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OFIS 2013 - Malaysia (Klang)

Day 1 (26 May)
3.50pm - We've arrived at Klang. 

10.00pm - All teachers and pupils are well.
Day 2 (27 May)
8.50pm - Everyone is fine and well. Group 1 spent the evening preparing for the Finale Night. Group 2 are still having interaction with the youths of Wesley Centre. 

As at 10.30pm 27 May, all teachers and pupils are well.
Day 3 (28 May) 6.00pm - PL-Lites interviewed the CEO of PKT Logistics Group.
Day 4 (29 May) 10.30pm - All teachers and students are well and fine.
Day 5 (30 May) 9.45pm - PL-Lites presented a skit with the children of Good Samaritans Home.
Day 6 (31 May)
7.00am - We target to leave around 10am. If traffic and customs are smooth, we should be able to reach PL around 6pm. We will get the girls to call their parents once we clear Singapore customs. 

All are well and fine. The final night of sharing was good.


Group Photo Boarding the coach Alfresco dining
Alfresco dining 2 Alfresco dining 3 Alfresco dining 4
Quiz time with children from  the Shaddai Learning Centre
Planning for the finale night Dancing queens at work
Preparing to paint the walls
Painting the walls of the library  at Good Samaritans Home
Inside the warehouse of PKT Logistics
In the midst of interviewing the CEO of PKT Logistics Group Our student emcees introducing the Singapore show in front of the Mayanmarese children Painting the hall walls a mocha colour
A "face artist" at work A "scientist" showing her trade at a "careers fair" A group photo at the Samaritans Home
A Burmese lunch treat Farming in "God's Garden" PL-Lites presenting a skit with the children of Good Samaritans Home