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August 2015

National Schools Literature Festival – Keeping the Flame Alive

Sec 3 Set Text Joy Luck Club Debate
Sec 3 Unseen Text Debate
Sec 2 Merchant of Venice Book Parade
Sec 1 Red Sky in the Morning Book Trailer

Lit Fest Teachers and Students

The National Schools Literature Festival this year was held at the National Institute of Education on 22 August 2015. PL girls took part in 4 events of the festival and enjoyed a time of learning Literature in a fun and engaging way. Upper Secondary students formed debate teams and took part in a Set Text Debate on Joy Luck Club and an Unseen Text Debate. The team who participated in the Unseen Text Debate won in their debate. For the Lower Secondary, a group of Lower Secondary students put up a Book Parade display on The Merchant of Venice , and achieved 2 nd place in their category. Another Lower Secondary group also presented a Book Trailer on Red Sky in the Morning , which attained 3 rd position in their category. The participants also had the opportunity to attend sessions on prose, poetry and drama conducted by Singaporean experts and writers in the field, in line with the SG50 celebrations. 

Students' Reflection: 
“Participating in the Lit Fest was an enjoyable and enriching experience. In our preparation for the Unseen Poetry debate, my team had fun analysing the poem ad found it very intellectually stimulating. I am glad to have gotten the chance to meet many writers and listen to their writing tips. Overall, Lit Fest really enhanced my appreciation for Literature as a subject and the English Language.” 
– Megan Lew, 3A3 

“To me, the National Schools Literature Festival is more than a competition. It is a true celebration of the beauty of the English language. It was a joy to listen to many famous Singaporean writers, poets and playwrights as I got to learn things that can't be taught with the classroom walls. I feel truly blessed to have gotten such a wonderful opportunity.” 
– Neema Jayasinghe, 3A3

Fellowship over Breakfast

Our Chaplain IC, Rev Dr Jonathan Seet and the Pastors of PLMC gathered at the School Canteen on 25 August over a Breakfast Fellowship with the Staff of PLMGS (Sec). He gave a word of encouragement as he thanked all the staff for their dedication and service to the school.  

At the start of the gathering, our Principal Mrs Quek introduced the Chaplains and Pastors of PLMC and thanked them for sponsoring the buffet breakfast and for taking time to fellowship with the staff of PLMGS (Sec). This was followed by a short Praise & Worship session led by the teachers.  

We thank God for this great partnership between the Church PLMC and the School PLMGS as we continue to see God's great work done in His harvest field. To God be the Glory. 

PL Art Trail 2015

Woodblock Print
Still Life
Learning from the Master

The PL Art Trail was an annual collaboration between PL-Primary and PL-Secondary. The objectives of PL Art Trail were to provide opportunities for students to showcase their art pieces and to promote visual arts in PL. 

This year’s theme was PL Art Beat which was inspired by the musical and rhythmic beat of Art . The visual arts pieces of students from Primary 4 and 5 as well as Secondary 2 and 3 were showcased in the Gallery @ PL Primary from 31 August to 2 September. 

At the exhibition, students were able read the description of each art piece through the embedded Quick Respond code (QR code) beside the art pieces. The students were also allowed to provide their comments or respond to the various questions at the laptops provided in the gallery. This provided opportunities for the students to have a closer interaction between the students and the art pieces.

In Search for Our Own PL Master Chefs

Our proud PL Master Chefs winners
What a wonderful breakfast spread
Creative and yummy breakfast
in the the making

On 18 August, the PL family bonded over the kitchen stoves and the staff showed off their hidden culinary talent. Working with the theme, H.E.A.R.T, the secret ingredients were revealed on the morning itself. The staff had to incorporate honey, edamame, apple, rice crispies and tortilla chips into their creative breakfast menu. In search for our own PL’s Master Chefs, our staff worked together to prepare the breakfast with lots of creativity, fun and laughter. 

Staff's Reflection: 
“We had a lot of fun cooking the breakfast together. It encouraged bonding amongst the staff of different departments. It was also a good avenue to unite our staff as we cooked together. The activity brought out our hidden talents.” 
- Mdm Heryani

PLMGS celebrates our nation’s Golden Jubilee

On 6 August, PLMGS (Sec) celebrated our nation’s 50th birthday with much fanfare. There was a combined PLMGS (Primary and Secondary) parade segment showcasing PL’s uniformed groups and PL band performance. The parade saw its first aerial flypast of a drone, that flew the national flag proudly as the national anthem was played. This was followed by the Colours Award presentation to recognise the service and leadership of our student leaders and CCA members. The concert presentation included performances by the ELDDS, Guzheng members, Guitar Ensemble, PL Dance, our Indian students and students from Sec 2.8, a video made by our MIT students and our teachers who led the school in the community singing segment. The concert ended on a high note with our uniformed group leaders who marched in proudly, with our state flag and led the whole school in the singing of the national anthem. The cheerful, grand yet patriotic closure of the school’s National Day concert left our Guest of Honour, Mr Andrew Ang, PL Alumni members, guests, parents and the PL Family feeling proud as Singaporeans as they made their way to the reception.

National Day Thanksgiving Service 2015

Our Guest of Honour, Ms Lorinne Kon with Mrs Quek Li Gek
Ms Lorinne Kon with a prize winner
Ms Lorinne Kon with a prize winner
Our School Leaders leading in worship Our Sec 4E Prize Winners Our prize winners

On 6 August 2015, PL celebrated our nation’s Golden Jubilee Year with a Thanksgiving Service led by the School Leaders. This year, we are privileged to have as our speaker and Guest of Honour, Ms Lorinne Kon. Ms Kon is an Alumni PL-Lite and a Board Member of Prison Fellowship. She shared a meaningful and poignant message entitled ‘Love your neighbour as you love yourself’. 

Besides the message, Ms Kon also graced the prize giving ceremony. She presented the students who topped their cohort in their various subject areas in 2014 with their prizes and certificates while their proud parents looked on. 

After the service, all guests and prize recipients were invited to a lunch reception. 

We are indeed thankful to God for blessing Singapore with prosperity and peace.