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April 2014

Speak Good English Week 2014

Storytelling session by the Primary school students A hilarous drama on the consequences of speaking Singlish Teachers and students having a go at speaking standard English

The “Speak Good English Week” (SGEW) was launched during the morning assembly programme on 14 April 2014. The theme for this year was ‘Cultivating Confident Speakers Within and Beyond the Content Classroom’. Mdm Zalena highlighted the importance of speaking confidently in our daily lives. She also explained the significance of effective communication in the learning of different content subjects. Subsequently, the school was mesmerized by the wit and eloquence of Ms Chong See Hwei, Mr Eugene Lim and three PL debaters as they participated in the ‘Just A Minute Challenge’. There was also a display of poetry portfolios in the school library and the canteen by the Secondary 1 Literature teachers. 

The activities of SGEW continued onto the following day. Two Primary 2 students from Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) were invited to tell a story in front of the school. The school was spellbound by the students’ animated and fluent delivery. Next up was a poetry slam performance by the Secondary 3 English Literary Debating and Drama Society (ELDDS) students. Their poem emphasised on the importance of effective communication. Earlier in the morning, there was a big turnout at the screening of the popular movie “Frozen” in the school canteen with more than 50 movie review submissions by the end of the day. 

The Secondary 4 and 5 ELDDS students put up a short skit to mark the last day of SGEW. The skit was humorous and it showed the importance of speaking proper English instead of Singlish. Lastly, together with students from Sec 5A1, Ms Intan introduced the correct usage of a few popular English phrases instead of the Singlish versions through the ‘English vs Singlish’ quiz. SGEW ended with the 2 emcees, Kaitlyn Joseph (Sec 3B1) and Mazel Ong (Sec 3B2) reminding everyone to speak good English ‘here, there and everywhere’! 

Musical Montage 2014


After a few months of rehearsals the instrumental groups, including the Concert Band, Guitar Ensemble, Guzheng Tuan, Harp Ensemble and Handbell Ensemble, the concert was staged on 25 April 2014 in the Agape Concert Hall. The Guest of Honour of the event was Mrs Christine Ho, the former Principal of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary). Musical Montage 2014 was organised with the aim of raising funds of the trip to Japan by the Guitar Ensemble. To close the concert, the five instrumental groups sang the school theme song for 2014 – Grace Alone. Judging from the applause by the audience, the concert was a tremendous success. 

Pupils' Reflection: 
“Musical Montage has opened my eyes to many things. The preparation time taught me to be resilient. Seeing the ensemble put in their heart and soul to master the pieces for the concert was really heartwarming. I would like to thank the organising committee for giving us such an amazing experience.” 
Charlotte Cheong, Secondary 4B1 

“Musical Montage was indeed a really enriching experience for all of us. The time and effort that everyone had put into practicing hard for the performance paid off when we were able to see the smiles on the faces of our conductors, teachers, the performers as well as the audience who came to grace the concert. Being the last performance that the Secondary Fours, it was truly a fun filled and precious night to remember.” 
Tricia Eng, Secondary 4A2 

Congratulations to the PL Debate Team


PL Debaters Jessica Tedja (Sec 4A2), Man Gurshaaran Kaur (Sec 4A1), Amanda Chia (Sec 3A1), Elisabeth Lian (Sec 2.1) and Hannah Quek (Sec 2.1) competed in the Singapore Secondary Schools' Debating Championships from February to April 2014. Amanda Chia Shue Qi from Sec 3A1 has been ranked 16th Best Speaker out of 90 speakers from the Division 1 teams consisting of many top schools in Singapore, such as RI, RGS, ACSI, NYGH and SCGS. Congratulations, PL Debaters! 

PSSG Family Night

The event organised by the PSSG had a good turnout of 20 families comprising 34 parents and 32 students. 4 school leaders and 3 teaching staff also participated in this event.

Family fun activities were held through the night of 11 April 8.45 pm till 12 April 8.00 am.
8.45 pm @ Box office of Shaw Theatres NEX

Students chaperoned by teaching staff assembled to watch the 3D movie “Marvel’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier”.
9.45 pm @ PLMGS(Sec)

30 parents gathered for the parents program which focused on the theme “Beyond Parental Call”. Mr Nicholas Choo, the invited speaker shared with the parents the many windows of opportunity for parents to bond with and effectively engage their teens to create teachable moments and form lasting memories.

12.30 am @ SAFRA Yishun
Families happily bonding over a game of bowling.

The Ponampalam family was the Most United Family with excellent team work and team spirit.

The Fawzi family was the Most Fun Loving & Caring Family who took care of one another during bowling, enjoying the moment together.

The Tan Family was presented the Most Spontaneous Family who followed instructions with their innovative interpretations and enjoyment of the game.

The Poh Family walked away with the Most Encouraging Family Award. It was amazing how they motivated one another to participate and enjoy the game.

2.30am @ Jalan Kayu
Families interacting with one another, patiently waiting for their supper of prata, coffee and teh tarik.

4.30am @ Jurong Fishery Port
An aerial view of the Fishery Port.

6.30am @ Lorong Halus Wetland Park / Punggol Waterway

Sunrise captured from the Sunrise Bridge @ Punggol Waterway

Sunrise captured at Lorong Halus Wetland Park

We missed these serene scenes on 12 Apr. We left the venue hurriedly as the rain pelted down and lightning flashed not far away.

7.30am @ PLMGS(Sec)

For our memories of an unforgettable night spent together as a “ BIG PL Family ”.

How quickly 11 hours passed when you’re having fun.

55th National School Swimming Championships

Event Name Position (Finals)
100m Butterfly
Mandy Fong (Sec 1.1)
100m Freestyle
Zoey Ho Zu Er (Sec 2.1)
200m Freestyle
200m Freestyle Relay
C Division
200m Medley Relay
C Division

C Division B Division
Charmaine Chua (1.1)
Mandy Fong (1.1)
Shannon Yap (1.1)
Lau Wei Ting (1.4)
Zoey Ho Zu Er (2.1)
Celeste Chan (2.2)
Bernice Ng (2.2)
Naomi Wong (2.3)
Rachel Lim (2.5)
Joan Lim (2.7a)
Chloe Wee (2.7b)
Abigail Png (3B1) – V. Captain
Leo Yi En (3B1)
Gillian Lim (3C1b)
Yvette Tan (3C1b)
Kam Jia-Ren (3D1)
Sonia Rajendra (4A2)
Priscilla Gador (4B1)
Jolene Nah (4B1) - Captain

Living in Harmony


On 15 April 2014, the staff of PLMGS (Sec) came together by creating on canvas their idea of ‘Harmony’. Each staff was required to bring an item that symbolised ‘Harmony’ to them, be it a picture or an object. After that, in groups of four, they put their items together to bring forth the idea ‘Harmony’. Piece by piece, the materials were put together to create a masterpiece. All that fun was not for nothing as the staff also had to explain the meaning behind their beautiful creation by adding captions to their work. Overall, it was a relaxing and eventful time of building the camaraderie amongst the staff. The masterpieces would be eventually put up around the school, Staff Room and General Office as a reminder to the school community that ‘Harmony’ exists everywhere and it should be continued to be cultivated and cherished. 

Staff's Reflection: 
“It was very fun. It encouraged bonding among the staff of different departments and created unity among staff as we discussed the theme of ‘Harmony’. It brought out our hidden talents as we put together our ideas.”
- Mrs Adeline Ong

Congratulations to our Staff on their promotion

April is the promotion month for our staff members and we congratulate all promoted this year. 

Cross country, our race

The biennial PL Cross Country was held on 17 April 2014 (Thursday) in Bishan Park. The Guest of Honour of the event was Ms Grace Kim, a member of the School Alumni. We would like to praise God for the wonderful weather that allowed the smooth flowing of the event. The theme for this year's Cross Country is "? country, our race". We chose this theme for Cross Country to remind ourselves that we each would have a race set out by God and by completing it, all honour and victory would go to him alone. 

The total distance of the Cross Country Race is 3.2km. The Sec 4 and 5 students had the honour of being the first race to be flagged off, followed by the Sec2, 3 and 1 students. It was then followed by the PL Family Race. This year's Cross Country was extremely special because we had invited some K2 kids from Star Learners to run a race of 800m. Everybody had an enjoyable time completing their race. 

The overall champion of the 3.2km race is none other than Natalie Soh Han (Sec 4A1) who completed the race with an outstanding timing of 13 minutes and 14seconds. She also led her own house, Archer, to emerge as the overall house champion in this event. 

Reported by Liaw Jieqi , Vice-Chairman of Cross Country Committee (Sec 4A2) 

Pupil's Reflection: 
“I think it was a great experience organizing this year’s cross country, this is my first time helping to organize an event and I am thankful that I was appointed as Chairman of the Organising Committee. I learnt many new things and I now know what it is like to organize an event. I will definitely appreciate the hard work put in to organizing an event of this scale and nature. There was no doubt that hard work was necessary with all the preparation and the proposals we had to come up with within those few weeks. However, after the event I was very glad that cross country went well. Our hard work had paid off. Overall, this experience was very meaningful and helped build my leadership skills. It has also taught me to be on task because of the deadlines we had to meet. If given the opportunity to help organize an event like this, I would definitely do it again. I would like take this opportunity to thank the school for giving me this experience and helping us through the entire event.” 
Stacey Tan, Chairman of Cross Country Committee (Sec 4A1)

International Friendship Day

Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School (Secondary) commemorated International Friendship Day (IFD) on 11 April 2014. PL staff and students filled the school with their brightly coloured ethnic and international costumes befitting the occasion. In conjunction with the theme "Stories We Share", the English LDDS put up a skit on the importance of friendship, acceptance and tolerance despite our differences. During LiVE lessons, teachers and students learned about the different culture of the various countries through playing jigsaw puzzles. The highlight of the PL’s IFD was the celebration with food and snacks from Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, China and Turkey. The various activities were organised with the aim of helping PL-Lites to learn about and appreciate the different cultures in cosmopolitan Singapore. 

Pupils' Reflection: 
“We commemorate IFD because Singapore is a multi-cultural society.”
Rachel Chan, Secondary 3B2

“IFD is really an important event as it reminds everyone about the importance of maintaining a harmonious relationship with each other.”
Teo Chok Yee, Secondary 3A4

2nd Roving Art Exhibition

On 1 April 2014, the 2nd Roving Art Exhibition was opened by Ms Chua Soh Leng, Principal of Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary) who was also the Chairperson of the Steering Committee of the East Zone Centre of Excellence (Creative Arts). The collaborative project was held in the Art Gallery @ PLMGS (Pri). Featuring artworks of students from Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School, St Hilda’s Secondary School , Australian International School and Catholic High School, the exhibition was indeed a great opportunity for students to learn about the different genres of art making. Besides students from PLMGS (Sec), the gallery was visited by the students from PLMGS (Pri) and other schools.