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June 2015

Family Champions Awards Ceremony 2015
Receiving the certificates from Mr Jason Wong, Chairman of Focus on the Family
Group photo with the parents and mentors
Group photo with participating schools

Family Champions is a student-centric initiative that promotes the holistic message of Family, raising champions for Singapore’s family values. Students spearhead their own family service projects targeted at strengthening families within their own community. 

Eight girls from Sec 3D1 participated in Family Champions organized by the Focus on the Family. The girls took part in a camp in November 2014 to learn the importance of family. They then planned a project to promote bonding within families, with the help of their Famchamp mentors. On 16 May 2015, they carried out some fun activities to be played by every parent-child pair who signed up for a cooking workshop held at Dignity Kitchen, organized by the Parents School Support Group. The parents and children enjoyed themselves as they cooperated with each other to complete the activities. 

At the Awards Ceremony on 27 June 2015 held at Anglo-Chinese School (Barker), the girls were recognized for their efforts as their project was one of the five projects highlighted to the audience present. Cloris Tan was also one of the five students from the participating schools to receive the Best Famchamp Award (Individual). Indeed, all glory to God. 

Students' Reflections: 
“Famchamp was fun, especially the camp. It has taught me why family is important.” 
Rachel Ho, 3D1 

“I have learnt that family bonding is very important because through different bonding sessions, the families can understand and communicate with each other better.” 
Livia Neo, 3D1 

“I think this Famchamp programme is helpful because my parents learn to trust and have faith in me. And for myself, I learnt that families are very precious and I cannot get the same love outside. So we must learn to appreciate and treasure them.” 
Laveenya Shree Ravee, 3D1

PL clinches 7 awards in iDigix 3D-Tronics Robotics Programming and Design 2015

Group photo of PLMGSS participants in the iDigix 3D-Tronics Challenge 2015
Group photo of PLMGSS and RGS students GOH Assoc. Prof. Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim - Minister for Communication and information looking at PLMGSS students' design
Nicole Ann and Mavis - 1st in 3D Robotics Design, Champion and Most Popular Award for 3D Printing Category Berdine and Agape - 1st runner-up for 3D Robotics Design Category
Lee Wen and Andrea - 1st runner-up and Most Popular Award for 3D Robotics Programming
Erica and Jie Lyn - 2nd runner-up for 3D Robotics Programming Category Nicole Ann and Mavis - Nicole Ann and Mavis – Multi-Purpose Defence Centre
Berdine and Agape - The Moving Bomb Shelter

Lee Wen and Andrea - Team Robotto Jielyn and Erica - Kristie the Crab

The iDigix 3D-Tronics Challenge 2015 is a competition that uses the latest science and technological developments such as robotics and 3D printing to provide opportunities for students to learn beyond their classrooms in a fun and enjoyable way. This competition encourages students to think out of the box, develop problem solving and applied learning skills. It also allows team spirit among participation and learn through meaningful experiences. 

Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Sec) was represented by 4 teams of Sec 2 students who managed to clinch a total of 7 awards for the event on 27 and 28 Jun 2015. The awards are as follows:
  1. 1st position for 3D Robotics Design Senior Category – Nicole Ann Cheok and Mavis Pek of Sec 2.4
  2. 1st runner-up for 3D Robotics Design Senior Category – Berdine Yeo and Agape Chan of Sec 2.6
  3. 1st runner-up for 3D Robotics Programming Senior Category – Lee Wen and Andrea Seng of Sec 2.4,
  4. 2nd runner-up for 3D Robotics Programming Senior Category – Woo Jie Lyn and Erica Wee of Sec 2.1
  5. Champion Team for 3D Printing All Category - Nicole Ann Cheok and Mavis Pek of Sec 2.4
  6. Most Popular Award for 3D Robotics Programming Senior Category – Lee Wen and Andrea Seng of 2.4
  7. Most Popular Award for 3D Printing Category - Nicole Ann Cheok and Mavis Pek of Sec 2.4

Students' Reflections: 
“ This competition has benefitted a lot. I learnt how to work together with other teammates. Along the way, we encouraged one another and helped each other when we were in need. We also supported one another, especially on the day of the finals. I learnt that when we face difficulties and challenges, we must never give up but persevere all the way. Overall, Ii feel that this was a great experience” 
Nicole Ann Cheok, 2.4 

“Through this 3D Robotics Design competition, I have learnt how to use Google sketchup 8 to design and build an object such as a house. Through the idea development process and interaction with the public, I have managed to improve my design” 
Berdine Yeo, 2.6 

“I joined this competition because i had always thought that building robots was a really interesting thing to do and I felt that this was my opportunity to learn more about programming and robots. When Mr Indra asked me to join this competition, I have no second thoughts. It was pretty tough in the beginning but when my partner and I got the hang of it, we managed to do the programming with ease. This competition was a really good learning experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything else. It was also great to make new friends from other schools at the competition. I hope that I will get to have another opportunity to do something like this again in the future.” 
Andrea Seng, 2.4 

“This competition was one of the best things that happened to me during the holidays even though I was busy with other things and had to squeeze the competition in. This competition had a mix of enjoyment and brain exercise. Figuring out and solving each problem we came across and embracing the possibilities of other problems were our biggest challenge. When we had to compete against other schools, we were so happy to even get into the second round yet alone top three. We had such a fun time participating in this competition. We hope to participate in the same event if given the opportunity again.” 
Woo Jie Lyn, 2.1 

“I feel that i had benefited from this competition as i learnt many new skills and it definitely was an experience for me. It was a whole new experience for me as i was unfamiliar with 3d drawing and printing and have never tried them before. In the process of building up my team's design, we faced quite a few challenges but we managed to overcome it with the help of our teacher-in-charged and completed our design. Overall, I feel that this competition was an enjoyable and memorable one.” 
Mavis Pek, 2.4 

“After taking part in this robotics competition, I feel like it has been an eye-opener for me as I have no knowledge of robotics programming prior to this. We went through many obstacles with programming for our robot but managed to pull through and succeed with perseverance. Partaking in this competition has truly been a great learning experience for me.” 
Lee Wen, 2.4 

“The 3D-Tronics competition had been an enriching experience. It was my first time participating in a non-CCA related competition so it was all very new to me. I have learn a lot of thing through this competition such as teamwork, perseverance as well as never to give up.” 
Agape Chan, 2.6 

“Through the two days of constant teeth grinding and grips on faith, I believe that as a team, We had done an exceedingly good job. My pride stands within the effort and time we put into every one of our projects and through this experience, I feel that we've not only learnt the technicalities of programming and designing but also how to strive for excellence, achieve what is perceived to be unattainable and to solve complex issues on the spot. To express, impress and excel while being humble and thankful. These were the trademarks of every team member on the ground those two days and I couldn't have been prouder to work with them.” 
Erica Wee, 2.1

PLMGS (Sec) clinches 1st Runner-up in Asia Math Engineering Competition 2015 (International Round)

PLMGSS clinched 1st runner-up in the Asia Math Engineering Challenge 2015 (International Round)
Participants from PLMGSS in the Asia Maths Engineering Challenge 2015(International Round)
Joan, Jia Min and Julia doing their robotics programming
Ching Ling, Chun Hui and Crystal taking a break Denyse, Ling Yin and Esther doing their robotics programming
Jia Min, Julia and Joan the 3 Js

Chun Hui and Crystal

PLMGSS participants testing their robots before actual run

Asia Maths Engineering Competition is an exciting 5-day competition organised annually by Youth Ambassadors. This robotics competition aims to challenge participants to design, innovate and build a mechanical solution to a difficult situation which would only be revealed at the start of the competition. Students work together to come up with an effective and well-designed solution to solve the problem within a limited amount of time. 

PLMGS (Sec) represented Singapore with 3 teams of student-competitors on 25 and 26 June 2015. One of our teams consisting of Julia Vadukkoot, Joan Sim and Tan Jia Min of Sec 2.3 clinched the 1 st runner-up award. The other two teams were placed within top 15. The team members were Wee Chun Hui, Leo Ching Ling and Crystal Cheong of Sec 2.2 and Esther Chew, Ling Yin and Denyse Chan also of Sec 2.2. 

Students' Reflections: 
“The Asia Math Engineering Competition was an enriching learning experience. Arduino Robotics Programming was something new to us all, and it was certainly challenging when we were first introduced to it but manageable once we got the hang of it. Other than the Singaporean participants, we also had the chance to compete against teams from all over the world. I am very thankful for the chance to participate in such an event.” 
Tan Jia Min, Sec 2.3 

“I enjoyed participating in this competition because I learnt robotics programming in order to move the robot. The competition was challenging as a simple mistake in the code can cause the program to not work. My group and I learnt a lot through trial and error method. It was fun interacting and competing with groups from other schools and countries. I am glad I had the opportunity to participate in this competition.” 
Joan Sim, Sec 2.3 

“Being in this competition has allowed me to better appreciate technology, having being taught some simple yet challenging coding skills. This competition has also challenged me mentality. It was certainly not smooth-sailing at all during the challenges as we faced difficulty in applying what we learnt, as well as keeping up with the time and overcoming unexpected obstacles. However, this has been an enriching experience and would definitely like the chance to participate in such events again.” 
Crystal Cheong, Sec 2.2 

“I felt that my experience at the Asia Math Engineering Competition this year was an enriching and fulfilling one. On the first day, we were taught the basics of Arduino Robotics. Since it was my first experience with coding and programming, I was really confused but was slowly able to pick up what the instructors were talking about. On the second day, my team members and I were very nervous as it was the day of the competition itself. We tried our best to do the programming and make our robot complete the whole path. We were really happy and were glad that we had represented Singapore and PL well. It was really a great experience doing robotics for the first time!” 
Julia Vadukkoot, Sec 2.3 

“From this robotics competition, I learnt not to give up easily. I knew from the start that the journey will not be an easy one. This is our first experience and I believe we will succeed if given a second chance.” 
Leo Ching Ling, Sec 2.2 

“Taking part in AMEC at an international stage was truly an honour. I was not only representing PLMGSS but also the country. Although Robotics was something that I never really thought of doing or even had interest in before, I felt that this was an interesting challenge. We had to learn robotics programming within a short span of time. Along the way, we were met with setbacks and disappointments during the competition. Although the results were not that favourable for us, I feel that the learning journey was amazing and we learnt a lot.” 
Ling Yin, Sec 2.2

Elective Module for Secondary 3 Normal stream

PL-Lites from the Laser Show Production EM soaking in the atmosphere at the Light and Sound Production facility Self-designed keychains designed by the PL-Lites from the 3D Printing EM after a three-day crash course in the 3D modeling PL-Lites from the Social Media Content Development presenting their self-created animation clip as part of their overall course assessment

As part of the school’s Education & Career Guidance programme, a series of Elective Modules (EMs) was organised in partnership with ITE College West to provide our Normal stream girls with an insight into the available post-secondary options.  

A total of 67 girls took part in this programme and attended one of the three courses as follows:
  • Laser Show Production
  • Building Models with 3D Printers
  • Social Media Content Development
The purpose was to offer them exposure into the different industries of Visual Effects & Communications, Product & Spatial Design as well as Info-Communications Technology.  

We would like to thank the parents of our girls from classes 3C1a, 3C1b and 3D1 for planning their precious family vacations around this programme. The 4-day experience will definitely help the participants make better informed post-secondary decisions as they complete their N-level courses in 2016. 

Our alumna Eliza Ng represents Singapore in SEA Games 2015

Eliza Ng Yu Jun, our alumna will be representing Singapore at the upcoming SEA Games. She used to represent PL in Track & Field competitions both at PL Pri and PL Sec. From 10-12 June (4.30-6.15pm), she will be representing our nation in the 800m, 1500m and 3000m Steeplechase.

Taiwan Cultural Immersion Trip

From 4 to 11 June 2015, 27 PL-Lites accompanied by 4 teachers will be embarking an overseas trip to Taiwan. The objectives of the trip are as follows:
  • To expose our students to the rich culture and tradition of Taiwan
  • To gain an understanding of educational priorities in Taiwan through classroom immersion in the local school system
  • To deepen interest in Math and Science through visits to places of interest
  • To appreciate Singapore education system in comparison with Taiwan’s infrastructure and education system

Day 1 (4 June 2015)
9:30pm - All is well.
Day 2 (5 June 2015) 7:44am - Good morning! Isabel Tan shared her thoughts during Morning Devotion. We had our
breakfast at Toucheng Farm.

11:02pm - After breakfast, we toured the the farm to learn the interesting facts on flora and fauna. We also learnt how hydraulic pump was used to pump water from the spring water underground. Later in the day, we went to the National Centre for the Traditional Art to learn how to make bracket. We also had fun DIY-making lime-vinegar health drink.
Day 3 (6 June 2015) 8:19am - All is well. We are on our way to Taichung from Yilan. It's about 3.5 hours of journey.

10:41pm - We visited 921 National Park and had our dinner at a restaurant in Fengjia.
The PL-Lites had a great time today.
Day 4 (7 June 2015) 4:40pm - On our way from Taichung to Taipei, we visited 3 places. They included a pineapple
cake factory, Yeliu Geologic Landscapes and Yangmingshan National Park.
Day 5 (8 June 2015) 10:38pm - Today was our first day of classroom immersion with Jiangcui Junior High School. We also visited the National Palace Museum, Taipei 101 and Eslite bookstore (the biggest in Taiwan). We had the famous Taiwan noodles for dinner.
Day 6 (9 June 2015) 11:42pm - Today was the 2nd and final day of classroom immersion at Jiangcui Junior High School. There were bittersweet moments as the buddies bade farewell to one another. This was followed by a surprise awaiting the girls at the Modern Toilet Restaurant. After lunch, we visited the National Taiwan Science Education Centre, followed by a short tour to Shilin night market. After a sumptuous dinner at the hotel, we celebrated birthdays of our three June babies - Ambel, Ningxuan and Rachel. The day ended with a boisterous Science Quiz conducted in house by our quiz masters, Ms Doreen Lau and Mrs Joyce Chong.
Day 7 (10 June 2015) 11:38pm - All is well. We visited the Tze Chi broadcasting station and Tzu Chi recycling factory. All girls tried their hand at broadcasting as well as participate in sorting out all the different types of recyclables as part of their CIP programme. We also visited the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall to understand the history of Taiwan and to view the changing of guards. This is followed by a tour of Ximending which is somewhat similar to Orchard Road for the young and trendy people. For lunch and dinner, we were served typical Taiwanese food including dumpling, mee fun soup, pah bao and xiao long bao.
Day 8 (11 June 2015) 1:40pm - Before lunch, we visited Beitou Geothermal Valley. We have arrived at the Taoyuan Airport and checking into SQ 877. Goodbye Taiwan.

Photo Gallery

Taiwan – here we come!
On board SQ 878
Dinner at Toucheng Farm Transit in Taiwan Airport Dinner at Toucheng Farm
Devotion at Toucheng Farm
Sharing of thoughts by Isabel Tan
Dinner at Toucheng Farm

A tour of the farm to learn about interesting fact on flora and fauna
‘Cavemen’ cooking
Building the mud oven
Siew Ying maintaining the fire for mud oven
Campfire is burning Planting rice is never fun… Bending down to plant rice
Planting rice is never fun…
Planting rice is never fun…

Hydraulic pump for pumping the spring water from underground
Feeding time – here, here, kiddy goat

Tasting freshly picked cucumber Hui Fang – slim and pretty Let’s take a look at this
Adelaide sucking on sweet natural honey from flower
Our girls vs the goats
Bracket making at the National Centre for the Traditional Arts
Creative T-shirt making
At the street level of the National Centre for Traditional Arts
Listening attentively to the briefing
Having a relaxing and fun time Team PL Shina plucking cucumber
Hui Fang – slim and pretty DIY-making lime-vinegar health drink Denyse and Charis washing limes
Isabel and Jing Xuan picking the best time Lime vinegar drink – Group 2 My DIY drink – Group 1
My DIY drink – Group 4
Goodbye Yilan … Taichung, here we come At Taichung’s 921 National Park
At Taichung’s 921 National Park
At Taichung’s 921 National Park Dinner in a restaurant in Fengjia
Dinner in a restaurant in Fengjia
Day 4 – Goodbye Taichung, Hello Taipei
Day 4 – Goodbye Taichung, Hello Taipei
Ningxuan – I am a pastry chef Learning to make pineapple cake At the pineapple cake factory
Hui Fang diligently making her own pineapple tarts
Learning to make pineapple cake
Learning to make pineapple cake
Learning to make pineapple cake
Learning to make pineapple cake
Groups 3 and 4 at Yeliu Geologic Landscapes
Observing the eroded rock Nicole and Clarissa – Co-leaders of Group 5 At Yeliu Geologic Landscapes
At Yeliu Geologic Landscapes
Fossil at Yeliu Geologic Landscapes
At the Yangmingshan National Park - fumes of acidic gases in the background!
At the Yangmingshan National Park
At the Yangmingshan National Park
The acid rain was formed
Breakfast at Hotel Asia Pacific before setting off to Jiangcui Junior High School
Breakfast at Hotel Asia Pacific before setting off to Jiangcui Junior High School
Arrival at Jiangcui Junior High School. A splendid welcome performance by the band.
Group photo with staff and students from Jiangcui Junior high School
Group photo of the teachers from PL
Lesson at Jiangcui Junior High School
Lesson at Jiangcui Junior High School
Jing Xuan with her buddy En Tong with her buddy Lunch time at Jiangcui Junior High School
Lunch time at Jiangcui Junior High School Going to Taipei 101 PL’s footprint surrounding Singapore
At Taipei 101
Night light from Taipei 101 in the backdrop
郭校长 (on the right) with students of both schools
Group photo with students from Jiangcui Junior High School
Group photo with students from Jiangcui Junior High School
At Eslite Bookstore
At the noodle shop
Nicole and Clarissa – 2 nd day at Jiangcui Junior High School
Amebel, Si Min and Casey with their buddies
Xueyi, Genevieve and Esther with their buddies
Gowrie and Cheyenne with their buddies
Denyse and Amabel with their buddies
Cheyenne with her buddies in Chemistry practical lesson Lunch at Modern Toilet Restaurant – check out the utensils
Lunch at Modern Toilet Restaurant – check out the utensils
At the National Taiwan Science Education Centre
At the National Taiwan Science Education Centre Aspiring chemists
Budding Einstein from PL Jing Xuan making giant bubbles Ning Xuan enjoy sky cycling
Isabel in action Where is my body? LAB = Life Art Bar
PL-Lites serving the teachers with a willing heart
Celebrating birthdays of our three June babies after dinner
Science Quiz time and the competition is heating up
Science Quiz time and the competition is heating up
Si Min trying her hand at broadcasting Siew Ying on TV Ruoran broadcasting in Chinese
Clarissa on TV
Mrs Chong expounding the importance of recycling
All girls getting to sort out the trash which Taiwanese called recyclable resources
Our students in action...
A volunteer explaining the details in recycling
The girls were taught the finer art of appreciating Chinese tea
Dumpling and Taiwan mee fun for lunch at Treasure Island Leisure Walk Restaurant
Changing of guards at National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall At National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
At National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
Eating delicious xiao long bao at dinner time
Sharing dessert
Shopping at Ximending
Eating delicious xiao long bao at dinner time
Geothermal Valley with hot spring in the background
Stream from the hot spring are acidic fumes with the smell of hydrogen sulphide
Lunch time – roasted chicken, a delicacy from Taiwan
Lunch time – roasted chicken, a delicacy from Taiwan
A fond farewell to our Taiwan tour guide, Aunt Ling Ling
At Taoyuan Airport – sweet smiles and lots of goodies from Taiwan

Bye Taiwan … Home Sweet Home, Singapore!

PL's Wall of Encouragement

In an effort to nurture an inspiring school culture of encouragement, the wall outside the school canteen to allow PL-Lites to pen down their appreciation using chalk. We hope this will help our girls to build each other, allowing them to receive and see support from their friends and teachers.