thank Ms Sarojini Devi and Ms Indra Devi for their generous contribution as well as their continued love for PL.  

Thank you for making a difference.

Welcoming the Sec 1s to the PL family!

A proud father pinning the school badge for his daughter 
Every girl is a PL-Lite 
Having fun during heritage trail 

Helping one another in games 
Ice-breaker games 

The Sec 1 iDiscover Camp 2016 took place from 6  to 8 January 2016. The theme of the camp for 2016 was ‘D.N.A: Discover N Achieve’ as the planning committee wanted the Sec 1 students to discover PL’s  DNA  and find out more about the culture of PL, their peers, teachers and themselves. The Sec 1s had the opportunity to discover more about themselves through the Love Language session. They also had the opportunity to discover their new peers through the various teambuilding activities and mass dance. Last but not least, they had the opportunity to find out more about PL and her culture through the station games and songs.  

The Sec 3 student leaders took care of the Sec 1 juniors and bonded with one another through the camp. The camp ended on a high note when the girls were formally initiated as PL-Lites during the Finale Night. The Form Teachers presented each of them with a school badge and the entire Secondary 1 cohort pinned on their badges together in the presence of their parents. The highlight of the Finale Night was the lighting of candles, sending a significant message to everyone present that PL-Lites would be the lights of the community.  

Students' Reflections:  
“The iDiscover Camp was a new experience for both of us. We had to step out of our comfort zone in order to do a good job so that the Sec 1s would feel welcome, quickly settle in and find a home in PL. We are glad that the Sec 1s were able to discover more about themselves, their peers and their second home, PL.”  
Zenata (3A3) and Julia (3A2), Camp Commandant and Assistant Camp Commandant  

“iDiscover Camp was absolutely awesome. What I enjoyed most were the game stations and the Finale Night. I also loved bonding with my new classmates and the lovely SGLs*. They showed a lot of leadership and they were very caring. I have learnt so many things such as co-operation and teamwork. I wish I could have this camp again.”  
Kimberly Neoh (1.5) 

* SGLs refers to small group leaders. 

Kovan Trail

What images does the mention of Kovan conjure? For some, it brings back wonderful memories of a close-knit community who spoke Teochew and used to live near a bustling fishing port. To many of the teenagers nowadays, they do not have any idea of what this neighbourhood is and was like in the past. The Kovan Trail reveals a tale of how our early settlers found solace along this tranquil stretch of land and made it their home.  

On 8 Jan, the Sec 1 students embarked on a learning journey to find out more about the history of various iconic landmarks on this trail. They opened the first chapter of this tale learning more about our school’s previous location at Boundary Road and her founding history before turning the page to other locations such as The Helping Hand, National Kidney Foundation Hougang and Chee Tong Temple. The entire trail lasted about three hours and the participants reflected on the vibrancy of the spaces in Singapore even as the surroundings have been changing over time to meet the needs of our people.  

Faith Tan (3A1) said, “I have learnt more on how to give instructions and how to plan a game. I have also learnt more about the NKF. Not only was the trail a confidence booster, it was also a privilege to showcase my talents. It was a great opportunity for the NE ambassadors to work together, to make the NE trail more fun and exciting, setting the standard for the trails ahead.” 

CCA Fair 2016 – ‘Piecing Together Your Inner Spark’

Two Secondary One students
trying their hands at table tennis
Since when did Yoda become
a member of the ELDDS (Debate)?
Flyers from the various sports CCAs
The Media and Information Technology booth
NPCC cadets performing fancy drill
Students from SJB demonstrating
how to perform CPR in their skit
Members from the Guzheng Ensemble showing Secondary One students how to play a guzheng
Secondary One student learning how to do a dig pass from the volleyball team
Welcome souvenir prepared by PL One Voice

ELDDS (Drama) putting up a performance in the canteen

This year’s CCA Fair was held on 7 January 2016 and the theme was “Piecing Together Your Inner Spark”. This theme had been chosen as we hoped that the CCA Fair would help bring the Secondary One students closer to their kindred spirits, establish bonds that bring out their inner spark and emanate their flames of passions through their choice CCA. During the CCA Fair, the Secondary One students had a chance to explore the booths of the different CCAs and watch the performances by the various performing arts groups in the Shaw Hall and the canteen. They also tried out the different sports in the school ’ s parade square. The uniformed groups did a combined performance and truly showed their unity through it. It seemed as if PL was transformed into a world full of wonders for the Secondary One students to explore. 

We hope that the Secondary One students will discover their inner spark and find their second homes in their new CCAs, where they will be taken on this wonderful journey that will stay in their memories forever. 

Reported by Tay Yi Peng (4A1) 
Vice-Chairperson, CCA Fair Committee 2016 

Students' Reflections: 
“ Being in the CCA Fair Committee has given me an insight to planning for events that involve the whole school. Through the planning process, I have learnt that unity and teamwork are extremely important. The committee has to work closely with the various CCA heads in order to get things done. During the CCA Fair, I was given an opportunity to be the emcee for the parade square and it was not as easy as it seemed. Also, throughout the CCA Fair, many adjustments had to be made on the spot due to delays here and there. We all had to learn to be flexible to changes and adapt quickly. Communication between the committee was also very important. We had to communicate the changes to the committee members efficiently even if they were all scattered at different locations. All in all, I feel that serving in the CCA Fair Committee is an eye-opening experience and I have learnt many things from it. ” 
Delia Goh (4A1), Vice-Chairperson, CCA Fair Committee 2016 

“ It was definitely a fulfilling experience to be part of the CCA Fair Committee and a privilege to have the opportunity to work with other CCAs in preparing for this event which introduced the CCAs to the Secondary One students, allowing them to find the puzzle piece to piece together their inner spark and passion into a complete whole. Through this event, I have learnt that adaptability is important to ensure that we were able to adjust to last minute changes such as delays in the CCA performances. All in all, I felt that we have succeeded in making the CCA Fair enjoyable for everyone. ” 
Glenda Tay (4A3), Vice-Chairperson, CCA Fair Committee 2016

Principal-meets-Parents 2016

Class time with Sec 1.1 parents
Class time with Sec 1.7 where parents sit on the seat of their daughters
Form Teachers sharing with parents about important class matters to note for the year
Parents attending the talks given by School Leaders and HODs
Parents listening to the Form Teacher's presentation
Sec 3A4 parents engaged in active communication with Form Teachers

PLMGS (Sec) organises its annual Principal-Meets-Parents (PMP) sessions at the beginning of each academic year to update and engage with our parents, so that the school and parents can work collaboratively for the holistic education of PL-Lites. 

Our Principal, Mrs Gek Li Gek, addressed the parents at every session our school’s direction for the new academic year and highlighted key events for the year for each of the level. She also shared with the parents on the emphasis of preparing PL-Lites to be future ready with a list of traits necessary for the fast changing world. Following her address, various topics specific to the needs of the level were shared with the parents. 

The sessions ended with an opportunity for parents to meet and interact with the Form Teachers and Co-Form Teachers. The interaction allowed the parents to gain a better understanding of the school’s expectations and provided an opportunity for the parents to ask questions close to their hearts and to network with other parents.