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November 2015

National Pushcart Challenge 2015

Charmayne and Rachel promoting their  products to interested customers 
Team PL proudly posing with their trophy and award
The Best SG50 Product by PLMGSS
The judges looking visbly impressed as Cloris  described how the tissue box cover was made 

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Sec) participated in the finals of the National Pushcart Challenge held on 22 November 2015 in Republic Polytechnic. We are pleased to announce that PLMGS (Sec) clinched the Gold award and the Best SG 50 product award. The achievement was a culmination of the backbreaking effort and perseverance of Cloris Tan, Charmayne Chan, Rachel Lau, Chan Kai Ning and Lim En Gie (all from 3D1), who put in a lot of hard work since March to develop new products to be sold during the competition. Through this competition, our girls have demonstrated that they are good problem solvers and passionate citizens. 

Cambridge Dinner 2015

Mrs Quek sharing her story of her Cambridge Dinner
Our Special Guests at the Cambridge Dinner
Our Best Dressed Ladies for the night!
Our pretty Ms Cambridge hopefuls!
Starting the Cambridge dinner with a time of worship
Ms Cambridge and the runners up
Ms Cambridge 2015 - Felicia Pang, 4A4
A night to remember with our classmates and teachers!
Singing the school anthem with pride at the dinner

Ms Quek with Ms Cambridge and the runners up

PL’s annual Cambridge Dinner was held on 17 November 2015 in Carlton Hotel. The theme for this year's Cambridge Dinner was 'A Night to Remember' and indeed this night will not soon be forgotten. Decked out in their best, everyone really shone their brightest. Probably the highlight of the night was the Miss Cambridge pageant. Participants displayed their singing prowess and dancing flair and proved once again why PLMGSS is known for producing girls with immense talent. The night was a marvelous way to end what had been a month of stressful examinations. Indeed, it was a night that everyone just let their hair down and had a wonderful time of fellowship... and of course, the photographs of the night will be cherished forever. 

Students' Reflection: 
“This event has been very meaningful and enriching as we were given the opportunity to bond with our peers and look back at the experiences and memories we shared as a cohort. I will definitely remember this special dinner and I am proud to be a PL lite. Once a PL-Lite always a PL-Lite. PL will always be my beloved alma mater even as I leave the sheltering walls of my school.” - Amanda Chia (4A1) 

“Cambridge Dinner was an evening full of surprises for me. Watching all my fellow PL-Lites return in our extremely colourful hair, and just being able to be in the company of my friends again was great. The whole atmosphere of the room was lively throughout the night, and the contestants for Miss Cambridge were outstanding and awesome with their performances. Their answers for the questions were very interesting too! Not forgetting the food, it was simply delicious and left me wanting for more! It was great to be able to be back in the company of my school and teachers and just feeling like a PL lite once more before the night ended.” - Claire Oh (4B1) 

“I feel very privileged to be here especially since not many schools in Singapore organise such an event. I also feel touched that the teachers took time off to be here with us. It was a truly memorable reunion after not seeing my batch for so long. I missed them having being accustomed to seeing them every day in the past.” - Phylicia Loh (4C1b) 

“I feel very excited and incredibly blessed being able to come to this Cambridge Dinner. I loved seeing so many familiar faces and teachers I have missed so greatly over the holidays. The food served was tasty too!” - Jorie Sim (4C1b) 

“This event was a memorable experience not only for me but also for my friends. It was memorable because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am sure I’ll never forget this experience. We also got to know each other’s talent, especially the Miss Cambridge contestants.” - Saraniya d/o Panichelvam (4D1)

Zody's artwork displayed at the Affordable Art Fair

An artwork created by our PL-Lite, Zody Tan (Sec 2-6), was exhibited at the Affordable Art Fair held at F1 Pit Building from 12 to 15 November 2015. The title of her artwork was Mother Theresa.;