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March 2015

Our teachers go on an Overseas Learning Journey in Houston, USA

Four teachers from PL attended the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Annual Conference held in Houston, Texas from 16 March, Monday to 27 March, Friday. The theme of the conference was Challenging Convention - Leading Disruptive Innovations. In an era of unprecedented change, educators need sustained professional development to challenge with disruptive innovations and support the success of each learner and it was with these objectives that the conference was carried out. 

Throughout the two day pre-conference institutes and three-day conference, the teachers met educators from various countries, grades and levels and connected with like-minded individuals in order to learn, share and grow in their practice. They attended sessions on a variety of topics related to educational technology curriculum and assessments. 

They also paid a visit to Carnegie Vanguard High School (6 th nationwide in the National High School Rankings by US News & World Report) and St John's School (13 th on Niche’s 2015 rankings for private schools nationwide) and were given a chance to observe lessons in the area of English, Math, Science and Physical Education and had a chance to interact with the members of the administration and teachers while they were there in order to find out more about good practices. 

Through the rich learning gained from the visits in relation to the education system, teacher training and development, the team could better relate to and appreciate the sharing by the speakers and presenters at the conference. As part of their learning journey, they made trips to the Johnson Space Centre, Galveston (a nearby coastal city) and Downtown Aquarium. 

It was a truly enriching experience and this has helped to broaden the teachers' perspectives. The teachers would like to thank the school and its staff for the opportunity given. 

NUS Geography Challenge 2015

In March 2015, our PL Geography students competed in the NUS Geography Challenge 2015. In the preliminary rounds, the students worked hard at the quizes, and Hannah Quek of Sec 3A1 was awarded a Certificate of Achievement (Silver Award) for her achievement in the individual quiz. We are proud of our team. To God be the glory! 

Student's Reflections: 
“It was an eye-opener to compete in this competition. It has helped me see the link between what we learnt in the Geography classroom and what is in the real world. 
From PL NUS Geography Team 2015

Twinning Trip to Korea


From 16 to 21 March 2015, 14 students and 2 teachers will be going to Kyung Hee Girls' High School for a cultural visit, school immersion and 2-day homestay. 

This is part of PL's Global Classroom Programme which aims to provide our students with the opportunity to interact with people from different parts of the world so that they will be more culturally savvy and attuned to the fast-changing global environment. This trip will also allow the students to immerse in the classroom environment and culture of the host country. 

Highlights of the trip include Wall of Hope, Changdeokgung Palace, Presidential Blue House, Bukchon Hanok Village, Kimichi Making, Nanta Show, DMZ Panmunjeom. 

Day 1 (16 March 2015) 
3.02pm - We have safely reached Korea.
Day 2 (17 March 2015)
6.56am - Yesterday we went to the Cheongyecheon Stream that runs 5.9km through 
downtown Seoul, with 22 bridges. Along the stream was Wall of Hope, with 20 000 tiles put  up, drawn by residents expressing love for family, best wishes for growth of country and  hope for reunification. 

11.59pm - We visited the Changdeogung Palace where we received an in depth lesson on  the history of the country from being part of the Kingdom to the modernity it enjoys today.  We also visited the Bukchon Hanok Village and go to see first hand how Koreans used to  live. A visit to a Hanok Village would be complete without the opportunity to try on a Hanbok  and participate in a traditional tea ceremony. We ended the day by trying our hands at  making our very own kimchi. 
Day 3 (18 March 2015)
10.30pm - Today, the girls went through one of the most historical learning journey - they saw  for themselves the Military Demarkation Line (MDL) that divides North and South Korea.  The girls went through the 3rd Infiltration Tunnel that was evidently designed for a surprise  attack on Seoul and crossed the DML into North Korea during the Punmunjeom Tour. The  girls have learnt much, realising that they cannot take granted peace in Singapore. Because  of selfish ambitions of people, a country was torn apart, countless lives were lost and families separated. The night end on a light-hearted note with Nanta Show. It has been described as  a non-verbal humour that cuts across all ages language barriers, cooking utensils are  transformed into musical instruments. 
Day 4 (19 March 2015)
8.53pm - All our students had an exciting day today as they were finally given the opportunity  to meet their Korean buddies. Friendships had been forged and the time had come to meet up in person. The day started with a warm welcome from the Principal followed by a display of the students' dancing abilities. We were entertained by both traditional Korean dance and a  modern K-pop dance. We were then given a grand tour of the campus by the Principal  himself. The facilities included a 5,000-seater concert hall. Our girls attended classes with  their Korean buddies and all of us ate in the school's cafeteria just like all the others. The  school day ended with us trying our hands making kimbap. After some initial unsuccessful  attempts, we managed to enjoy the taste of our labour. 
Day 5 (20 March 2015)
11.45pm - Our 2nd day at Kyung Hee Girls' High School started literally with a bang as we  were given a music lesson where we learnt how to play the traditional Korean drum called  the Janggu and learnt a traditional folk song, Arirang. The afternoon saw our two schools  signing the Memorandum of Understanding which officially marked the start of our 3 year  Twinning Programme. Later that afternoon, we were given a campus tour and talk on  university education. We showed off our sporting abilities with a little game of volleyball with  our buddies. We have to say, we didn't do too badly. After expending all that energy, we were  glad to try cooking Tteokbokki (hot rice cake). We had the winning dish for the afternoon.  This marked the end of our school day and the start of our last evening with our host families.
Day 6 (21 March 2015) 10.26am - We are on way to the airport now.


St John Brigade Zonal Competition

On 21 March 2015, PL St John Brigade sent 3 teams comprising 5 cadets each to compete in the annual Zonal First Aid and Home Nursing Competition. The objective of this competition was to test the readiness and proficiency of the cadets in first aid, home nursing and foot drill. 

Nursing Cadet (NC) Category
Nursing Adult (NA) Category
Elizabeth Chew (2.4)
Derlyn Ng (3A3)
Delia Goh (3A1)
Evangeline Loh (2.2)
Yao Min Yi (3A2)
Teo Yu Ning (3A3)
Sarah Jane Lee (2.7)
Nandini D/O Mokan (3B2)
Shermaine Lim (3A2)
Krisha Leigh Chua (2.7)
Shahana Daniel (3B1)
M Darshini Devi (3A1)
Joey Ng (2.4)
Gwendalyn Toh (3A4)
Lee Ke Wei (3B2)

For the cadet category, Team NC4 emerged 2 nd runner up and was also awarded with Best in CPR and Best in First Aid.

For the adult category, Team NA3 has emerged 4th and was also awarded with Best in CPR and Best in First Aid. Meanwhile, Team NA1 has emerged overall champion and will be representing our zone in the National competition to be held in July.

67th National School Individuals Chess Championship

On 17 and 18 March 2015, the PL Chess Club participated in the annual 67 th National Schools Individuals Chess Championships. Our girls fought hard and managed to clinch several awards as follows: 

C Division Girls category 
Teng Shi Ying Rebecca, Sec 2.5 – Zonal 2 nd 
Chong Ning Shiuan, Audrey, Sec 2.3 – Zonal 3 rd 
Koh Poh Li, Sec 2.5 – Zonal Merit 

B Division Girls category 
Tang Yan Jun, Antoinette, Sec 3A1, Zonal Merit 
Mazel Ong, Sec 4B2, Zonal Merit 
Chiang Chyi, Shea, Sec 4B2, Zonal Merit 
Gayathri Elangovan, Sec 3A1, Zonal 3 rd 
Tan Peisi, Sec 4A3, Zonal 2 nd and National Merit (Top 20) 

Anastasia Patricks, Sec 4A1, Champion in the Zonal and National Girls in the B Division Girls category. She also took home a Challenger’s Trophy. 

Students' Reflections: 
“I felt privileged to be able to take part in this competition and this would be my final opportunity before I stepped down. To me, what matters most is not about winning or losing, but the experience of being able to play against different opponents from other schools. In addition, we were able to forge new friendships with our opponents. It was a really great experience and I've enjoyed the competition.” 
from Jessie Koh, Sec 4A2 

“It was a privilege to take part in the chess competition. It was a meaningful event for me as I have learnt a lot of new skills from my opponents. I have also learnt what sportsmanship is. Despite losing several rounds, I have learnt where my weaknesses are and how to improve on my skills.” 
from Teng Shi Ying Rebecca, Sec 2.5

Innovation, Design & Engineering (IDE) Challenge 2015

Group photo of IDE 2015 Challenge team
IDE 2015 Teams waiting for annoucement of results
Tan Jia Min and Zaneta Low - IDE Engineering Award winners 2015
Ching Ling, Chun Hui and Crystal
Deborah, Ling Yin and Esther
Joan, Julia and Priya
Priya getting ready to set model car off
Students working on their IDE assignment
Students taking a break from their IDE tasks

The Innovation, Design and Engineering (IDE) Challenge, which took place on 20 March 2015, was a hands-on competition with one or more engineering challenges. Participating teams were required to work on their designs and solutions. On the actual day of competition, teams needed to create the most effective design under limited time using the materials provided to them. 

We are proud to announce that one of the teams representing PLMGS (Sec) clinched the IDE Engineering Award for 2015. The members comprised Zaneta Low and Tan Jia Min, both from Sec 2.3. 

Students' Reflections: 
“ I feel that this competition was absolutely fun and brain-triggering. In our normal lessons, we sit down, take notes and sometimes have group work, but in this competition, my team and I really pushed our brain to try to win something. Overall, this competition was fun, and was made even more so with my awesome team-mates. Thank you for giving us this opportunity.” 
from Wee Chun Hui, Sec 2.2 

“The IDE Challenge 2015 was a wonderful learning experience. It certainly got us wrecking our brains, trying to think of a way around each challenge considering the impossibly little resources given for the construction of all three contraptions. IDE was definitely something different from any other typical competition, and I am glad I had the opportunity to participate in such an event.” 
from Tan Jia Min, Sec 2.3 

“To be honest, when the team leaders asked me to join them, I wasn’t sure what they saw in me. I was a little shocked. Through research and all the team meetings, I became more confident about the competition. When we went into the competition with zero expectations, although we covered quite a lot of content in research. The competition was intense but overall I enjoyed the entire process of planning and making the objects. Although some artefacts may not have turned out as well as expected, I guess it was the journey that counts. I enjoyed myself throughout the entire process” 
from Ling Yin, Sec 2.2 

“Being part of this competition has taught me how to think on my feet. After completing my bridge, I realized that it could not hold heavy weights as well as expected. Therefore, I had to quickly plan and build a second one. Despite having their own tasks, my team mates stood by me and helped me by contributing ideas.” 
from Crystal Cheong, Sec 2.2 

“I am really glad that I was able to participate in the IDE Championship 2015. The tasks that we were supposed to perform were really challenging and thought-provoking. The task that we found most challenging was building the rubber band powered car and the easiest one was building the bridge. I am really happy that my team members did their part and we all managed to put our strengths to use. Other than learning more about Innovation, Design and Engineering, I am glad that I learnt values like adaptability more in depth through the limit of materials and time provided.” 
from Julia, Sec 2.3 

“The IDE challenge was an interesting and fun competition. In the competition, we were given limited materials to satisfy three challenges: to build a strong bridge, an efficient rubber band powered car and a structure to protect 10 eggs when dropped from a height of three floors. We were able to learn a lot through trial and error and also able to have fun in the process. It was very eventful and I would definitely like to participate again if I were given another chance.” 
from Esther Chew, Sec 2.2

Setting the Record Straight

Greater things are in store for Ms Eliza Ng with the help and guidance of Assoc Prof Govindasamy Balasekaran 
Ms Eliza Ng (left) and Associate Professor Govindasamy Balasekaran (right) 

Our alumna, Ms Eliza Ng (Class of 2005) was festured in the NIE News (March 2015). Please click here for the article.

National Inter-School East Zone Netball Championships 2015

Captain of the team, Hui Zhen receiving the team’s trophy
PL B Division with coach, Ms Neo and teacher-in-charge Ms Ng
PL B Division with their trophy

We are pleased to announce that the PL B Division Netball Team clinched the third prize in the Finals of the National Inter-School East Zone Netball Championships 2015. The team played very well, demonstrating excellent teamwork and strategy throughout the season. 

The team members were as follows:
Choo Hui Zhen (Captain)
Chen Tingyu Chloe (Vice-Captain)
Wu Yen Ting Emily (Vice-Captain)
Ong Hui En Desiree
Claire Oh Qing Yee
Lim Pei Zhen
Haamulu D/O Dayanithy
Priscilla Pearly Tan
Elicia Ang Jia Hui
Isabelle Chua Xin-Rei
Lee Yi Zhen Christy
Tan Yee Cheng

Students' Reflections:

“This season wasn't a smooth and easy journey. As a team, we went through many challenges, facing strong opponent on court and teammate getting injured during the process. However, all these made my team became stronger together. We also went through joyful and sad time together as one team which allow us to learn to feel and understand each other. I'm really thankful to be given this chance to participate in the competition as it allowed me to learn how to lead my team better and what teamwork really meant. Netball is indeed a team sport and everyone plays an important part whether we win or lose. Lastly, we want to thank our teacher and coaches for encouraging us throughout this whole zonal competition.” 
Choo Hui Zhen, Captain of the PL B Division Netball Team 

“This season helped us to become a better and stronger team, physically and mentally. We faced many challenges playing with strong schools but we overcame it together as a team. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be able to play in the zonal competition and to move on to the national round. Our hard work and perseverance has paid off. We would also like to thank our coaches and teachers-in-charge for their constant support and guidance. We will continue to strive harder for national round.” 
Wu Yen Ting Emily, Vice-Captain of the PL B Division Netball Team 

“We started off this season with a common goal which was to attain the Top 4 position in the East Zone and we did! Through this season, we bonded a lot more through team talks, encouraging one another on court, playing and adjusting according to our own team mates. All these strengthened us as a team. It was a tough time playing with schools that we thought were stronger than us but we went on court putting our fears aside, giving our best while letting God do the rest. It certainly was a good opportunity getting to the finals. I remembered two years ago when we were brought to the same stadium to watch other schools play in the finals but this year, our hard work and strong determination have allowed us to be the ones playing on that court where there were many supporters. I am really thankful to our coaches Ms Neo and Ms May, our teachers in charge, Ms Ng Yu Fang, Ms Eunice Ho, and Ms Grace Quek for their constant guidance and support. Now we will be proceeding to the national round to play against more schools. Our opponents will get tougher but so will we and whether win or lose, we'll always praise the Lord! 
Chen Tingyu Chloe, Vice-Captain of the PL B Division Netball Team

Heart Work Conquers All!

Champion House 2015- ARCHER!
Cheering for their friends
Competitors waiting for their race to start
Dodsworth cheerleaders
Running for their house

Our 40 th Annual Athletic Meet 2015 was held together with PLMGS (Pri) on the 12 March (Thursday) at the Yio Chu Kang Stadium. The theme of this year’s Sports Day was “Heart Work Conquers All”, placing emphasis on learning lessons from our pioneer generation who understood the importance of and treasure good values, values similar to our school’s H.E.A.R.T. values. Mr Kim Joon Kee, a pioneer coach of PL graced the event as our Guest-of-Honour. 

It was a day of fun and excitement as the students participated in various track events and cheered their friends on! 

Students' Reflections: 
“I have learnt that in any race or competition, team work is very important. If there is no teamwork, competitors will end up fighting. I saw competitors displaying the school values as they ran and I felt so happy.” 
From Victoria Tan, Primary 5 Humility 

“I saw everyone cheering for their houses. We also supported our friends and they did well. People in my house have sportsmanship and they always cheer for their friends from other houses too. I shouted as loud as I could and I had so much fun.” 
From Janine Lim, Primary 6 Joy 

“This Sports Day has given me many beautiful memories. The enthusiasm of each and every single PL-Lite at the stadium was overwhelming. Despite the fact that we are from different houses, we still cheered for one another. I was grateful that I did not see any houses jeering at each other and at the end when Archer was announced to be the winning house, we still stood united as one.” 
From Yuki Puah, Sec 1.4 

“During Sports Day, I was able to experience sportsmanship and unity between the houses. Through this, I managed to bond with my housemates and we enjoyed ourselves fully. Indeed if we win or lose, we do not work for man but for the Lord as He deserves the greatest honour.” 
From Jaimie Teo Hui Ting, Sec 2.4 

“Joining the Sports Day Committee has help me learn how to organize events and have better time management. It has taught me many lessons and allowed me to forge new friendships. It was definitely a great experience. “ 
From Chan Wen Ning, Sec 3A2 

“Taking part in sports day as a dance IC, I had so much fun dancing and teaching the cheerleaders. Even though the process of preparing for sports day was exhausting and we faced many obstacles, watching everyone come together as one, helping and encouraging one another spurred me on to want to do better for the house. This Sports Day is one to remember and if given another chance to be Dance In-charge again, I would not hesitate to say yes!” 
From Nicole Ong, Sec 4B2

PL Badminton clinches 3rd for both B and C Divisions

B DIV 2015
C DIV 2015

The PL Badminton has been training every hard, with 3 trainings every week during the holidays and school term. Their efforts paid off this season. During the East Zone Inter-School Badminton Championship 2015, they fought hard and managed to win schools like Dunman High, Chung Cheng Main and Cedar Girls School. PL Badminton Team walked away with the 3 rd position for both divisions. They will continue to strive to glorify the Lord during the nationals. 

Students' Reflections: 
I think we had fought hard and done well this season. Our main weakness is that we are not confident in ourselves at times. That was why we made a lot of mistakes during competitions and did not fight as hard as we could have. During the nationals, it is not going to be easy, however, our aim is to face our opponent with good sportsmanship and perseverance. We are going to fight until the last point and not going to give up 
By Rudora Goh, Sec 4A3, Captain of the B division Badminton team

Secondary 4 Malacca OFIS / OLJ 2015

4A1 girls brightening up a home with flowers
4D1 girls bringing some cheer to the elderly
Approaching friendly tourists
Interacting with tourists along Jonker Street
Our girls learning about Peranakan culture
Our group photo

222 Secondary Four students and 23 accompanying teachers went to Malacca, Malaysia for a Faithful-in-Service Programme cum Learning Journey on 6 and 7 March. During the two days, they spent a meaningful time engaging in Geography Fieldwork along Jonker Street, Jalan Tukang Emas and Jalan Kota and also blessed the communities by interacting with them and carrying out activities at Ailin Retirement Home, Beringin Park, the Salvation Army, Rumah Kasih Sayang Angel Charity Home and Lembaga Pengurusan & Kebajikan Anak Yatim Miskin (PAYASUM) as part of their Overseas Faithful-in-Service Project. The students enjoyed themselves thoroughly on this trip as it allowed them to spend some time working for a good cause and they also got to build up esprit de corps in the course of helping others. It is certainly a memorable experience for the graduating batch of 2015. 

Students' Reflections: 
The Malacca trip was an enriching and unforgettable trip for me. We got to bond together not just as a class, but also as a cohort. Despite the hot weather we experienced in Malacca, together with the various time constraints, we still managed to complete our OFIS project and Geography Fieldwork. I have learnt to appreciate and treasure what I have and I am thankful to the school for giving us this opportunity. 
By Ada Koh, Sec 4A4 

I felt that the Malacca trip was very enriching as we got to do many new and interesting things such as our OFIS project at Beringin Park and Geography Fieldwork along Jalan Tukang Emas. It was a nice change of scenery and the trip was my first time away from my family. It was fun spending time with my friends and I wished we had a chance to embark on more trips like these as it was truly an eye opener for me. 
By Ashley Lim, Sec 4B2

PL’s Student Photographers featured in Canon EOS Academy Magazine

Photo by Janelle Koh 4A3
Photo by Glenda Tay 3A3
Photo by Magdalene Tan 4B1
Photo by Syaza Nisrina 4A3 Photo by Magdalene Tan 4B1 Photo by Claudia Ong 3B1

Photo by Claudia Ong 3B1

The school congratulates the following students whose photos are featured by Canon EOS Academy magazine:
  • Janelle Koh, Sec 4A3
  • Syaza Nisrina, Sec 4A3
  • Magdalene Tan, Sec 4B1
  • Glenda Tay, Sec 3A3
  • Claudia Ong, Sec 3B1

The magazine seeks to recognise students who have done well in the art of photography among the educational institutions in Singapore, including junior colleges, polytechnics and universities. 

Students' Reflections: 
I feel honoured to have my photograph featured in the Canon EOS Academy magazine. I get to experiment with different photography genres and with the help of the magazine, I get to know which style of photography I am best at. I learn more about the styles of other photographers and what I can do to refine my photos. I am glad that the Canon EOS Academy magazine has this platform that allows students to be recognised for their works. The platform encourages me to produce better quality photos, so that I can continue to share my works with budding photographers and to learn from them. 
Syaza Nisrina, Sec 4A3, President of PL Photography Club 

I feel that the Canon EOS Academy magazine is a great platform for photographers to learn from one another. We learnt to get the techniques right and master the skills for a specific genre of photography. It also gives the photographers the recognition they deserve for the effort they put into taking each photo. I have learnt a lot from different photographers from other schools and I am also very inspired to continue sharing my photos with others. It is indeed an honour to have my photo published in a renowned magazine. 
Janelle Koh, Sec 4A3, Vice President of PL Photography Club

Serving the community with HEART

A student server putting together the condiments of the lo hei
Elderly guests and teachers reveling in the festive mood
Teachers performing on a stage adorned with decorations handmade by PL-lites

Honouring the Lord with an Excellence mindset and is Adaptable, Respects (and is respected), and is always Thankful’. What better way to exhibit the new HEART values of PLMGSS than to have staff and students working together to host over 100 elderly guests from the community to celebrate Lunar New Year? 

This edition of PL’s annual CNY Outreach Lunch saw invited guests from the Society for the Aged Sick, the National Kidney Foundation and the Serangoon and Hougang branches of St Luke’s Eldercare enjoying an afternoon of food, fellowship and fun. Tucking into an 8-course lunch served by graduating students, the elderly enjoyed an afternoon of song and dance performances put up by our multi-talented staff of PLMGSS! 

The celebratory event rounded off in heartwarming fashion as our Principal, Mrs Quek Li Gek and the Guest of Honour, Pastor Lynette Sathiasingam visited each of the 20 tables, shaking the hands of and blessing the elderly with a goodie bag, a pair of Mandarin oranges and an ‘angpow’. 

Great has the Lord been throughout our 99-year history! We look forward to sharing his blessings with the community again in 2016 as we celebrate our centenary!