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February 2016

NUS Geography Challenge 2016

Congratulations to our individual award winners!
Participants of the NUS Geography Challenge 2016
Completing the team paper for the preliminary round

Strategising and deciding the best route for the Geo Trail
Proudly posing with their infographic -
one of the eight put on display at the finals

The school sent a team of 3 students to take part in the NUS Geography Challenge 2016. Held on 27 February 2016, the theme of the competition was ‘Our Evolving Cities, People and Environment’. The participating teams were required to take part in the preliminary round, which comprised two components: the individual and the team round. 

In the individual round, two of the students attained an award. The two students were Meideline Santika from 4A1, who won the silver award and Megan Nicole Lew Ying from 4A3, the bronze award. 

Out of the 122 schools that participated in the Challenge, our team managed to qualify for the semi-f inals, consisting of the Creative Component and Geo Trail which took place on 26 March 2016. 

The Creative Component required semi-finalists to create an infographic based on the theme ‘Our Evolving Cities, People and Environment’. Our infographic was one of eight chosen to be put on display on the day of the semi-finals, and was also featured in one of the Geography Conferences held by the Ministry of Education. 

Students' Reflections: 
“Participation in the NUS Geography Challenge has allowed me to learn new geography concepts and how they are applied in our daily lives. The most memorable part of the challenge is the Geo-trail where I got to learn how to use an actual physical map and not relying on the GPS. Overall, I benefitted greatly from this competition.” 
Meideline Santika, Sec 4A1 

“The NUS Geography Challenge was a very interesting and enriching experience for me. I was exposed to various new geographical concepts and learnt how physical and human geography was interlinked. Though the questions were difficult and the tasks given challenging, I felt that the whole experience was a memorable and fun one. I enjoyed working with my team mates during the Challenge.” 
Charis Chia, Sec 4A3 

“Competing in the NUS Geography Challenge deepened my appreciation and cognisance of the subject. Each stage was an intellectual challenge that I found fun to tackle as I learnt to apply textbook knowledge in real-life scenarios. I also thoroughly enjoyed working with my team and bonding over the projects and research we conducted together.” 
Megan Nicole Lew Ying, Sec 4A3

A Special Lunar New Year Reunion Dinner Away from Home

PSSG parents Mr Bob Toh and Mr Matthew Lee and family fetching the scholars from their hostel
Greetings and welcome at the Toh’s family home
Enjoying a scrumptious reunion dinner with the extended family of Mr Bob Toh
It was really heart-warming to be regarded as part of the family on such a special occasion, the eve of the Lunar New Year, although we were far away from our homes

It has become a tradition for our parents from Parents-School Support Group to host our school’s scholars for a reunion dinner on the eve of the Lunar New Year with their families to share the joy and family warmth. 

Excerpts of the reflections of our scholars from Indonesia and Malaysia on the memorable time spent with the families of Mr Bob Toh and Mr Matthew Lee: 

Students' Reflections: 
“I was very fortunate to be invited to the reunion dinner of Mr and Mrs Lee’s family. It was my first time celebrating Chinese New Year in Singapore. They made us feel as comfortable as at home as the family welcomed us warmly. We had steamboat which was just like what we usually eat in our hometown. We cooked the food, and ate them happily. We also chatted about our life in Singapore. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our local parents, Mr and Mrs Lee, and our schoolmate, Claire, for preparing such a wonderful session for us to celebrate together, and it created a special bond among us.” 
Peng Ying, 3A1 

“I had a wonderful reunion dinner that night. Although I was unable to spend the night with my own family, my foster parents in Singapore gave me feeling of being at home. They treated me as one of their family members and showed us concern. They tried their very best to make us feel comfortable. I am grateful for this special night with them.” 
Hui Jing, 3A1 

“I had a very great time with Mr Bob Toh and his family. The steamboat was scrumptious and delectable. Naomi and I ate lots of the food. I really appreciate the school organising such a meaningful and delightful event. I look forward this event next year.” 
Pearl, 3A1 and Naomi, 4A1

Innovation, Design & Engineering (IDE) Challenge & Robotics 2016

PLMGSS IDE Challenge & Robotics Teams of 2016 
Julia, Joan and Jia Min won the Innovation Award 2016 
Charissa, Jie Lyn and Lee Wen attained the Judges' Special Mention Award 2016 
3Js - Jia Min. Julia and Joan 
PLMGSS IDE teams before start of competition 
Chun Hui programming the robot for the mission 
PLMGSS Team CAC discussing with a robotics training instructor 
Christina getting her robot ready for the mission 
PLMGSS Team CAC robot completed the mission 

The Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) Challenge held on 17 March 2016 was a hands-on competition with one or more engineering challenges. The IDE Robotics which was held also on the same day, on the other hand, gave the PL-Lites the opportunity to be exposed to the world pf robotics programming. The task will only be released in the morning of the competition.  

We are proud to announce that one team comprising of Tan Jia Min (Sec 3A1), Julia Vadukkoot Chacko (Sec 3A3) and Joan Sim (Sec 3A3) won the Innovation Award. Another team comprising Woo Jie Lyn (Sec 3A2), Lee Wen (Sec 3A4) and Charissa Wee (Sec 2.2) attained the Judges’ Special Mention Award.  

Students' Reflections:  
“Having the chance to participate in this competition was a great opportunity for all of us to learn more about a whole different type of programming. As a team, we have worked well together and have all grown and learnt many things with and from each other. I have learnt the basics of this new programme. I would like to thank Mr Indra, our teacher-in-charge, for guiding us along the way and giving us the opportunity to go for the training and competition.”  
Andrea Seng, Sec 3B1  

“As part the IDE robotics challenge, we had a boot camp before the actual day of competition. We learned different things during the boot camp such as how to create different shapes and letters with the programming for the robot. We also managed to program the robot according to the brief provided. I also learnt different things from other groups and I am proud of our achievements.”  
Christina Tan, Sec 2.4  

“I feel that participating in this year’s IDE challenge was definitely an enriching opportunity as I felt that it had trained my mental and physical stamina, adaptability and flexibility to overcome problems and challenges. It was certainly been a great learning experience.”  
Lee Wen, Sec 3A4  

“Participating in IDE 2016 was an enriching experience. My group took part in the IDE challenge where we were given certain materials to complete three tasks. With the incredibly limited resources provided, we had to wreck our brains to come up with feasible solutions. Thankfully, we were able to pull through in the end. I am extremely grateful for the chance to participate in such an event.”  
Tan Jia Min, Sec 3A1  

“Taking part in the IDE Robotics was an extremely fun experience. In the IDE challenge, I had the opportunity to learn from other schools which is very meaningful. I hope I would be able to take part in more of such events.”  
Charissa Wee, Sec 2.2, Wee Chun Hui, Sec 3A1 and Woo Jie Lyn, Sec 3A2

Date with Dad

A father is always so proud of his daughter 
A father open speech on his parental
love to his daughter
A father so filled with love for his daughter 
A total of 160 fathers and daughter turning up for Date with Dad High Tea 
Bonding game 
Bonding time 
Communication is the key to success Daughter's pledge to her father Dressing up her dad
Eye contacts are so important in bonding with family 
Father presenting the 'Worth the Wait'
Ring to his daughter
Father's Pledge to his daughter
Getting ready for the next activity Getting ready... Having lots of fun
High Tea started Hope you like my new mustache It looks like a challenging task ahead
It takes two pairs of hands to work together 
Let's take a selfie together 
Miss Cheryl Hoe is the Emcee for our
Date with Dad High Tea
More selfie taken Mustache and more mustache!! Mustache
Our Hospilatily team Our Hospitality girls setting up the tables Reading the instructions together
Rev Erick Tan and his daughter
presenting the theme song
Start of the bonding activities 
This game need some high level
of coordination

On 27 Feb 2016, PL's Fathers@School organised our school’s first Date with Dad High Tea. This was an exclusive event only for PLMGS, where our students and their fathers participated in fun activities and games. They were to engage in meaningful conversations which helped them to better understand one another.  

Our principal, Mrs Quek, started off the event with a welcome speech, followed by a thanksgiving prayer. Miss Cheryl Hoe, our school staff, was the Emcee of our event. There were touching moments where a few fathers came forwarded and shared openly about their parental love for their own daughters.  

Rev Erick Tan and his daughter presented the theme song which was specially written for our event. The highlight at the end of our program was the ring presentation, this was the moment when the fathers placed the ‘Worth the Wait’ Ring on their daugthers’ fingers. This was when a father set a good example as the first man in his daughter’s life.  

A total of 160 fathers and daugthers from PLMGS Secondary and Primary affirmed and appreciated one another at the event. 

Celebrating Lunar New Year with our International Students

A PSSG member sharing her joy to be at the dinner
Our International Students and their buddies, PSSG parents and school staff at each table
捞起 which is Cantonese for “tossing luck”
Wishing all 青春常驻 Eternal youth
年年有余 Abundance throughout the year
大吉大利 Good luck and smooth sailing
万事如意 May all your wishes be fulfilled
Savouring the Lo Hei before a scrumptious buffet dinner
A group photograph for the PL Family Album
A rare treat to play with sparklers in the school compound
Our School Leaders lighting up in unity
PSSG parents with our vice principals
A family that plays together stays together
Our PSSG parents with Mrs Quek
A handmade card of appreciation by the students to the PSSG parents

On 19 Feb 2016, the Parents-School Support Group (PSSG) organised a dinner for our international students and their buddies. The dinner was organised with the objective for our international students to experience the warmth and appreciate the tradition of a family get together during the CNY festive period. 20 international students and their buddies, 14 parents from PSSG and 14 school staff attended this event. 

Students' Reflections: 
“I feel the CNY dinner was really enjoyable and meaningful as I got to know other international students better during the dinner. My buddy and I really enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun interacting with the parents, school leaders and teachers. The most memorable moment was when we played sparklers in the parade square, I think that would be the only time that we can play sparklers in school. I feel very grateful to the PSSG for organizing this dinner for all of us.” 
From Meideline Santika, 4A1 

“I had fun eating Yu Sheng for the first time as well as fostering friendship and building stronger bonds with the international students. Playing with sparklers with my buddy was the most memorable moment in the event.” 
From T Gowri, 4A1

PL Cares

Please click here for the Press Release.

Graduands’ Thanksgiving Service 2016

The Worship Team
Principal's Address & Rev Tay's Message
Receiving Academic Awards & Souvenirs from the School
Testimonies by Nicole & Marielle
Reunion of the Class of 2015!
A heartwarming reunion!

After leaving the sheltering walls of PL for 2 months, the Graduands’ Thanksgiving Service 2016 finally took place on 26 February 2016. It was well attended by teachers and graduands of 2015. 

The theme for 2016 was “Light Goes On”. It was our hope that the light of our PL-Lites did not stop shinning after they have left PL. Framed with 3 ‘Cs’ of Character, Courage and Commitment, Rev Tay encouraged our graduants to continue to be the light whether they are in the JCs, polytechnics or other institutions which they have been posted to. 

The sharing by Nicole and Marielle from the class of 2015 highlighted the culture of care in the school. They recounted how the caring PL teachers who reach out to the students to help them in their journey in PL leading up to the O-Level and beyond and strong friendship bonds amongst friends and classmates to encourage and support one another through joys and challenges. 

Indeed, we know that God will continue to look after our girls beyond PL’s sheltering walls 

For the speeches made by Nicole (please click here ) and Marielle (please click here ). 

Students' Reflections: 
“It feels really nice to be back home, back with my PL family. Many people are hugging each other and greeting each other excitedly, a really heart-warming sight! The service brings back sweet memories- chapel worship, praising God together as a school. I am really thankful for the worship session that reminded me of God's love again and I really miss PL's Christian culture! Tonight's reunion and the opportunity to catch up with my friends and teachers is definitely a memorable experience.” 
From Dorcas Foo (4A2, Class of 2015) 

“We are happy to be given the opportunity to visit our ‘home’ again. It is a nostalgic experience as we can catch up with one another. Listening to the different people sharing, the Principal’s address, the message by Reverend Wendy Tay and the testimonies of my fellow schoolmates Nicole and Marielle, I feel inspired and I am positive about my future.” 
From Koh Wei Ling, Desiree Lim and Sharon Yap (4B1, Class of 2015) 

“It is great as we are back home to see our classmates again. I really miss my secondary school life here. I also remember what my teachers taught me, how to be a better person. Thanks PL for everything.” 
From Jeanelle Ee (4D1, Class of 2015)

2016 Chinese New Year Concert

The Guzheng Ensemble played 3 musical pieces to kick start the concert
Claudia Lai and Jazmine Kong performed Hebe Tien’s song “Xiao Xing Yun”
D’Arts Drama put up a hilarious skit “The Ingenious Chicken”
Can you tell that they are actually teachers and not students?
Mr Alfred Tan and Mr Lee Yen Chai led a group of teachers in singing “Unbelievable”
Chinese Language representatives offering Mandarin oranges to the teachers and staff

The Chinese New Year concert was held on 5 Feb 2016. This year’s concert featured performances by Guzheng Ensemble, D’Arts Drama and PL Dance. The highlights of the concert, however, were 2 special items put up by the teachers. The first special item was performed by PL teachers who are also alumni of the school. The students had a pleasant surprise when they saw their teachers put up a skit in their PL uniform. The second special item was a song medley performed by our male teachers. This item drew a lot of cheer and laughter from the audience, especially when Vice-Principal Mr Alfred Tan appeared on stage to lead the teachers in singing “Unbelievable”. The concert ended with Chinese Language representatives from the different classes offering Mandarin oranges to the teachers and staff as a gesture of respect. 

Students' Reflections: 
“This year, I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to be a part of PL's annual Chinese New Year Celebrations, as an emcee. I learnt that everyone has a part to play in this big PL family – each of us fulfilling different roles but coming together to create shared memories. We only forge bonds when we take a step out of our comfort zone. The time I spent bonding with my friends and teachers, being a part of your school will stay in my memories for a very long while.” 
From Kelia Lim, Sec 3A4

Excellent Service Award 2015

The Excellent Service Award (EXSA) is a national award conferred to individuals who have delivered outstanding service. The school congratulates the following staff for being awarded EXSA 2015: 

esxa_2015_grace.jpgMs Quek Grace (EXSA Star)
Mdm Poon Wan Han (EXSA Gold)
Mr Teo Alan (EXSA Silver)
esxa_2015_serene.jpgMs Seetoh Serene (EXSA Silver)
esxa_2015_ashikin.jpgMs Nurl Ashikin (EXSA Silver)
esxa_2015_wendy.jpgMs Khoo Wendy (EXSA Silver)
esxa_2015_mrsleo.jpgMrs Leo Sim Ping (EXSA Silver)
esxa_2015_richard.jpgMr Quek Richard (EXSA Silver)

For more details, please click here .

Sofia Limpo wins Kings College Experience Global Award 2016


We are so proud of our PL Alumnus - Miss Sofia Limpo (Head Prefect, Year of 2012) 

On 23 Jun 2016, Sofia will be receiving the Kings College Experience Global Award in London. 

The King’s Experience Global Award recognises engagement with other cultures, including volunteering, studying or working abroad; learning other languages; engaging with other cultures within the UK. It aims to develop and enhance knowledge and understanding of other cultures. The Award is for activities undertaken outside formal learning and is open to students of King’s College at all levels. 

Please click on this link to read Sofia’s experience. 

Sofia and her parents are grateful for the character-formation and strong sense of responsibility that she has built while attending PLMGS (Sec). They attributed her drive for excellence and more importantly, her spiritual anchor to the love and nurturing that she has received in our school. 

Let us celebrate with her!

An Unconventional Start


Mr Ng Eng Kee, Head of Department (Aesthetics), was interviewed by Schoolbag - The Education News Site. At the interview, he shared about the mentors who shaped his music journey, and his desire to nurture the younger generation. Please click here to read the full story.

PL Sec attains the Blaze Award in the National Arts Education Award

Receiving the National Arts Education Award from Ms Grace Fu, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth

The National Arts Education Award (NAEA) is a national arts award for Ministry of Education (MOE) schools. Conferred by NAC, the award affirms schools that develop holistic arts education for their students. 

In 2012, PL Sec attained the Blaze Award, the top category of NAEA. The Blaze Award is conferred to schools which have built a vibrant arts culture and advocate the arts. The Blaze awardees are also recognised for championing the arts and contributing to the community. 

In 2016, PL Sec becomes one of the few second time recipient of NAEA Blaze Awardees. This is a testimony of PL's effort in nurturing the PL-Lites into gracious women of fine character. 

Total Defence Day 2016

Demonstration on CPR
PL Lites attending the sharing on Total Defence in the Shaw Hall.
NE ambassadors sharing the Total Defence theme for 2016 - Together We Make Singapore Strong

PL commemorated Total Defence (TD) from 12 to 15 February 2016. This year's TD theme ‘Together We Keep Singapore Strong’ emphasizes how Singaporeans can, as one people, overcome the threats and challenges that Singapore may face in the future. 

During LiVE lesson, the school invited the Singapore Heart Foundation to share about first aid skills. Students observed a live demonstration on how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use the automated external defibrillator during a health emergency. Our National Education ambassadors, Melody Hee (4A4) and Tricia Ong (4B2) also shared about the recent terrorist threats in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore and the need for us to be vigilant at all times. 

As a school, we learnt that we all have a part to play in keeping Singapore safe. We can play our role by learning basic first aid so that we can save ourselves and our loved ones, help others and ensure that life goes on as normally as possible during a national emergency. 

Students' Reflections: 
Being involved in this project has taught me much and on a whole new level. I used to think that Total Defence involves only the grown-ups and those serving in the military, so I did not pay much attention to it but now I realise that every single one of us plays a big part in it no matter how small we think our role is. I have also learnt how to be more vigilant and observant through this and to not take our safety for granted. 
From Melody Hee (4A4) 

I think being involved in this Total Defence project has really increased my awareness as to how easily our way of life could be disrupted if we are not vigilant. I used to have a very passive "laid back" thinking that nothing will happen in a safe and secure environment like Singapore but this is not the case. I am now trying to be more aware of my surroundings and not take my safety for granted. 
From Tricia Ong (4B2)