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April 2016

38th International CB Paul Science Quiz

8 of our PL-Lites were presented with the following awards at the 38th International CB Paul Science Quiz.

Honourable Mention: Putri Pearl Koswara (3A1)
Kalyn Kor (3A1)
Yam Hui Jing (3A1)
Deborah Victoria Poon (3A1)
Lau Jing Xuan (3A1)
Janice Chen (3A1)
Tan Peng Ying (3A1)
Tan Hui Xian Eleyna (2.1)

PL’s Guitar Ensemble aces in the Victoria College Music examination

The school congratulates the PLMGS (Sec) Guitar Ensemble for achieving the highest score of 96/100 at the Victoria College Music Guitar Ensemble Examination 2016, held on 23 April 2016 at the RELC Auditorium.

Image Management, Grooming and Makeup Essentials

On Saturday (23 April) morning, Ms Connie Ang (class of 1992), a PL Alumni conducted a sharing session "Image Management, Grooming and Makeup Essentials". This session was specially organised for the group of PSSG parents who have registered their intention to volunteer to do make-up for PL's performing arts students involved in performances. Besides covering tips on the subject matter, Connie also gave tips on how to hygienically share make-up sets used on the students.  

Parents who wish to register as volunteers to do make-up can email plmgss.pssg@gmail.com

Our Designers in the Making

The school congratulates Sherry Koh Pan Yi and Amanda Woo Kai Yi for winning the ADAPTATION Award in the 2016 Design & Technology Awards. Their winning artefact will be displayed at The Marquee @ Science Centre Singapore on 1 Jun 2016. To God be the Glory! 

Students' Reflections: 
"During the process of making the artefact, I felt frustrated as we faced many problems. One of the challenges was the motor not being able to work properly and this was the crucial part of the artefact. I was afraid that we could not finish making the product. After many times of trying, we managed to overcome the problem. I was quite nervous during the interview due to the short time given for us to prepare. But I soon eased up as the words just came out naturally. I felt a sense if accomplishment when I heard the good news. We had put in a lot of effort and spent long hours in coming up with the idea and making the product. I feel proud and happy that our hard work had paid off." 
Amanda Woo, Sec 3A1 

"During the process of making the artefact, there were many frustrating moments but I felt a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction whenever we complete parts of the artefact. I felt that our artefact was not good enough when compared to the rest. However, we still did our best in trying to promote our product to the judges. I was thrilled and overjoyed as our hard work paid off in the end." 
Sheryl Koh, Sec 3A4

Outstanding Academic Performance at Nanyang Polytechnic

The school congratulates the following PL alumni for their outstanding performance in their studies at Nanyang Polytechnic. They will be conferred the following awards: 
  1. Waverly Lim Jia Hui (4E1, 2010) - Schwan-Stabilo Bronze Medal
  2. Tan Si Ning, Hazel (4A2, 2012) - Mapletree Silver Medal
  3. Phua Li Ann (4B1, 2012) - OCBC Award for Best Performance in the Internship Programme
  4. Eunice Tham Zhi En (4B1, 2012) - Q&M Dental Group (Singapore) Limited Silver Medal
  5. Tan Yen Ting, Lavine (4A3, 2012) - AstraZeneca Silver Medal

Celebrate the Champion Within – PL Sports Meet 2016 at Track 3:14

Alumni@Game challenges
Archer March In
Balance Balance Balance
Chew House with their banners
Cup stacking
Dodworth team
Forming the Pl 100 Insignia as one school
Hurdle challenge
Mrs Low presenting
Lee House the Championship trophy

Parents@Game challenges

On 1 April 2016, all PL Secondary students and the Primary 5 and 6 students from PL Primary came together for a special sports meet. The day started off with staff and students from both schools forming the PL100 insignia. As part of the opening ceremony, we witnessed the marching in of each House, led by the respective Housemasters/ Housemistresses and House captains as we revisited the history of each house. 

In the games challenge segment, we had 100 teams from the 4 houses competing in 25 different game challenges. Each team worked towards reaching targets set in the 1 minute game challenges such as cup stacking, shooting baskets, dribbling a ball and jumping over hurdles, just to name a few. 

The highlights of the sports meet were the cheer and dance competitions. Each house showcased interesting choreography which depicted their house themes and everyone gave it their all as they cheered for their house. The Lee House made a clean sweep of all titles given out including Games Champion, Cheer Champion and Overall Champion. While we celebrated the accomplishments of Lee House, we also wanted to celebrate the effort of every House member for their contributions to their respective House. 

As part of the PL100 celebrations, every staff and student who participated in the event received a “Champion” medal. Zaneta Low from Sec 4A3 reminded us of its significance: “Everyone wins at the end of the day cos we’re all champions in our own way.” 

“We feel that the Sports Day was a fun and memorable event. The games were interesting and attracted enthusiastic student participation. The PL100 medal given out to everyone was encouraging even though we did not win. The atmosphere during the dance/cheer competition was very intense and kudos to all for the hard work put into a superb performance from each house.” 
Archer and Dodsworth students, 3C1b 

“I am truly blessed to be given the opportunity to be part of this PL100 celebrations. Today I witnessed the spirit of PL family. The senior PL-Lites never failed to take care of the junior PL-Lites during the game challenges. They patiently advised their juniors how to bounce the ping pong balls into the cups and encouraged them to take part in the games. Thankful for the 100 years of blessings upon PL by our faithful God, I applaud the success of the school in bringing up young ladies with fine character. I am blessed to know my girls are in good hands.” 
Clare Peng (Mother of Sherlynn Yeo, 1.3) 

“I The multitude of games were immensely enjoyable and adrenalin driven, much to my contentment, as my fellow team mates and I ensure we do not miss playing a single sport. The student leaders were very composed and clear with their instructions, despite facing endless stream of eager students (and excited parent-participants). They were commendable for their patience and good work ethics, under apparent time pressure and having to keep orderliness. Thank you PLMGS, for inviting us parents to participate and experience the highlights of good Sportsmanship and Camaraderie! I will definitely look forward to next year's Sports Day event . ” 
Christina Chong (Parent of Nicolette Tan, 1.5) 

“ This is a whole new experience for me as I had never been involved in planning an event for the whole school. It was indeed exciting as this event was also part of the PL 100 Celebrations. I have learnt time management and public speaking skills through my involvement . ” 
Mandy Fong (3A2, Sports Day Committee)