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October 2013

PL Fun Fair 2013

Gladiator-where the strongest wins Fancy some art on your skin 8m tall giant slide by 3A3
Bead Street by Sec 3C1b Fishing Get dunked
Game stall by Fathers@School Bounce away in Sec 3A3's Bouncy Castle Aim to win
PL Alumni's Sogurt stall Roti prata of different flavours Sec 1.2's Hotdog stall
Sec 1.8's Le Cafe Sec 2.4 selling ice-cream floats Teachers selling bags

 PL Fun Fair was held on 19 October 2013 with much anticipation. The parade square was transformed into mini 'Universal Studios' and the canteen streaming with banners of varying colours. Over 30 stalls were set up with one common purpose of raising funds for the maintenance of school facilities. The sizzling excitement was evident as the entire Fun Fair site was bustling with activities. Human posters were walking around to invite people to patronise their stalls. There were calls for brave people to participate in the Gladiator challenge. The girls were running around to raise enough money to get certain teachers dunked. Snake-like queues were formed at various stalls such as the bouncing castle, giant slide and the gladiator challenge, just to name a few. Many visitors were seen to be ‘walking’ their pet balloons, while others donned on colourful and patterned hairstyles. Many old girls came back to relive their PL days, as the fun fair brought back many good memories of the school. In addition, the visitors were impressed by the quality of the stalls set up by PL-Lites. We would like to take this opportunity to say a special 'Thank You' to our Parents-School Support Group and the Alumni for contributed their time and energy in setting up games and food stalls. Although the PL-Lites were sad that the fun fair had to end, they were satisfied with their effort put in. The Fun Fair ended on a high note when the amount raised by the different classes was announced. 

PSSG involves themselves in PL Fun Fair 2013

All ready for actionFathers posing proudly in front of the game stall
Yummy fried chicken available hereThumbs up for the camaraderie forged

 At the PL Fun Fair 2013 on 19 October 2013, the Parents-School Support Group set up a food stall and a game stall to support the school event. Business was brisk and the food was sold out quickly. The games stall was also well attended and received positive feedback from the participants. It was a good time of bonding between parents and staff. It was also a meaningful session as funds were raised for the school. 

The Principal engages the PSSG through Brunch-cum-Dialogue Session

The Chairman of PSSG welcoming the participantsMs Yoong addressing the parentsA question for the Principal
On 26 October 2013, more than 60 members of the Parents-School Support Group (PSSG) had brunch with Ms Yoong and the school leadership team. The school leaders mingled freely with the parents and light-hearted bantering was the order of the day. During the dialogue session, Ms Yoong addressed several issues raised by the parents. The issues ranged from the school’s response to the latest MOE initiatives to the scheduling of examination dates. 

The event also witnessed the appointment of Pastor Richard Ong as the representative of PSSG Alumni. Mrs Guna Feroz Khan was the former representative of the alumni and she has requested to step down so that she could spend more time taking care of her grandchild.

PL-Lites go to Klang for Overseas Faithful in Service


From 28 to 30 October 2013, 30 Normal Academic and Normal Technical PL-Lites and 2 teachers will be in Klang, Malaysia as part of the school's Overseas Faithful in Service programme. The objectives of the programme are to develop:
  • Confident PL-Lites who are leaders as well as team players
  • Compassionate PL-Lites with a heart for others
  • Committed PL-Lites who are aware of the neighbouring countries and be appreciative of what they have

The pupils will be rendering their services to Good Samritan Home and El-Shaddai Centre. They will be teaching the children art and craft lessons, and in turn they will learn from the children valuable life lessons. 

28 October 2013
4.16pm - The NA/NT OFIS Team to Klang Malaysia reported that they have arrived safely. 

8.47pm - The girls and teachers are all well. The girls had an enjoyable time today teaching the children from Good Samaritan Home how to make photo frames and stationery holders.
29 October 201310.06am - God is good. The girls had a good night's rest and are currently teaching the children in El-Shaddai Centre simple fund-raising projects such as paper wallets, 3D pop-up cards and stationery holders.
30 October 2013
7.55am - Last day in Klang... The girls had a really meaningful day yesterday. They had an enriching time gardening and planting vegetables at El-Shaddai Learning Centre. They ended the day at the Good Samaritan Home with the lovable children teaching them art and craft. The estimated time of departure from Klang today is around 1030am. 

7.10pm - The PL-Lites have reached Singapore safely.


ACES Day 2013- Paya Lebar CCC CDWF Monthly Food Ration Distribution

With the 84 bags of food itemsSorting through and packing the vegetablesBlessing the community!

 On Saturday, 26 October 2013, the PL ACES Day 2013 was concluded with the Paya Lebar CCC CDWF Monthly Food Ration Distribution. A total of $1400 worth of food items were raised by the lower secondary students at this year’s ACES Day in September. A group of 5 students helped to pack the food items such as rice, biscuits and vegetables and distributed the bags to 84 families at the Aljunied Community Centre. The girls had a wonderful afternoon blessing the community around PL. 

Pupils' Reflections: 
“I felt that the event was fun and meaningful. We had the opportunity to bless the needy families with food and brought smiles to their faces. I think it is a good opportunity that one should never miss!” 
Chan Wen Ning, Secondary 1.4 

“I've learnt to treasure what I have and should not take things for granted. I’ve learnt to be thankful for whatever that has been given to me. Last but not least, I’ve learnt to share our blessings with others. With a caring heart, we can make Singapore a better country and home.” 
Jan Tang, Secondary 3C1B 

“I found this activity to be extremely enriching and enjoyable, it was a great use of my weekend and I realize how much I should appreciate others. To see that we're so fortunate makes me feel that it's wonderful to be able to serve and give back to the community, even if it's a little act like helping to pack the food ration for the needy families.” 
Natasha-Elle Veroff, Secondary 3A3

97th Founder’s Day

PL Sec Choir performing the IntroitRev Dr Gordon Wong, our Guest Speaker addressing the congregationDeep in prayer
Mrs Christine Ho, former Principal of PL (Pri) receiving a bouquet of flowers after presenting the prizesMrs Lee Boon Siew presenting the Long Service Award to Ms Adeline LohPL Pri Choir singing the Song of Praise

PL’s 97 th Thanksgiving Service was held on 11 October 2013 in the Agape Concert Hall and the Shaw Hall. While our Guest Speaker, Reverend Dr Gordon Wong, President of The Trinity Annual Conference, delivered a meaningful sermon on the topic ‘Let His Glory Shine’, our Special Guest, Mrs Christine Ho, former principal of PLMGS (Primary), presented the top academic prizes (for the year 2012) to our pupils and awards to our coaches. Mrs Lee Boon Siew, a member of our Board of Management as well as alumni member, presented the Long Service Awards to our PL staff as well as to the members of our Parents School Support Group and our coaches. The two Principals, Ms Chua Soh Leng and Ms Pamela Yoong came up with a combined video of both the Primary and Secondary schools for the Principals’ Report and effectively captured the attention of the congregation. The service ended aptly with a spirited rendition of the song ‘Shine Jesus Shine’ sung by our PL (Primary) choir and accompanied by our PL (Secondary) pianist. 

MMs serve breakfast to Staff

On 4 October, the school staff enjoyed breakfast served by the school's Leadership Team and Middle Managers. The spread included toast, hotdog, roti prata, porridge and hot beverages. The school staff had a good time of interaction and eating their breakfast together. 

Our alumnus wins accolades at the International Photography Awards


The school congratulates Guo Yixiu (Class of 4C1 , 2005) on winning the following accolades at the 2013 International Photography Awards: 
  1. "Castles in the Air" Fine Art: Still Life Professional Category, Honorable Mention
  2. "White Dreams" Fine Art : Collage Professional Category, 1st Place Winner
  3. "White Dreams" Fine Art , 1st Category Winner (Overall, Fine Art Category Winner)
As a result of winning the Overall Fine Art Category, Yixiu has been selected as one of the finalists for the top prize: International Photographer of the Year 2013. The award ceremony will be held New York's Carnegie's Hall on 27 October 2013. 

For more information, please click here

To find out more information about the International Photography Awards, please click here.