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July 2014

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2014

On 24 July 2014, 12 of our NA and NT girls took part in the ‘All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition for Normal Course Students 2014’. We congratulate Wee Joo Kim, Nicolene (Secondary 2.7b) who was placed seventh in the Individual Prize of the Lower Secondary Normal Academic category. 

Overseas Learning Opportunity for Teachers

Mr Ralph NaderPL teachers with Dr Gerald Nosich
PL teachers with a participant from TaiwanUniversity of California, Berkeley

On 25 July, six PLMGS teachers from both the primary and secondary section embarked on a learning journey to San Francisco to attend the prestigious 34th International Conference on Critical Thinking and Educational Reform. The conference provided us the unique experience to improve our understanding of critical thinking and foster it in instruction as well as in all aspects of our life. The main conference presenters were Dr Richard Paul, Dr Linda Elder and Dr Gerald Nosich. Dr Richard Paul is an internationally recognized authority and distinguished leader in the international critical thinking movement. Dr Linda Elder and Dr Gerald Nosich are also prominent authorities on critical thinking. Conference participants also had the privilege of attending a lecture and conversation with Mr Ralph Nader who is a Bertrand Russell scholar and was voted by Time Magazine as ‘One of the 100 Most Influential Americans of the 20th Century’. Besides attending the preconference and main conference presentations, the teachers attended concurrent sessions based on their subjects and preferences as there were about 40 sessions offered over the four days. During the sessions, we shared our practices with fellow academics and teachers across 33 different countries which was an invaluable takeaway. It helped us foster a deeper appreciation of our own education system and its academic rigour. The teachers were excited to learn as much as possible from the various speakers as well as to understand how to use the tools for critical thinking and reasoning put forward by them. Besides enjoying the conference, the teachers also took time to explore the lovely University of California, Berkeley and various iconic spots in San Francisco. It was truly an enriching learning experience for all. 

Congratulations to Ms Reena Kaur

We congratulate Ms Reena Kaur, SH/Lit & Media Studies, on the successful completion of "Management and Leadership in Schools" Diploma Course designed specially for Heads of Departments and Subject Heads. The diploma is awarded by the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.

iPost, iShare, iLike- Understanding the Teenagers' World of Social Media

Fathers listening attentively to the speakerMr Chong sharing on some of the concerns on the usage of Social Media

On the 23 July, Fathers@School organised a talk on cyber wellness for 25 fathers from PLMGS (Primary and Secondary). The speaker for the session was Mr Chong Ee Jay from TOUCH Cyber Wellness. He shared with the fathers on the use of social media amongst the youths and their motivations for using social media. Mr Chong also shared tips on how parents could embrace and use social media to foster better parenting. 

Meideline shines in badminton competitions

Meideline Santika has taken part in the Victor Age Group Championships 2014 and Alpha Academy Age Group Badminton Championship 2014 during the June holidays. With her perseverance and endurance, she has done the school proud by winning the third for the Victor Age Group Championships 2014 (U15 category) and the champion for the Alpha Academy Age Group Badminton Championship 2014 (U14 category). 

Sharing with MacPherson Primary School on PL's STEM Journey

teachers listening intently to ms aileen luis presentation on discipline_sm.jpg
The school shared with the teachers from MacPherson Primary Schoolits journey in STEM (Skillful Teacher Enhanced Mentoring). The programme of the visit included a sharing session by Ms Aileen Lui and Ms Isa Tan on chapters from The Skillful Teacher, a resource book adopted by the school. The Beginning Teachers and Senior Teachers also shared with the visitors PL’s structure and programmes in mentoring.

SYF Art Exhibition 2014

For the biennial Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition 2014, Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Secondary) submitted art works by 6 PL-Lites to the organisers as follows: 
1) Tan Pei Qi (Sec 3B1) 
2) Dorcas Foo (Sec 3A2) 
3) Ye Yunqi (Sec 3A1) 
4) Delia Lim Xiu Qing (Sec 4B2, Class of 2013) 
5) Ng Shi Qian (Sec 4B1, Class of 2013) 
6) Joslin Ong (Sec 4B2, Class of 2013) 

Delia Lim Xiu Qing (Sec 4B2, Class of 2013) received a Certification of Recognition (Special Mention) in the 2014 Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition. Her art work was exhibited in the Woodlands Regional Library from 10 to 23 July 2014. 

Student's Reflection 
“O-Level Art is so much more than a subject to me. It has allowed me to express myself and my perspective of the world around me in ways I could never have imagined. Though the process of completing the coursework was tiring, and has at times raised doubts and hopelessness within me, God's love and grace never fails. Christ is the centre of my coursework and my sole inspiration. I have truly seen the glory of Christ through this experience that has been like no others. I urge the juniors who are to take on Art at O-Level - never doubt your abilities, for when the Lord is with you, anything is possible. It has been the most amazing journey and one I will always remember. Thank you, PL, for believing in me when I least did in myself.” 
From Delia Lim Xiu Qing, Sec 4B2 Class of 2013

Graduands ' Thanksgiving Service 2014

A sweet reunionWorship led by the graduandsMs Yoong with our Guest Speaker, Pastor Edmund Chua
It was a special day for the PL-Lites of 2013 as they came back for the Graduands’ Thanksgiving Service on 19 July. The theme of the Thanksgiving Service was "Ahoy All Aboard" which symbolised the day PL-Lites gathered to return to the ship which they had sailed on for the past four or five years. Even though they have ventured out of this ‘ship’, they would always remember and call PL their home. 

Pastor Edmund Chua was invited as the guest speaker at the Service where he gave a speech based on the theme. This was followed by testimonials by Ho Yu Ning from Secondary 4A2 (Class of 2013) and Pang Pei Yi from Secondary 4B1 (Class of 2013). The reunion between schoolmates was bittersweet, as they reminisced about fond memories of their PL days. We wish the batch of 2013 all the very best in their future

PL inaugurates an Art Trail

self-directed and collaborative learning_sm.jpg

PL inaugurates an Art Trail 
On 8 July 2014, the PL Art Trail opened its doors to students from both Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary and Secondary) for a mutual time of learning and sharing. The theme – Artease: Our Identity – provides a candid look into personal stories behind every Singaporean, every PL-Lite and unique individual expressions of identity. This collaborative project jointly organised by both the primary and secondary levels was held in the Art Gallery @ PLMGS (Pri). The trail was a great opportunity for students to take learning outside of the classrooms and technology was well explored to facilitate such collaborative thinking to promote more avenues for critical thinking and in-depth discussion of the artworks on display. that the staff and students are very privileged as the school has very good programmes and is very well resourced and equipped. Hearing these praises from our guests humbled us as we are reminded that we have much and have achieved much because of the support from our government and the various stakeholders. Above all, we thank God for His provisions and for blessing our school, PLMGS. 

Student Reflections 
“We learnt that paintings have meanings behind them and also learnt how some artists express their feelings in art.” 
From Georgina and Shanthi, Secondary 1.7 

“We found the Art Trail really interesting and meaningful and we hope to come back again soon! “ 
From Shannen, Nicole. Rachel, Secondary 1.7 

“I especially liked the self-portraits and the cups work displayed. The artists were very talented and creative.” 
From Phoebe Eyo, Secondary 1.1

PL commemorates Racial Harmony Day 2014

The theme for this year’s Racial Harmony Day (RHD) celebration was “Harmony from the Heart”. PLMGSS commemorated RHD with two skits presented by our own ELDDS and the Voice. Through watching the skits, PL-Lites learnt the importance of living harmoniously in a multi-racial society. In addition, our teachers came forward to share their personal stories on racial harmony. 

There were lively and interactive segments between students and teachers during the morning Assembly period throughout the RHD week, where students learnt about the iconic landmarks in Singapore. PL also hosted an exhibition from the National Heritage Board which brought back fond memories of iconic landmarks in Singapore because families used to hang out at the iconic landmarks in the past. The exhibition also showcased how families celebrated the different festivals as a multi-racial country. In addition, the girls enjoyed snacks of the different ethnic groups and gained a better understanding of the background of the different types of ethnic cuisine. The various commemorative activities helped to remind us of the importance of staying united despite our differences and that we should not take racial harmony in Singapore for granted. 

Pupil's Reflections: 
It is important to understand each other’s culture and their ways of thinking to avoid misunderstanding which might result in conflicts. I am thankful that the races in Singapore maintain good relationships with each other.” 
Sarah Ann, Secondary 3B1 

“I have learnt more about racial harmony and how the 1964 racial riot impacted Singapore. It is wonderful to know that we have come so far to accept each other.” 
Davina Lee, Secondary 2.2

PLMGSS holds Evacuation Exercise

On 18 July 2014 (Friday), PLMGS (Pri & Sec) conducted their first combined evacuation exercise to an external holding area. The exercise was carefully planned before execution to ensure safety along the movement route and none were left behind. The staff and students of PLMGS (Sec) were safety moved to Block 128 and 129, Hougang Avenue 1.

PL Cup 2014


Once a term, teachers are permitted to report late for work as part of the school’s effort to nurture a caring culture. However, on 15 July (Tuesday), the male teachers of PLMGS (Sec) bonded through a game of soccer before the start of the school day. It happened to be the scheduled late day for the PL staff. Evidently, the World Cup 2014 fever has spread to PLMGS (Sec). The final outcome of the PL Cup 2014 was a draw (2-2). At the conclusion of the soccer match, Ms Pamela Yoong, our Principal, presented the PL Staff Challenge Trophy (Men) to both teams.

Mondial Education Visits PLMGS (Sec)


Two staff from Mondial Education visited PL on 17 July 2014. Mondial Education is a private independent school where English is used as the main medium of instruction. It is an educational foundation overseeing Mondial Pre-school and Mondial Primary School. In 2015, Mondial Secondary School will be set up. The purpose of the school visit was to establish partnership with PL for two of the teachers from Mondial Education to be attached to PL for internship. The teachers will be learning how PL implements its English, Mathematics and Science curriculum in the classrooms. 
It was indeed a fruitful discussion between Mondial Education and PL.

Congratulations to Ms Gidwani Poojalal


PLMGS congratulates and rejoices with our alumnus, Ms Gidwani Poojalal, on being awarded the 2014 Outstanding Youth in Education Award (OYEA). Ms Gidwani Poojalal spent 10 years in PL and she graduated in 1998. She is currently Head of Department for Character and Citizenship Education at Haig Girls’ School. 

What is the OYEA? 
The OYEA is a national award that recognises excellent young teachers for their enthusiasm, energy and active involvement in the development of youth. The award honours the achievements of young educators who have a passion and commitment to teaching, inspiring and nurturing their students. 

A Note from the Heart … ‘How I feel About Getting the Award? ‘ 
I am truly honoured to have been nominated and selected as an OYEA winner. I believe that each and every child is unique, each with the potential of contributing to our society in different ways. Teaching to me is more than a career. I enjoy creating opportunities for my students to exercise their creativity and leverage their life experiences, so as to internalise the valuable knowledge, skills and values derived from authentic learning platforms. 

I would like to thank Mrs Winnie Tan, my principal , and Mrs Bridget Lim, my teacher, from PLMGS(S) for their unwavering support and trust in each and every student’s abilities and talents. Through my years in PLMGS(S), they motivated and supported me through the ups and downs. Today as a teacher, I wish to exemplify the same beliefs and passion they once showered on me. 

Thank you PL for all the wonderful experiences that I had in the school which has made me who I am today. 

Visit by Philippines Principals and Education Officials on 10 July 2014

On 10 July, 49 Education officials from the Department of Education, Marikina, the Philippines, visited PLMGS (Sec) The visitors, who were Principals, District Supervisors, Superintendents and administrators met with the PL School Leaders and Middle Managers. There was an exchange of ideas as each side shared about their education systems and projects. The visitors also went on a PL tour around the school to view the varied learning facilities in PL. They noted that the staff and students are very privileged as the school has very good programmes and is very well resourced and equipped. Hearing these praises from our guests humbled us as we are reminded that we have much and have achieved much because of the support from our government and the various stakeholders. Above all, we thank God for His provisions and for blessing our school, PLMGS. 

Congratulations to PL Staff

We congratulate the following PL Staff on the successful completion of their diploma / degree awarded by the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. (a) Ms Pearl Lee (currently attached to MOE HQ) - Diploma in Management and Leadership in School (b) Mr Wong Khai Yu - Post Graduate Diploma in Education Programmes (c) Ms Sarah Teo - Diploma in Education Programmes (d) Ms Charlene Lee - Diploma in Education Programmes 

NParks' Trees For Life Photography Competition

My favourite spot at my neighbourhood park where I like to unwind and read a good book. 

We rejoice with and congratulate Darla Gabrielle Tejada of 2.4, who has won a consolation prize in the Trees for Life Photography Competition (Secondary School Category) held in May/June. Her photograph will be exhibited at the following locations: 

VenueExhibition Period
1Singapore Garden Festival @ Gardens by the Bay16 – 24 August 2014
2Woodlands Regional Library25 August - 10 September 2014
3Tampines Regional Library11 September - 22 September 2014
4Central Public Library3 - 16 October 2014