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September 2014

Baccalaureate Service 2014
A special item by the teachers
Girls praying
School leaders serving Holy Communion

On 24 September, the graduating girls attended the Baccalaureate Service which was the last chapel service for them. During the special service, they were given an opportunity to take Holy Communion which reminded them of God’s love and grace for them. It was indeed a memorable and meaningful time for them. 

Students' Reflections: 
“The Baccalaureate Service was a good way to end our journey in PL as we reminisced our time spent in PL. We were also blessed with the reminder of God’s promises and plans for our future.” 
From Luisa Phuah, Sec 4A1 

“It was a meaningful service because it brought back memories of my days in PL.”
From Jaslyn Goh, Sec 4B2 

Teachers' Day Concert 2014

Students honoring the teachers through loud applause during red carpet walk 
Emcees for PL Teachers' Day Concert 2014 
Students giving out handwritten notes to the teachers 
PL BandSkit By ELDDSSpecial Performance by the Sec 1s

On 3 September, PL-Lites showed their appreciation for their teachers by organising a concert for them encompassing performances put up by different group of students and many CCA groups including the PL Band, PL One Voice, PL Dance, Guitar Ensemble, Media and Information Technology Club and the English Language Debate and Drama Society. The Prefectorial Board handmade loom bands and also led the classes in making personalised notes for all the teachers. In addition, the PSSG also blessed the staff with a song and a prayer. 

The concert started with the teachers walking the red carpet amidst loud applause, exciting performances and culminated to the PL Staff Awards where outstanding teaching and non-teaching staff received the Caring Teacher Award, Inspiring and Innovative Teacher Award, Partnership Award, Friendly and Helpful Non-Teaching Staff Award and the Innovative Non-Teaching Staff Award. 

Students' Reflections: 
“The Teachers’ Day Concert was a good experience for us to learn how to plan events and made me realize that planning an event was not very easy and we came across a lot of difficulties. I did not know that such an event would make the teachers happy and I was happy to see the contentment on their faces. The overall planning of this event was very fun and I enjoyed planning the Teachers’ Day Concert.” 
Abigail Png, Sec 3B1 

“The Teachers’ Day Concert was an enriching experience of which I have benefitted a lot. From the minute details of programme to the mass preparation of gifts, I learnt that every detail must be carefully thought through and planned according to the theme selected. I was glad to see the concert being a success and that the teachers’ enjoyed the concert after all the hard work put in.” 
Jalena Tay, Sec 3A3

Preparing and Guiding Your Daughter / Ward to Relate Positively to the Opposite Gender

Parents signing in for the session
Mr Patrick Chew sharing with the parents how he and his wife guide their daughter 
The speaker, Mr Patrick Chew, addressing the parents 

Many parents are naturally concerned about preparing their daughters in relating with boys and this is even more so if their daughters are in a single gender school. With this in mind, the Parents-School Support Group (PSSG) organised a talk for parents to address this concern on 19 September 2014. This event was organised as part of the school’s PSSG Dialogue Sessions. 

The speaker, Mr Patrick Chew, provided a personal and insightful account of his experiences in bringing up his daughter. He gave many useful tips on setting expectations and boundaries in the way his daughter should relate with her male friends. The speaker was able to address the questions, concerns and fears raised by the participants. After almost two hours of sharing, the parents returned home better informed and better equipped in preparing their daughter. 

National Software Competition 2014 (eBook Category)

(Source: Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission)

Three students from the Media Information and Technology Club participated in the National Software Competition 2014 organised by the School of Digital and Infocomm Technology, Singapore Polytechnic. The team, represented by Elizabeth Lee (Secondary 2.1), K. Vittusha (Secondary 2.3) and Yuen Jia-Xin (Secondary 2.3), emerged as one of the top 8Finalists in the e-Book Category and won for themselves $120 worth of CapitaMalls and Popular Vouchers. 

Their e-Book project was featured in the Tamil newspaper on 17 September 2014. Below is the translation of the article. 

E-book: Technology 4 Wellness 
In a fast changing world, the use of technology is inevitable. Today’s students are greatly captivated by this phenomenon. Three students from Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) decided to take part in the e-Book Competition organised by the Singapore Polytechnic. The team members, K Vittusha, Elizabeth Lee and Yuen Jia–Xin, came together to design an interactive e-Book entitled ‘Commit to be Fit’. The e-Book was based on a character named ‘Bob’ who had trouble trying to lose weight. With the help of a trainer, Bob managed to lose weight successfully. The e-Book was furnished with interesting interactive games and quizzes. 

The theme of this competition was ‘Technology 4 Wellness’. The three girls decided to emphasise the importance of healthy living and how to achieve healthy living through technology in an interesting way. K Vittusha said that the team had learned how to use Photoshop and other aspects of e-Book through the competition. If given another opportunity, they would design an e-Book on SG50 next year.

55th National Inter-Schools Team Chess Championships 2014

We congratulate the School Chess Team for its achievements in the 55th National Inter-Schools Team Chess Championship 2014. 

They are as follows: 
Under 14 Category, Zonal 2nd: 
Team Leader Antoinette Tang from 2-1 
Audrey Chong from 1-2 
Rebecca Teng from 1-5 
Koh Poh Li from 1-5 

Secondary Open Category, Zonal 2nd & National Girls Third: 
Team Leader Anastasia Patricks from 3A1 
Elangovan Gayathri from 2-1 
Darla Gabrielle Tejada from 2-4 
Tan Pei Si from 3A3 
Cristal Ang from 3A2 

Additionally, in August, Anastasia Patricks (from Secondary 3A1) also won 7th place in the National Junior Blitz Chess Championships 2014.

ACES Day 2014

Secondary 1 students skipping for rice
Secondary 3 students attempting the Great Singapore Workout
Secondary 4 and 5 students stretching  during the chairobics routine

ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) Day 2014 was held on 4 September 2014. The lower secondary students skipped to raise funds for North East CDC to purchase daily food items for 93 low income families under the care of Paya Lebar Community Club. The Secondary 3 students exercised to fast-paced and upbeat music under the guidance of a Great Singapore Workout instructor who guided the students to perform a set of low impact aerobic routine made up of 15 simple exercises. The Secondary 4 and 5 students did the ‘chair-o-bics’ workout choreographed by our Secondary 4 students. ‘Chair-o-bics’, as the name suggests, consists of low impact workouts involving the use of chairs. The PL family had a meaningful and enjoyable time participating in the various activities. 

Students' Reflections: 
“Through the ‘Skip for Rice’, we had the opportunity to raise funds for the needy while exercising at the same time. As we were grouped in threes, we could take turns and thus being able to rest and skipped more than our original target of 800 skips. I enjoyed myself thoroughly.” 
From Chloe Chen, Secondary 2.1 

“The Great Singapore Workout was really engaging and fun, as it gave us the opportunity to exercise and promote a healthy lifestyle at the same time. The music that was played was upbeat and catchy and that motivated us to exercise. I had a lot of fun planning and leading the workout with my teammates and it was the first time we were doing the Great Singapore Workout. A unique experience and non-competitive activity, it was definitely a great opportunity for everyone to be engaged in various physical activities.” 
From Rachel Lim, Secondary 3A4 

“Chair-o-bics was a completely new activity to me as I was never been exposed to it. I was not expecting much from it initially, but after the first few minutes, I realized that the workout was really fun. I was surprised that we could do so many different exercises just by sitting and using the chair. It was an interesting exercise that definitely had me working out for a good period of time.” 
From Kerlyn New, Secondary 4A1

Our Music Teacher performs in the MOE Teachers' Day Concert

On 3 September, Mr Ng Eng Kee was part of the fusion ensemble which performed at the MOE Teachers' Day Concert held in the MOE Edutorium. The ensemble comprised Education Officers from schools and the various MOE divisions. The guests included Ms Ho Peng, Director-General of Education and the MOEHQ officers.