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February 2014

HKBUAS.PLMGSS Student Exchange Program 2014

Chloe and Hannah with their Hong Kong buddies, Annie and Abby Our PL girls with their 2 Hong Kong friends

From 9 to 21 Feb 2014, two students from Hong Kong Baptist University Affiliated School Wong Kam Fai Secondary School (HKBUAS) came to Singapore as part of our exchange programme with HKBUAS. This year, they were hosted by Hannah Tan from Sec 2.5 and Chloe Wee from Sec 2.7b. During the two weeks, the exchange students from HKBUAS had the opportunity to attend classroom lessons as well as enrichment programmes together with the students from Sec 2.5 and Sec 2.7b. In addition, the host families also brought the exchange students to the various tourist attractions such as the Universal Studios Singapore, Adventure Cove Sentosa and the National Museum of Singapore. 

Pupils' Reflection: 
“Through this exchange programme, I have shared with my buddy, Annie about the Singapore culture, and she in turn shared with me her experiences in Hong Kong. I really enjoyed this whole programme and I hope to visit Annie in Hong Kong one day. I also hope that PL will continue to have this kind of programme so that my juniors can experience the joy of hosting too.” 
Chloe Wee Secondary 2.7b

“As I am the only child, I am rather used to having my own things without the need to share with someone else. However, through this exchange programme, I have learnt to share with another person and to care for Abby just like how an older sibling would do. Abby and I share many similarities and I really enjoyed my time with her.” 
Hannah Tan Secondary 2.5

Learning Journey to School of the Arts on 14 February 2014

The Music students embarked on a learning journey to School of the Arts on 14 February 2014 to attend a concert performed by the music teaching faculty of Yong Siew Toh Conservato ry of Music – Alan Bennett teno r) and Choi Hye-Seon (piano). The concert programme focused on the piano and vocal repertoire by Romantic composer Franz Schubert, with one of his famous song cycles Die Schöne Müllerinas the main highlight of the evening’s programme. 

The main objectives of the learning journey were to expose students to high performing standards of Classical music repertoireand also to develop students’ critical listening skills at a ‘live’ Classical music concert performance. 

Pupils' Reflection: 
“This concert allowed me to understand and better appreciate Schubert’s art songs. I have learnt that the different lyrics and part of the song cycles reflects different moods and setting and that this affects the use of dynamics and tempo. Overall, I enjoyed the concert.” 
Tiffany Tan, Sec 3A4 

“I enjoyed the concert in SOTA very much and have learnt a lot from it. Through this concert, I finally understand how feelings and expressions are conveyed in music.” 
Victoria Teng, Sec 3A3 

“The concert was a great experience for me. The singer sang with so much feelings and expression that I was able to empathise with how the miller was feeling and as a singer and pianist myself, I would like to be able to sing and play as well the singer and pianist who were able to convey the emotions through the songs. The songs itself were also composed in a way that the composer was the miller itself, painting the image and expressions of the story.” 
Carine Lim, Sec 3A4 

Dr Benny Prasad performs at PL’s chapel sessions

The school was privileged to have Dr Benny Prasad, a well-traveled missionary and musician, minister to the girls at the chapel session on 12 Feb 2014 (Wednesday). Born with asthmatic condition, Dr Prasad was given wrong medication for a decade of his life, damaging the function of 60% of his lungs. Because of ill health, Dr Prasad was considered a child who was worthless, useless and amounted to nothing. Given only 6 months to live at the age of 16, Dr Prasad contemplated suicide and it was then that he felt God intervened and assured him of his worth and dignity. He felt that God was beginning to shape his life and use him to invent a unique musical instrument (called the denter) combining bongo drums, guitar and 14-string harp. Since then, he has traveled the world, performed at prestigious events and used music as a platform to share about the goodness of God. More recently, God spoke to him about making music on the pan-flute and assured him that He will give him the strength for his remaining 40% lungs to manage this instrument. 

Pupils' Reflection: 
“I felt God speaking to Dr Prasad and his music – through it I was reminded of God’s love and felt important, beautiful and wanted by God. His sharing also reminded me of the strength available from God to overcome any problems I encounter and face.” 
Mathena, Sec 3A2 

“I learnt that if we believe in God we can conquer everything.” 
Sahana, Sec 3A4 

“I have learnt that all of us are special in our own ways and we can never please everyone so we should just focus on pleasing God. I’ve also learnt to face everything with a positive mindset and to never give up on ourselves.” 
Natasha Joan Tan, Sec 3A4 

”He taught me that I was put on earth for a purpose. No matter what people call you – worthless, useless – God has a PURPOSE for your life!” 
Gabrielle Chan, Sec 3B2 

“I’ve learnt that never look back to the past, you cannot change anything about it. Look into your future, it’s never too late to start dreaming. Don’t stop dreaming!” 
Sanny Yong, Sec 1-1 

”Dr Benny’s testimony is very touching and impactful. Through his testimony, I learn that we are all needed in this world and God has a plan for us. Trust God.” 
Sarah Tse, Sec 1-3 

“I have learnt that challenges in life are meant to strengthen us and God would be there to always guide and support us through.” 
Ruth Goh, Sec 2-5

Class Committee and Peer Lites Installation 2014

Class monitors and class committee members pinning on their badges The 74 Peer-Lites were presented to the school

The school recognized two groups of student leaders on the 11 February 2014 during the combined installation for Peer-Lites, Class Monitors and Class Committee Members. 

The ceremony started with the installation of Class Monitors and Class Committee Members. Form teachers and Co-form teachers of each class presented the badges to the class leaders and affirmed them on their appointments. The class leaders were also cheered on by their peers as they put on their badges with pride in front of the classes. 

The second segment of the ceremony was the Peer-Lites Installation. Mrs Selina Lum, Mr Alfred Tan, Ms Gan Lay Leng, and Ms Annabella Ong presented the badges to the Sec 3 Peer-Lites of 2014. The Peer-Lites played an important role in helping the Sec 1 students to integrate into the PL family and also assisted in the running of school events. The installation served to affirm them for their work and to recognize them formally as PL student leaders. 

Pupils' Reflection: 
“During the installation, I felt very proud and honoured because I was being introduced to the school as a student leader. While it was such a proud moment for me, I also felt more responsible.” 
Natasha Joan Tan, Sec 3A4 

“The installation made the class committee feel appreciated and it gave us the encouragement to be responsible and good leaders for the class.” 
Faith Yeo, Class Committee, Sec 3B1 

“In my opinion, the installation was successful. It made me more aware of my responsibilities and I am proud to be a class monitor.” 
Tay Shi Ying, Class Monitor, Sec 4B3

Chinese New Year Lunch for the Elderly & Blessing the Community 2014

Combined Ukulele performance by the elderly and our PL Lites Joyful faces of both the elderly and our PL Lite Serving our guests

In line with the school’s theme for this month on “Honouring the Elderly”, the Sec 4s & 5s were involved in two Faithful in Service projects which focused on blessing the elderly in our community. After several sessions of preparation, the Sec 4 Express & Sec 5 Normal (Academic) students put up a concert and served an 8-course luncheon to 157 elderly from 5 organisations, namely the National Kidney foundation, St Luke’s Eldercare (Hougang & Serangoon), Society for the Aged Sick and Wan Min Community Services Presbyterian Eldercare and grandparents of our students. We are thankful to Paya Lebar Methodist Church for sponsoring the luncheon and for our Parents-School Support Group for coming down to interact and serve the elderly, and by so doing, show themselves to be good role models for our PL-Lites. 

From their smiley faces, it was not difficult to conclude that the elderly who attended the lunch enjoyed the company and it really warmed our hearts as well. 

The Sec 4 Normal (Academic) & Normal (Technical) students also did their part as they blessed the homes in the Lorong Ah Soo precinct by visiting the elderly and giving them oranges and handmade cards while helping the Resident Committee conduct surveys to better meet the needs of the elderly living in the area. 

These two projects were successful not only because they ran smoothly and indeed, we have been blessed through blessing the elderly. 

Pupils' Reflection: 
“I have truly learnt a lot from this VIA project. My role was to serve food to the elderly. The elderly always have a smile on their faces whenever I was serving them the food and they always say ‘Thank you’. Hearing a simple ‘Thank you’ from them made all the hard work worth it!” 
Cheryl Chen, Sec 5A1 

“It was heartwarming to feel like a family in the same table as the elderly. As a befriender, it was tough at first. However, I chose to step out of my comfort zone and eventually found the whole experience fun, meaningful and impactful.” 
Sarah Seah, Sec 4B3

3rd Anniversary celebration of Fathers@School

Fathers@School in PL celebrated its 3rd year of formation on the 19 February 2014. The guest speaker for the occasion was Rev Dr Norman Wong who spoke on interacting with teenage daughters. Approximately 40 fathers participated in this joyous occasion which ended with a light breakfast and the cutting of the birthday cake.

Total Defence Day

PL commemorated Total Defence (TD) from 10 to 14 February 2014 with a series of exciting and meaningful activities. This year’s TD theme “30 Years of Total Defence – Because You Played a Part” reminds us of our role in Total Defence. During the Assembly period on 10 February, the school listened to Mr Devan talk about the importance of Total Defence and 3 events that took place in Singapore recently serving as reminder for us to stay vigilant and united as a nation. The events were the Little India riot, the Macdonald House bombing by the Indonesian Konfrontasi and the Mothership.com website. On 14 February during LiVe lesson, the students learnt about the significant events in Singapore’s history that reminded us of the need for Total Defence. On the same day, the canteen also sold wartime food and ration that were eaten during World War II. 

As a school, we learnt that we have to play our part to keep the country safe. Besides being vigilant at all times, we have to be mentally strong and help each other out in times of need. 

Pupil's Reflection: 
“I learnt not to take Total Defence for granted. Security and stability as a nation has been built upon everyone’s efforts. We stood by one another through the good times and bad, overcoming challenges and celebrating our successes. We are able to enjoy what we have in Singapore today because each of us has played playing a part, be it the police who protected us and maintained peace during Little India Riot last year or the people who gave out masks to their neighbors during haze.”
Amanda Lam SiYing, Sec 3A2

2013 IPS Crescendas Award (Sec Sch)


The school congratulates Mr Alfred Tan, Vice Principal (Admin) for being conferred the 2013 IPS Crescendas Award (Secondary School) for his outstanding contribution to Astronomy Teaching in Schools and the Singapore public. 

Please click here for the congratulatory email from Assoc. Prof. Phil Chan, IPS Awards Chair, to Ms Pamela Yoong, Principal, PLMGS (Sec).

Congratulations to Mr Lee Wei Te

We congratulate Mr Lee Wei Te, HOD Data and Information Management, on the successful completion of "Management and Leadership in Schools" Diploma Course designed specially for Heads of Departments and Subject Heads. The diploma is awarded by the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University.