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Day 1 (18 May) 22:02pm - The journey from Singapore was smooth. God granted us His favour. We were in the bus when it rained. The rain stopped during pit stops and when we reached our destination at Wesley Methodist Church, Klang. After dinner, the different groups continued with their preparation and reflection. We are now fully ready to start our work tomorrow.
Day 2 (19 May)
7:38am - During morning devotion we were reminded to have a spirit of humility when we serve other. 

22:48pm - We started our programme at El Shaddai Learning Centre with the P2-P5 students today. The PL girls taught English and the HEART values to the students and played games and interacted with them. There was a cultural sharing about the Chin tribe from a Myanmar teacher, and abt the Rohingyas and Pakistanis from 2 students. Our girls shared about Singapore as well through games and food. 

M1: Due to signs of bad weather in the afternoon, the girls did not get to do gardening. Instead they started on the magazine weaving fundraising project for ELC. They managed to complete many of the sticks needed for the magazine woven baskets. 

M2: The girls went to the YWCA centre for Down syndrome ladies and it was a meaningful experience. Through activities, they learned more about Down syndrome and were touched by some of the stories of the ladies there. 

Day 3 (20 May) 23:22pm - M1 and M2 continued their HEART values programme with the ELC children today. Both teams also tried their hand at some gardening work. M1 had a meaningful interaction with YWCA ladies. Both teams are working hard to ensure a good closure in their last day of service tomorrow.
Day 4 (21 May) 00:42am - M1 and M2 played sports and games with ELC children. Prizes were presented to the students. Both teams bid farewell to the students after the sports carnival and went to present the packed donated provisions to the needy family in the community. Both teams then proceeded to eat a celebratory dinner.
Day 5 (22 May) 16:57pm - We are back on school.

Day 1 Gallery

Mrs Quek praying for the OFIS  Team Malaysia before the students  begin their journey 
Group photo before dinner

Day 2 Gallery 

Values programmes were filled with lots of fun learning activities facilitated by our girls
Cultural programme was filled with lots of exciting local games, nice food and colourful costumes
The Principal of Ed Shaddai Refuge  Training Centre introduced us to the staff  and students. The students are from  Mynamar, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. 
Very quickly our girls started working with  the residents of YWCA Pusat Kasih Sayang
Mrs Olive Sia, the founder of YWCA Pusat  Kasih Sayang briefing our girls on their  ministry to mentally handicap ladies 
Committing ourselves and 
this day’s work to God
Our girls put aside their planned activities  and joined the residents of YWCA   Pusat Kasih Sayang in their work  of packing straws
Nice lunch break with yummy chicken
OFIS Malaysia girls learning about  the Myanmar Chin tribe from  one of the teachers
M1 team interacting and having  fun playing simple games  Pri 2 and Pri 3 students 
Making friends with Ah Choo 
Our girls requested for this picture to be  on the school’s website because they  had a very meaningful time working  and making friends 
After the fun activities and a dance item by  residents of YWCA Pusat Kasih Sayang  everyone asked for a group photo  for memories 
Our girls finished their spaghetti this evening, so we ordered more to see what  an appetite they still had 

Day 3 Gallery

During Day 3 devotion we affirmed the need to stay as one body, respecting all members and working together to achieve the common goal of serving all we will meet today
Breaking fast with porridge and serving one  another cheerfully brought smiles to all 
The attention and enthusiasm of the  El Shaddai Refuge Training Centre  students encouraged our girls to push on
Through games, skit and other exciting activities our girls taught English  and values to the students at El Shaddai Refuge Training Centre 

A group photo after an interesting skit  performance by the El Shaddai  Refuge Training Centre students 
Our girls learning basket weaving using pages from magazine. This is part of El Shaddai Refuge Training Centre’s fundraising effort.
Clearing the vegetable plot for growing new vegetables  at El Shaddai Refuge Training Centre 

Celebration after weeds were cleared 

Group photo of M2 after a job well done  at the vegetable garden 
Group M2 end-of-job celebration with 100 Plus 
M1 playing badminton with the children 

ELC boy saying grace for lunch 

M1 making colourful boxholders with 
YWCA Pusat Kasih Sayang ladies 

Day 4 Gallery 

Our students and staff briefed 180 El Shaddai Refuge Training Centre stduents on the sports carnival
The sports carnival commenced with great enthusiasm
The sports carnival commenced 
with great enthusiasm 
Cheering the competitors on 
The sports carnival commenced with great enthusiasm
Completing our work at El Shaddai Refuge  raining Centre and saying good bye 
Thanking the Principal of El Shaddai  Refuge Training Centre for giving our   girls an opportunity to serve and learn   at their school 
Our girls saying good bye to their friends
Our visit to Mdm Umi’s home 
Visiting homes of needy families our  girls shared provisions with 
Girls receiving their momento to remember  this special learning experience 
All smiles having our celebration dinner. Being thankful for what we have
Day 5 Gallery

With God’s help and the encouragement of  one another we completed our mission!  Everyone is fine. After our devotion and  area cleaning we are on our way home