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December 2014

Spunky and Tenacious – Marielle’s NT to NA journey


“A rolling stone gathers no moss” is Marielle’s favourite proverb.

Marielle Tan Hui Wen exemplifies the image of such a rolling stone of relentless perseverance and tenacity that saw her brush away the discouragement and stigma associated with the Normal Technical stream and roll on to achieve good results in the 2014 N-Level Examination. 

arielle started her secondary school life in the Normal Technical stream. She was the only one in her family that did so. Despite feeling disappointed initially, she resolved to start afresh in Secondary 1 and aimed to pass the qualifying tests for Normal Academic at the end of the year. 

Marielle credits her parents for encouraging her despite her dismal PSLE results. They were her role models as she sought to work hard to qualify for the Normal Academic tests. She believed that life is an uphill battle, but if one persists, it would ultimately yield results and build character. Despite not able to qualify for the Normal Academic stream that year, Marielle never gave up on the dream and worked harder the next year to do better in her subjects. 

She would wake up at 4.45 in the morning and have a quiet walk around the park with her mother who would share inspirational quotes and versus from the Bible to encourage and to help her start her day on a right note. Despite waking so early, Marielle felt refreshed and relaxed for school, with lots of energy to focus on her studies and CCA. 

She disciplines herself by finishing all her homework in school, if possible. Once at home, she would revise the lessons taught in the day and do some practice assessment worksheets. If she encountered any problem, Marielle would not hesitate to seek out her teachers the next day to clarify her doubts or even to ask for their help. 

Marielle did well to qualify for the Normal Academic course in Secondary Two and she has been an outstanding student. Her teachers are particularly impressed with her drive and her positive spirit and attitude. She divides her time equally between her duties as a squad leader in the National Police Cadet Corp and as a senior Peer Lite, organising camps and training her juniors for competitions and camps. 

My N-Level Inspiration is.....