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OFIS 2013 - Vietnam (Phuong Thinh)

Day 1 (27 May)
4.00pm - Arrived at HCM Airport safely. 

7.25pm - Just to share God's goodness to Team Vietnam on our first day - we arrived to good sunny weather and completed our tour in the city. It only started raining after we all boarded the bus for the hotel :) 

As at 10.30pm 27 May, all teachers and pupils are well.
Day 2 (28 May) 5.50pm - The team arrived safely in commune at about 1.45pm Vietnam time.
Day 3 (29 May)
5.30pm - It has been extremely sunny. Our girls did their work in good spirit. And God sent the rain at the close of the day to cool us. 

10.30pm - The girls started on their projects of toilet building, road paving and teaching today with a positive spirit. Some of them also helped to prepare the meals for the team.
Day 4 (30 May) 4.00pm - We had a good time with the children in a commune village school.
Day 5 (31 May)
12.00pm - Our girls worked so fast that the workers transferring gravel had tough time catching up with them. They were happy and had excellent team work. Thank God for it! 

4.00pm - Thanking God that our girls have accomplished the projects they set out to do. We had the President of Feng Ting Commune and President of Youth Wing Cao Lang gracing the 'commissioning' of the toilet. Our girls are amazed at the finished toilet :) Vietnam FIS also completed the last 110 meters making it a total 830 meters of road repair. Some villagers did about 170 meters of the road in front of their homes. So in all we have 1 km of road repairs :) 

9.45pm - All teachers and pupils are fine. The girls finished their projects today and the day ended on a high note with cultural night exchange programme.
Day 6 (1 Jun) 10.00pm - All teachers and students in team Vietnam are fine. The students learnt a lot from visiting the households in the commune today and we reached Ho Chi Minh city safely for our last evening in Vietnam.
Day 7 (2 Jun) 315pm - Vietnam FIS completed learning journey to Cu Chi tunnel this morning. At airport now checking in. All pupils and staff are well. Looking forward to coming back to Singapore.


At the Changi International Airport Departure Hall
At War Remnants Museum in Ho Chih Minh City
PL-Lites at the Central Post Office 
to mail letters back to Singapore
The girls in Vietnam at devotion
Girls arriving safely in the commune at about 1.45 pm Waiting for the welcome ceremony to begin Welcome Ceremony at the commune
Clearing up the living quarters Let's make sure that the floor is clean Warmly greeted by the children in the commune
Learning to speak Vietnamese from the volunteers Our girls just had breakfast and getting ready to set off At the table after breakfast
Getting ready to set off Look at the happy faces of our girls after breakfast We are ready to serve the community!
At the breakfast table Team Vietnam on their way to the project sites by boat Team Vietnam on their way to the project sites by boat
Mixing cement for building of toilet Laying the bricks carefully to ensure a safe place for the villagers to use Learning how to plaster the wall evenly
A messenger sent by Team 2012 to pass a note to a little boy Our girls taking a break at a villager's hut Learning how to mix cement
Children in the commune leading the girls to their school excitedly Work-in-progress on a toilet
Work-in-progress on a toilet PL-Lites repairing the village road
Team work in action to repair the road Covering the road with gravel The work is almost done with excellent teamwork!
720 metres of road repair completed by Day 4 noon time Disembarking after the successful morning mission A group photo of the finished toilet done up by our PL-Lites together with President of Feng Ting Commune and President of Youth Wing Cao Lang
A group photo before dinner In conversation with the local who received aids from our girls