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January 2015

37th International C.B. Paul Science Quiz 2015

We are pleased to announce that nine PL-Lites won prizes at the 37 th C. B. Paul Science Quiz 2015 on 21 and 28 Jan 2015. Organised by the ACJC Science and Mathematics Council, the quiz aimed to develop students’ aptitude and potential in the pure and applied sciences through independent work and applying critical thinking. 

The students were put through rigorous questions in a wide range of contexts from Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics and were challenged to solve problems, evaluate theories, and interpret work which required them to draw on a complex array of understandings. 

The nine awardees are as follows:
Ignasia Hanny
Nicole Kwok
Julia Vadukkoot Chacko
Zaneta, Low Hui Ann
Honourable mention
Chen Tingyu Chloe
Tang Yan Jun, Antoinette
Elisabeth Lian Shi-Ri
Sarah Yong Pei Ling
Wee Chun Hui

Student's Reflections:
“ The 37 th C. B. Paul Science Quiz was really an eye opener. I was apprehensive at first.I was surprised when I passed the preliminary round to move on to the final and achieved a bronze medal! Personally I think the questions were challenging and tough, especially the chemistry and biology questions. Thankfully, I managed to brave through the application questions. The competition was a really great experience for me, as I was exposed to various, unique, think-on-the-spot questions. It gave me an opportunity to learn that sciences and math are something beyond the textbooks .” 
from Ignasia Hanny , Secondary 4A1 (Bronze Individual Award) 

“ I really liked the exposure, especially the biology questions! The questions really were something that I've never seen before and they intrigued me. Even though the questions were really quite hard, especially since some of them were not for secondary school level, I had a very enjoyable time! They made me think out of the box. I continued to wonder and research about some of the topics even after the quiz was over .” 
from Hannah Quek, Secondary 3A1 

“ This being my first C.B. Paul Science Quiz, I have to say it has been a valuable experience. The questions that were asked were out of my syllabus, but I have to say that I am happy I was able to answer some of them. Being a Secondary 2 student, I am glad that I was able to be exposed to such questions that are out of my syllabus. I am also thankful that I could participate in a competition like this and represent the school and give God the Glory !” 
from Julia Vadukkoot Chacko , Secondary 2.3 

Principal-Meets-Parents Sessions 2015

Ps Erick addressing the S1 parents in his capacity as a parent. 
Our confident Sec 2 PL-Lite reciting the poem. 
Sec 3 parents understanding the post-secondary options from our Principal 
A proud Sec 4 parent reading the messages which the girls have written for the parents 
Classroom interaction with Form Teacher 1 
Classroom interaction with Form Teacher 2 

PLMGS (Sec) organises its annual Principal-Meets-Parents (PMP) sessions at the beginning each academic year to update and engage with our parents, so that the school and parents can work collaboratively for the holistic education of PL-Lites. 

Our new Principal, Mrs Gek Li Gek, addressed the parents at every session to share the school’s direction for 2015 as well as our new school values. 

Following her address, various topics specific to the needs of the level were shared with the parents. They included the following: 

Teaching and Learning 
S2 Streaming & National Youth Achievement Award 
For S2NT only –Elective Modules for 3NT 
Upper Secondary IP Curriculum & The Enriching Leadership Journey & Overseas Faithful In Service 
For S2NA only – PFP & DPP for Poly Admission 
Supporting Your Daughters in Preparing for the National Exam, Post-Sec Options & School Graduating Certificate 
Supporting Your Daughters in Preparing for the National Exam 
For S4NA only – Post Sec Options 
For S4NT only – Post N-Level Options 

 You will be able to view the powerpoint slides presented at the various PMP sessions by clicking on the links as follows: 

PSSG Brunch with Principal

Principal’s address to our 
new members of PSSG 
Mrs Quek welcoming the 
new members of PSSG 
New members receiving their 
PSSG members-only polo tee 
Our parents listening to Mrs Quek’s sharing
Our school leaders addressing 
the enquires from the parents 
Our school leaders listening to some 
of the concerns from the parents 
Fellowship among the 
new PSSG members (1) 
Fellowship among the 
new PSSG members (2) 
PSSG Exco presenting the 
PSSG polo tee to Mrs Quek 
Listening attentively to their 
fellow teammate 
Parents sharing their experiences 
and feedback for the school 
Presenting our PSSG!

On 7 Feb 2015, the Parents-School Support Group (PSSG) organised a dialogue session with our Principal, Mrs Quek, to welcome the new PSSG members. About 45 people attended the dialogue session which was part of the school’s Family Life Education Programme. The objective of the dialogue session was to get to know the parents and to address parents’ concerns. It ended with a sumptuous brunch where the parents and school staff had the opportunities to get to know each other better and enjoy the fellowship.

Talk by TOUCH Cyber Wellness

Our Principal, Mrs Quek, thanking the presenter from TOUCH by giving a gift on behalf of our school 
Sharing of ill-effects on youths using 
online social media platforms 
Unfolding the popular online 
social media platforms 

On 21 Jan 2015, Fathers@School organised a talk on Cyberwellness with the aim of helping parents to better understand the gaming world of a typical teenager and some of the online social media platforms which their teenage daughters are using. For the first time, mothers were invited to attend an event organised by Fathers@School. 

The speaker from TOUCH shared why our children are so mesmerized by online games and the usage of online social media platforms in the current context. They also discussed the potential ill-effects resulting from excessive online gaming and usage of online social media platforms. It ended well with all parents knowing how to better communicate with their children and manage their children’s online habits.

PSSG supports the AGAPE Fund

Mrs Quek, parents and staff working together 
Parents and staff selling the CNY cookies 
Parents and staff supporting the cookie sale 

In January, the Parents-School Support Group (PSSG) sold Chinese New Year (CNY) cookies as a fundraising project for the needy students. The sale proceeds were donated to the school’s Agape Fund. The parent volunteers set up a booth in the school canteen to sell the CNY cookies during the ‘Principal-meets-Parents’ sessions on Saturdays. Staff and students of the school supported the project by placing the CNY cookies order with the PSSG. We were most pleased to report that the PSSG from PLMGS (Pri) also participated in this meaningful fund raising project for the first time.

Speak! Ventures Debate Championship 2015


On 24 Jan, five of our debaters, Amanda Chia (4A1), Hannah Quek (3A1), Elisabeth Lian (3A2), Megan Lew (3A3) and Rianne Lim (3A4), competed in Speak! Ventures Debate Championship 2015. They competed with other secondary schools in Singapore and defeated 2 out of 3 schools. We are happy to announce that Amanda Chia and Hannah Quek attained the 14 th and 17 th Best Speaker positions out of a total of 160 speakers in the tournament. Well done, debaters! 

Sec 1 iDiscover Camp 2015

Bonding and forming class identity through flag painting
Special Night Programme: Mass dance Presentation
Candle lighting ceremony Presentation of school badge to the Sec 1s

The Secondary 1 students had an exciting first week of school as they participated in the iDiscover Camp 2015. The theme of the camp for 2015 was D.N.A: Discover N Achieve as the planning committee wanted the Sec 1s to discover PL’s “DNA” and find out more about the culture of PL, their friends and teachers. Through exciting activities such as teambuilding games, heritage trail and special night preparation, this camp also served as a stepping stone for the Sec 1s to begin their journey of self-discovery for their secondary school education. One of the highlights of the camp was the indoor campfire where the Sec 1 girls had to light up their candles at the end of the night. This was a signification that as PL-Lites, they are lights of the community. The camp ended on a high note where the girls were presented with the school badge and the entire Sec 1 cohort pinned on their badge together in the presence of their parents. They were formally initiated as PL-Lites. 

Student's Feedback: 
The iDiscover Camp 2015 has been a huge platform for me to develop my leadership skills. It wasn’t easy to step out of my comfort zone to lead a huge group of people but through this camp, I learnt how to give clearer instructions and improved my confidence in speaking and in myself. It has also been a great opportunity for me to bond with my committee members as well as forge many new friendships with the secondary 1s. As for the secondary 1s, they were able to discover about PL, bond with their classmates as well as learn about herself and discover her potential through the many fun and engaging activities planned for them. It has been a wonderful experience and I am blessed to be part of the iDiscover camp experience. Sec 1s, welcome to the PL family! 
- Xu Zhenhan, Assistant Camp Commandant (Sec 3A2) 

When my name was called out at the end of Mega Camp I was surprised and felt happy and honoured with a tinge of trepidation. I also felt somewhat undeserved as there were other capable and charismatic girls. After the initial euphoria died down it dawned on me that this was God’s task and I needed God’s guidance and wisdom together with the cooperation of the entire team to make sure it was a task well done. During the initial stages, we were faced with difficulties and were unsure of many things. This meant having to repeat dry runs may times. There were tears, anger and disagreements. But God miraculously turned chaos into order and everything ran smoothly during the actual camp. Through this camp I have learnt that the successful execution of a task depends on commitment and cooperation of every member in the team. I am very grateful for the teachers who gave us a lot of support and advice without which we would not have managed as well; rallying together my committee members and giving the Sec 1s a memorable experience. God is faithful and I am indeed grateful that I am in a school that puts Him in the centre of everything. 
- Olive Lim, Camp Commandant (Sec 3A3) 

The iDiscover Camp was my first camp I had in school as I was unable to attend my Primary 4 camp. The iDiscover Camp left a fantastic and lasting impression on me. The games and activities prepared by the seniors and teachers were really fun. Through this camp, I managed to bond with my classmates, seniors and even teachers. The iDiscover Camp was very enjoyable, especially with the extremely friendly SGLs. I am glad to be a part of PLMGS(S). 
- Isabel Ong (Sec 1.2) 

This year’s iDiscover Camp allowed us to understand and learn more about our school as we head to different parts of the school to play the different games that were prepared by the camp committee. It also allows us to make friends with our classmates and also know more about them. We also learnt about teamwork, perseverance, determination and other important school values. 
- Joyce Sun (Sec 1.3)

PL Cherubs' Live Performance on Okto Channel

The PL Harpists! 
PL Cherubs Live on Okto Channel 

PL Cherubs was privileged to be invited by Media Corporation to perform in OktoLIVE, a live programme for the Okto Channel on 21 January 2015 at 6pm. The programme aims to give schools the opportunity to showcase their students’ talent on national television. 19 Upper Secondary students played the piece “Always With Me” at the opening of the episode. Tay Sze Wei, Carrissa (4A2) and Christine Kwok Lyn Li (4A2) were also interviewed by the hosts of the programme. 

CCA Fair 2015 – ‘A World of Adventure Begins’

“Now it is your TURN to choose Your Adventure, Your own unique experience in Your CCA!”Dance grooves!NPCC, SJAB & GB – “The Peacekeeping troops in the region!”Maestro at work in CCA Fair 2015!
United we stand, be it Performing Arts or Clubs & Societies or Sports Groups!ELDDS (Debate) members showering welcome souvenirs to Sec 1 students”Hear Ye! Hear Ye!”Netballers in Action!

The Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) Fair was held on 9 January 2015. The CCA Fair aims to showcase the various CCAs in PL to the Secondary One students. The theme of this year’s CCA Fair was ‘A World of Adventure Begins’. This theme was chosen as we hoped that through their CCA participation, the Secondary Ones would be able to discover new talents and develop them further. During the CCA Fair, booths were set up by the various CCA groups for the Secondary One students and their parents to learn more about the CCAs offered in PL. The Performing Arts and Uniformed Groups also put up exciting performances in the Shaw Hall. In the Parade Square, the Secondary One students were able to try out different sports by playing with the CCA members. 

We hope that through the CCAs involvement, the Secondary Ones will begin their adventure and grow in their journey in PL! 

Reported by Teo Chok Yee, Emilie Goh and Joy Wong (4A4) 
Chairperson and Vice-chairpersons of the CCA Fair Committee 2015 

Being able to organise the CCA Fair this year was an enriching experience for the entire committee and I. This opportunity allowed us to work with the other CCAs in PL to put together a programme so that the Sec 1s are able to learn and discover the different CCAs. I learnt that communication played an important role in planning this event as we had to keep the CCA leaders in the loop about what was going to happen during the fair. Overall, planning the fair was an amazing experience and it was fulfilling to see that the Sec 1s enjoyed themselves. 
– Emilie Goh, Vice Chairperson of the CCA Fair Committee (4A4) 

Parents' Feedback: 
Fantastic! Students’ participation, warm welcome, enthusiasm, talent. – Mrs Kiffli 
I think that it is very interesting, loud, fun filled and exciting with all the UGs. I like the souvenirs and where they allow you to try out the CCAs. – Mrs Khua 

Student's Feedback: 
It is very interesting as I am able to try out many different CCAs. – Mabel Lim (1.2)

Combined Staff Dedication Service 2015

"Bless the Lord O my soul" - Praise and Worship" 
A time of reflection and prayer 
Special Item by PL Pri and Sec teachersDedicating our new PL Sec principal, Mrs Quek Li Gek 

On 2 January 2015 (Friday), the staff of PLMGS (Pri & Sec) gathered in the Performing Arts Centre, PLMGS (Pri), as one family to dedicate ourselves in service to God and in the mission to be a blessing to our students, colleagues and the community. 

The theme for the Message was ‘Be Still’ (Exodus 14: 13-14). The Chaplain In-Charge, Rev Dr Jonathon Seet, encouraged and reminded us to draw from God’s wisdom, knowing that the Lord will provide and deliver us when we are faced with life’s challenges. He then led the staff in singing the hymn ‘Be Still, My Soul, the Lord is on thy side.’ 

This was followed by a special song item entitled ‘Jesus be the Centre’ sung by both the Primary and Secondary teachers who were led by the Worship Team. Rev Lynette Sathiasingam then led in a prayer to dedicate PLMGS (Sec) Principal, Mrs Quek Li Gek who was later presented with a bouquet of flowers as a gesture of welcome. 

At the end of the Dedication Service, the Pledge led by the Primary School Principal, Miss Chua Soh Leng where the PL (Pri & Sec) staff, Board Members, Alumni Committee and PSSG members were dedicated with the affirming words. Together, as one family, we pledged to do our best and to serve faithfully in the tasks which God, in His loving favour, has committed to our charge. Amen.