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September 2013

Teacher’s Day Lunch

The annual Teacher’s Day celebration ended with a lunch instead of the usual dinner affair this year on 5 September 2013. The various departments could decide on their own theme for dress code which resulted in a rainbow of colours. In addition, a photo booth was set up so that the staff could have the element of fun, with props such as fake moustaches, top hats and bows, when they were taking photos with colleagues. Amongst the table games played were human “scissors-paper-stone” and forming the school name by looking for items at the tables where the teachers were seated. This year, we had bigger and more attractive prizes as our Blessed Draw gifts. We ended the lunch with a special surprise performance by our very own music teacher, Mr Ng Eng Kee. He sang the song entitled “You Raise Me Up” which was made popular by Josh Groban.

National iBook Competition 2013


The school congratulates Codie Leung (Sec 1.3), K. Vittusha (Sec 1.3) and Laura Lee (Sec 1.6) for winning the Popularity Vote Award at the National i.Books Competition jointly organised by the Nanyang Polytechnic and National Library Board in September 2013. The team from the school's Media Information & Technology (MIT) Club created an interactive storybook and presented their product to a panel of judges. They won for themselves an iPod shuffle each.

Alumni PL-Lite wins Photography Award

The Straits Times recently featured a winner in the 4 th annual Icon de Martell Cordon Bleu 2013. This photography award recognises Singapore’s outstanding photographers based on a body of work. We are proud of Sarah Choo Jing (Sec 4B2, Class of 2006) for winning the top prize. 

(Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited. Reproduced with permission) 

PSSG shows appreciation to PL Teachers

It's Not An Easy Road - A song dedicated to the teachersSmiling beautifully before the start of the performanceParents praying before the start of the practice session.
Lyrics of the song performedJacqueline presenting a gift to the teachersWe can't sing on an empty stomach. Food needed!

On 5 September, PL celebrated Teachers’ Day by staging a concert for the staff and students. At the concert, the Parents-School Support Group (PSSG) performed a song item entitled “It’s not an easy road”. This song was dedicated to all the staff of the school. Prior to their performance, Pastor Richard Ong who is a parent dedicated the song to the teachers. His speech is reproduced below: 

This morning, we, as parents and members of Parent-School Support Group (PSSG), would like to dedicate a song to all the Teachers. 

The teaching profession is a very noble and yet demanding profession. It is noble because of the many opportunities it presents to shape and influence the lives of those under your charge; it is demanding because of the increasingly complex and multi-faceted role and responsibility of a teacher. You have to endure the long hours, the heavy workload, the high expectations from parents and students, and last but not the least, the ever-changing educational landscape. 

As members of PSSG, we are your partners in our common goal of striving towards the Desired Outcomes of Education for each and every student in PL. 

The song is entitled “It’s not an easy road”. May it encourage you to press on when your journey gets rough and tough. May the unfailing promise of Jesus and His abiding presence help you to joyfully finish your journey as teachers. 

The performance ended with a prayer of blessing from the parents. After the song item, the staff received a Tupperware water bottle from the parents. This is an essential item for hydration after a long period of teaching. The heart-felt singing, lovely gifts and prayers were greatly appreciated by all at the concert.

PL's Values In Action Project in the limelight

Ukulele performance with the elderly Nivitha interviewed by Channel News Asia
Receiving the appreciation award from Mr Heng Chee How

PLMGSS was presented with an award by Guest of Honour, Senior Minister of State, Mr Heng Chee How, at the Intergenerational Learning Programme Appreciation and Award Ceremony 2013 for its unique Values in Action project where 50 of our Secondary Three pupils taught 30 elderly from St Luke’s ElderCare a music appreciation class with the ukulele over a span of 5 half-day sessions in May this year. The award presentation ceremony took place on 21 September 2013 (Saturday). 

The highlight of the ceremony was the opening performance where our pupils and the elderly played the ukulele to the great delight of the audience. One of our pupils, Nivitha D/O Royston, was interviewed by the media and she shared how she learnt and benefited from her interaction with the elderly. One of the elderly who was truly a role model to our pupils is Mdm Tan, a 91-year old lady, who was a participant of our programme and a person who embodies the spirit of a life-long learner! 

PL is thankful to Council for the Third Age for their sponsorship and support, and HistoryMakers for their partnership and mentorship of our pupils in this meaningful project. 

Pupil's Reflections: 
"During the award ceremony I was a little nervous at the beginning but as I performed on stage, I gained more confidence and enjoyed myself. The elderly who was performing next to me was having some slight difficulty with knowing when to start playing. I helped her by tapping her to signal to her when to come in and when to stop." 
Jayaraj Janine 3D1 

Careers Day@PL2013

Dr Marie Stella P Cruz speaking on Medical Health CareMs Ava Wang speaking on Early Childhood Education

On the 20 September, the Sec 4 and 5 pupils participated in Careers Day @ PL 2013 organised by the PL Life Committee. Our graduating PL-Lites were given a selection of nine career talks conducted by professionals in their field of expertise, four of which were conducted by our own PL parents. In addition, the girls were taught to understand the skills needed for the workforce in the 21 st century. They also learnt to identify their abilities, interests and values. 

Pupils’ Reflections: 
“Through these career talks I have gained more insights in the various career options which I am interested in. I have also learnt more about myself and the type of profession would suit me best. The interview skills taught would be very useful in the future.” 
Cheryl Lim, Secondary 4A2 

“I had a fruitful and enriching experience during Career Day learning from the different guest speakers at the various talks and workshop sessions.” 
Seri Azilia Bte Khairil, Secondary 5A1

PL-Lites celebrate Teachers’ Day to show their gratitude and appreciation

Happy teachers with their Tupperware gift from the parents       Parents presenting the thoughful tupperware gifts to the teachers
PSSG's peformance for the teachersTeachers on the red carpet walk amidst tremendous applause
Teachers’ Day concert started with a bang on 5 September after the ACES day workout. With the theme of “Superheroes”, the emcees ushered in the teachers on the red carpet amidst background tremendous applause from the students. The Monitors’ Council worked together with the prefects and student body to plan for the Teachers’ Day concert, where pupils of different classes and CCA groups come together to put up different performances to show their gratitude and appreciation for their teachers. The PSSG also took time off their busy schedules to put together an item to encourage the teachers that Christ will always be with them to lighten their load and brighten their journey in the teaching career. 

Reflection from members of the Monitors’ Council 
“Teachers' Day celebration was especially meaningful to me. I am thankful for the opportunity to plan the event with the committee members. I enjoyed learning the many leadership skills during this process. The committee worked hard and we wish all teachers a Happy Teachers' Day!” 
Amanda Chia, Secondary 2.2 

“Being able to plan this year's Teachers' Day concert was a good experience. I have learnt how to adapt to the different situations quickly and improvise whenever there the needs arise. Through this concert, I have also learnt the importance of teamwork for a smooth concert. Taking up a leadership role in organising the event helped me see things from a different perspective and it made me realize the importance of making good decisions. All in all, this whole planning process benefited me a lot and just as it has been a good experience for me, I hope it was a good experience for all including the people working backstage and the audience.” 
Carissa Teng, Secondary 3A2 

“Since I was a Secondary 1 student, I have always hoped to be able to participate in the planning of Teachers' Day concert. Being in the Monitor Council has helped me to fulfil this wish and the new experience fun-filled and exciting. Through the planning of this concert, I have forged new friendships with my juniors and even stronger bonds with the friends from the same cohort. The whole process has also trained me to be more creative, more organized and to take initiative to talk to people that I had never spoken to before. The planning of Teachers' Day concert was fun and having to see it run as planned was satisfying and fulfilling. Thank you PL for the opportunity to organise Teachers' Day concert.” 
Liaw Jie Qi, Secondary 3A2

3rd PL Teaching and Learning Symposium 2013

Mrs Chee presenting a token of the school's appreciation to Dr Hum Sin HoonMadam Gao Song conducting a workshop on the teaching of text editing for Higher Chinese Language

Dr Raji Sreenivasen speaking to a captivated audienceDr Hang Kim Hoo presenting a paper on "Developing Mathematical Thinking In The Classroom"An attentive audience listening to Dr Suzanne Choo's presentation

On 9 September 2013, the Senior Teachers from PLGMS (Sec) organised the 3 rd PL Teaching and Learning Symposium. This symposium was part of a three-year series to provide a platform to build a culture of reflective teaching and continuous learning among educators in our community. In this final instalment of the symposium, the focus was on making a significant contribution to the teaching fraternity, and hence the theme “To impact a Community of Learners”. 

The school was privileged to have Dr Hum Sin Hoon to give the keynote address on “Zheng He’s Art of Collaboration”. His key message was beautifully embodied in the use of 4Cs, such as Capability Building, Coordination, Communication and Continuity as well as the 5 acts of collaboration. He also explained on the importance of collaborations amongst the key stakeholders within schools and with the external organisations. 

Besides the teachers from PL, the event attracted 37 teachers from other schools. Following the keynote speech, there were two breakout sessions for the participants to learn from the various concurrent presentations. There were a total of 9 presentations from the following schools/organisations: 
  • Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education
  • National Institute of Education
  • Singapore Institute of Management
  • NUS High School of Mathematics and Science
  • Geylang Methodist School (Secondary)
  • MacPherson Primary School
  • MacPherson Secondary School (2 presentations)
  • Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School (Primary)

Many teachers were able to pick up some useful tips for their students. From the feedback received, the symposium was a success as all the participants agreed that the sessions were useful and enriching. 

ACES Day 2013

Secondary 1 students skipping for rice!Secondary 4 and 5 students stretching during the chairobics routine.Teachers doing their part and folding paper stars!

ACES (All Children Exercise Simultaneously) Day 2013 was held on 5 September 2013 with the theme, “Skip-sTep and Raise, Be a PL Star!” The lower secondary students skipped to raise funds to purchase rice for the ComCare residents living in the northeast. The Secondary 3 pupils walked and kicked along to the “Strong walk” video, while the Secondary 4 and 5 pupils did an aerobics routine with a chair choreographed by our very own pupils. 

Apart from the exercises, the girls were also folding origami stars to support the “Wish Upon a Silver Star 2013” project by North East CDC and NTUC FairPrice Foundation. The target for PL is 20,000 paper stars and every 10 paper stars raises $1 for needy elderly in the northeast district. The PL family had a meaningful and enjoyable time participating in the various activities! 

Pupils' Reflections: 
“I find this year’s programme really meaningful as all the Secondary 2 pupils came together to skip and fold stars. Furthermore, we did not just skip for fun but did it to raise rice for charity. We folded stars to help NTUC Foundation raise 20,000 stars in their “Wish Upon a Silver Star” project, so that it can be converted into donations for theneedy.” 
Choo Hui Zhen, Secondary 2.6 

“This year's ACES day was a wonderful experience for me. As a cohort, we exercised according to a video. With my friends all around me, I could not help but feel more motivated to put in my best. Honestly, I didn't expect to enjoy ACES day as much as I did! I would like to thank the teachers and the ACES Day Committee for putting in so much time and hard work to ensure the success of the event. Most importantly, to God be the glory!” 
Caritas Lee, Secondary 3A1 

“Aces Day on September 5 was really enriching. The exercise we had to do was “Strong Walk” and it was a fruitful session. Everyone was doing it together and having fun. Although it was awkward initially, everyone warmed up and really worked it out during the session. It was engaging and a breather from all our studies. The programme was successful and I thoroughly enjoyed myself!” 
Carissa Teng, Secondary 3A2 

“This year’s ACES Day stood out compared to previous years’ ACES Day activities. The Pump Up Music together combined with the tiring workout gave the session a fun-filled atmosphere to motivate us to keep fit.” 
Ashini, Secondary 4A3