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January 2014

36th C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz

Bronze Individual Awardees Participants of 36th C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz

On 26 January 2014, nine Secondary Two ACE Science pupils participated in the 36 th C.B. Paul Memorial Science Quiz organized by ACJC Science and Mathematics Council. The annual science quiz aims to provide a platform for students to apply textbook knowledge in explaining daily phenomena, and hence enabling them to exercise analytical and critical thinking skills. 

The students were put through rigorous questions in a wide range of contexts including Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. They were challenged to solve problems, evaluate theories, and interpret work which required them to draw on a complex array of understandings. 

We are proud to announce that the following students have done the school proud:
  • Elisabeth Lian Shi-Ri, Secondary 2.1 (Bronze Individual Award)
  • Charis Chia, Secondary 2.3 (Bronze Individual Award)
  • Michelle Seet Su Ling, Secondary 2.1 (Merit Individual Award)

Pupils' Reflections: 
“After speaking to my seniors, I knew that the competition was going to be very tough and I was not counting on winning anything. The paper was indeed very tough but it was fun nonetheless. I think it was good knowing where I stand, and it was a great exposure beyond the syllabus. I would really want to do it again in the future.” 
Elisabeth Lian Shi-Ri, Secondary 2.1 (Bronze Individual Award) 

“I felt that the competition was very interesting and it was a good exposure. To be honest, the papers that we took were really tough. I actually got a shock because I have never been exposed to such questions before despite the preparation I had for this competition. Nonetheless, I believe this was a good time for me to actually try out my skills. From this competition, I learnt many sophisticated things, including new topics such as astronomy and computer science. I think that the school should continue to send the Secondary 2 girls for the competition as it actually will give them exposure to the different sciences apart from the three sciences that we learn in school.” 
Charis Chia, Secondary 2.3 (Bronze Individual Award) 

“I feel that the competition was extremely good exposure, especially for computer science and astronomy. It was very intellectually stimulating but tiring at the same time. Overall I think it was a very enriching experience that higher ability science girls should go for.” 
Hannah Quek , Secondary 2.1 

“I think it's a really a good exposure for me as the competition provided a wide range of questions for us to try. The questions asked during the competition were above our level, and I look forward to such a challenge.” 
Lim Hui Fang, Secondary 2.2 

Chinese New Year celebration at PLMGS (Sec)

Held on 30 Jan 2014, the Chinese New Year concert featured performances by students and teachers as well as games to usher the entire school into the festive spirit. Judging from the applause and joyful noises in the Shaw Hall, the performances by the teachers were the highlights of the celebration. Mr Raj performed in the Tongue Twisters in Chinese. Eight male teachers performed a dance item entitled “The OPPA-PL Style” drawing much cheer and laughter from the audience. In addition, there was a performance of 2 songs “Your Sweet Smile” and “Happy New Year” by 8 teachers. The concert ended with the giving out of Mandarin oranges to the staff and a sing-a-long session to wish all present a blessed Chinese New Year. 

MOE Service Excellence Award 2013

The school congratulates Ms Clare Ong who has been conferred the MOE Service Excellence Award 2013. 

Please click here for more details. 

Staff Dedication 2014

It is PLMGS’s tradition to begin each academic year with a PL Dedication service, involving not just staff from both PLMGS (Pri) and PLMGS (Sec), but also the Board of Management, Alumni Committee and Parents-School Support Group. This year, the dedication service was held in the Shaw Hall on 10 January (Friday) evening. Rev Lek Yong Teck, Associate Director, Ministry in Schools, delivered the message, reminding and encouraging everyone to make “Honoring the Lord” (Col 3:23) the focus of the year and of our life. He also cautioned us not to be governed by tasks alone that we fail to build strong and healthy relationships with people around us. “Honoring the Lord” involves submitting our actions and attitudes to Him! It was an evening of praise & worship, listening to the Word of the Lord, and pledging ourselves anew to His service in this brand new year He has given to us. Together with the school leaders from PLMGS (Pri), Rev Lek prayed a special prayer for Ms Poh Hwee Ting, the newly appointed Vice Principal of PLMGS (Pri). The service ended with a dinner reception in the school canteen for all staff and invited guests.

School Visit by Professor Deanna Kuhn 

PLMGSS is privileged to host Professor Deanna Kuhn, a visiting scholar from Teachers College, Columbia University on 21 Jan 2014. Professor Kuhn’s work is devoted to identifying and determining how best to nurture the intellectual skills that will prepare young people for lifelong learning, careers and citizenship. She observed a Social Studies class and a Biology practical lesson in which our teachers used Inquiry Based Learning. Together with AP Lee Yew Jin (NIE), Professor Kuhn and teachers from the Science and Humanities departments had a fruitful dialogue on using arguments and the inquiry method as pedagogical tools.

2013 GCE O-Level Results

We congratulate our students for achieving excellent results in the 2013 GCE O-Level Examinations. (a) Percentage of PL students obtaining 5 O levels & more
  • Sec 4 Exp – PL (99.1%) vs Nat (91.2%) 
  • Sec 5 NA – PL (73.1%) vs Nat (51.2%) 
  • Overall – PL (96.4%) vs Nat (82.7%) 

(b) Percentage eligible for Junior Colleges, Millenia Institute & Polytechnics
  • Sec 4 Exp – 99.6% 
  • Sec 5 NA – 80% 

Please click here for details for details of the 2013 GCE O-Level Examination results. 

Sec 1 iDiscover Camp 2014

First day of schoolMorning exercise to stretch and prepare for the dayGetting ready for the NE Heritage Trail       

The theme for this year’s Secondary 1 ‘iDiscover’ Camp 2014 was ‘Have Faith and Soar’. The three-day camp included one overnight stay in the school compound. Through the various camp activities, the Secondary 1s learnt about the PL culture and values, discovered more about themselves and enjoyed new friendships forged. The Secondary 1 students were meaningfully engaged in self-discovery through games and activities organised by the Secondary 3 student leaders who, in turn, grew in their leadership through the camp. The camp ended joyfully with a performance for the Sec 1 parents where the Sec 1s sang, danced and cheered. However, it was the lighting of the candles which was the highlight of the camp. As they lit candles, the Secondary 1 students were officially inducted as PL-Lites. Dear Secondary 1 PL-Lites, welcome to the PL Family! To God be the Glory! 

Pupils' Reflections: 
“Watching the Sec1s take that step of faith to come out of their shells and experience everything that the camp had to offer was really heartwarming. I felt really blessed to have been part of that experience. Welcome to the family, Sec1s!” 
Alicia Chua, Camp Commandant, Sec 3A2 

“I really enjoyed the camp as I made new friends and learnt more about the school and my teachers. Through the camp, I discovered my strengths and weaknesses. The camp also taught me more about the school’s H.E.A.R.T values and how they could be applied in my everyday life.” 
Shirley Shamini Ramesh, Sec 1.3 

Nail problems without hammering people

(Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission) 

Mr Lim Siong Guan studied in PL when we had boys attending the school in the afternoon. In his book, he mentioned his mother, Mrs Mary Lim, who was a teacher in our school. His two sisters, Doreen and Violet, studied in PL too and Violet later also taught in PL. Please click here for the newspaper article about Mr Lim and his new book. 

Principal-Meets-Parents Sessions 2014


The annual Principal-Meets-Parents (PMP) sessions are organised as part of the school's effort to engage our parents, so that the school and parents can work together for the holistic education of their daughter. You may view the powerpoint slides presented at the various PMP sessions by clicking on the links as follows:

Achievements of Alummi PL-lites


We congratulate the following alumni PL-Lites for their academic achievements in Republic Polytechnic: (1) Lee Si Ya Jean Jezreel (5A1,2010) - Diploma Prize (2) Lai Yanqi Wendy (4B2,2011) - Sennheiser Scholarship, Diploma Prize and Module Prize