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OFIS 2013 - Brunei

Day 1 (26 May)
2.54pm - We've arrived in Brunei safely and are on our way to Bintudoh. 

9.00pm - FIS Team Brunei was warmly welcomed by the Dusun Tribe with local food and a colourful cultural dance. Our PL-Lites shared a Singapore song & taught them how to make a Chinese lantern!
Day 2 (27 May)
10.30pm - FIS Team Brunei planted 20 durian trees and a budding herb garden! It was hard work but we persevered and we finished it. Praise the Lord! 

As at 10.30pm 27 May, all teachers and pupils are well.
Day 3 (28 May)
1.00pm - We were interviewed by Brunei Television Network & it'll be on Brunei TV today at 8+pm in English Language. 

9.30pm - Team Brunei had a very enriching cultural experience at Kampung Ayer school! They really put up an amazing programme for us! We also successfully repaired 3 homes and were rewarded with grateful smiles from the local villagers.
Day 4 (29 May)
5.10pm - God is good! It stormed at Bintudoh forest the day before, softening the ground for us to plant! The rain stopped on the 2nd night just before our camp fire & He sent us a beautiful rainbow to remind us of His promises! Again & again His hand sent rain to refresh us when we rested & halted when work needed to be done! His miracles abound everyday! 

10.30pm - FIS Team Brunei were surprised with a special breakfast of local fare prepared by the village chief in Kampung Ayer before visiting the villagers to bless them with provisions. They spent the rest of the day painting the flower beds at St Andrew's School to the delight of the children & teachers who commented that our PL-Lites surpassed their expectations!
Day 5 (30 May)
1.40pm - Brunei Team celebrated Children's Day with the SAS children. 

930pm - PL-Lites collaborated with SAS Student Councilors in organising a successful Children's Day to the great delight & enthusiasm of the 145 Primary 4 children who brought out the child in all of us! They were also impacted by the La Vida Special Needs Children Centre volunteers during the night craft making session!
Day 6 (31 Jun) 10.50pm - This is Team Brunei's last day of service & our PL-Lites learnt a lot about sibling & family love as they organised the La Vida Carnival for families with children with special needs.
Day 7 (1 Jun) 7.45am - Team Brunei is checking in @ Brunei Airport & we are both happy to be going back home, yet sad to leave Brunei, a place that has definitely left footprints in our hearts!


At the airport Group photo Ms Yoong briefing our PL-Lites before they depart for Brunei
In the plane to Brunei Accommodation at Bintudoh's Greensprings Cultural exchange
Planting durian seedlings Making directional signs After the girls have painted flower beds at St Andrew's School
Learning how to weave baskets from the Dusun Tribe Watching a cultural show at Kampung AyerSchool Repairing homes of villagers in Kampung Ayer
Learning the Dusun tribal dance at Bintudo Celebrating Children's Day with the SAS children Learning about communication skills by playing a game while blindfolded!
Playing Keypunch and learning all about teamwork Walking together as one! Learning while we play! Teaching the La Vida Special Needs Children Centre volunteers how to make 3D pop-up cards
Teaching the volunteers how to cut out pretty colourful flowers The La Vida volunteers teaching our PL-Lites how to make felt ornaments Teaching origami to the special children
PL-Lites organising a Family Day for 20 families with special needs kids